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There is maps for the town, mountain and your farm here. Hope this information helps you!


1) Mayor's House- The Mayor and Maria's home, you can visit the family here.
2) Church- Come here on Sundays or any day to pray. Maria spends most of her time here.
3) Flower Shop- Buy seeds and flowers from this store. Nina lives here with her mother, so you can find her there.
4) Public Market- Sell fish or produce here on the weekends at the tables.
5) Fortune Teller's House- Learn about love and other things at the fortune teller's house!
6) Bar- Come here at night after 6 pm to get a drink after work or to visit Eve.
7) Restaurant- Ellen lives here with her parents. Buy cakes from here which you can eat or give away.
8) General Store- Buy tools and other items here. Ann lives here and spends most of her time in the store.
9) Livestock Store- Buy/Sell animals here, along with other assorted animal items.

1) Your Farm

1) Secret Garden- When you eat a power berry a flower appears in the secret garden, the more flowers, the happier you are!
2) Your House- This is where you live. You can save your game, slepe, or check the weather in your house.
3) Wood Shed- This is where all the wood that you chop on your farm or in the mountains gets transported to.
4) Horse Stable- Your horse lives here after you get it. You can't go into it, it's just there for looks.
5) Cow Barn- All your cows stay here. You can hold up to 12 cows. You feed, brush and milk them here also.
6) Silo- All the fodder is stored here.
7) Chicken Coop- Your chicken live here. Feed and gather their eggs in here.
8) Shipping Bin- Put crops that you harvest in here so the shipper can come pick them up before 5 PM. There are shipping bins also in the cow barn and chicken coop.
9) Tool Shed- All of your extra tools that you aren't carrying are kept here.
10) Ponds- Refill your watering can in the ponds or throw small rocks in the ponds to get rid of them.
11) Secret Well- During an earthquake in Summer this well will open up........

Moon Mountain

1) Golden Pond- Drop your axe here in order to receive the Golden Axe. You can only access this area after the boulder is broken.
2) Cave- Look around in the cave to find herbs that you can sell.
3) Carpenter's House- The home of the Carpetners. Come here when you want your house renovated.
4) Fisherman's Tent- Talk to the fisherman whenever you want to go fishing!
5) Hot Springs- Take a refreshing bath at the hot springs when you are tired. Eve is in the spring on Sundays.

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