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Tools are very important in your success on the farm. You will use them almost daily, and each has a different purpose. While you start out with the baics, you may need to purchase some new items from the Tool Shop.

Hoe - The hoe comes with your farm in the tool shed. Use it to plow the ground so that you can plant seeds!
Golden Hoe - To get the Golden Hoe, you have to give the Harvest Sprites a lot of mushrooms, and when they ask you a question, say yes and they will give you a golden hoe! It makes a 6x1 line when you use it.
Hammer - The hammer comes with your farm in the tool shed. Use it to break up large boulders (takes 6 hits), break small rocks (takes one hit), to get rid of a plowed square (if there is no seed planted, hit the square and it will be not plowed), and to get rid of broken fences so you can replace them.
Golden Hammer - To get the Golden Hammer, when the Carpenter asks to borrow your hammer, let him! He will then return the favor by giving you this tool. With the Golden Hammer you can break up large boulders with one hit.
Sickle - You get the sickle with your farm and it is also in the tool shed. Use the sickle to cut weeds(it's easier to pick them though because it takes less energy) and to cut grass when the grass is fully grown.
Golden Sickle - You also get the golden sickle from the harvest sprites. Again give them a lot of mushrooms and answer yes to their question and they will give you the golden sickle. It cuts 9 squares of grass(stand in middle of grass and you spin around).
Axe - The axe comes with the farm in the tool shed. Use it to cut tree stumps so that you can get wood that is used for fencing and expanding your house. It take 6 hits to cute one tree stump.
Golden Axe - To get the Golden Axe, you must have access to the goddess's pond. When you do, equip the axe and throw it into the pond. The goddess will come up and ask if the GOLDEN axe is yours, say no (because it isn't!) and she will give it to you! It cute a tree stump with one hit (very useful and time saving!)
Watering Can - The watering can comes with your farm. Use it to water crops by filling it up in the pond. It waters one crop square. If no water comes out of it after a little while, you have to refill it!
Sprinkler - Buy this from the Tool Shop for 2000G. It will be available in the first Summer, and is a very good investment. It waters a 3x3 area of crops (you have to stand in middle) and saves a ton of time.
Brush - Buy the brush from the Tool Shop for 800G. By brushing your cows each day, their affection for you will increase and lead to better milk.
Milker - Buy the milker from the Tool Shop for 1800G. This is required to milk your adult cows.
Cow Feed - Buy this from the livestock store for 700G per ten meals. Try to use your own fodder because the cows like it more and is a LOT less expensive!
Chicken Feed - Buy this for 500G i think at the livestock store. Again it is 10 meals, but it is better to use your own fodder!
Cow Medicine - When your cows are sick, they will not give milk and must be given medicine in order to recover. The medicine costs 1,000G and can be purchased from the Livestock store.
Miracle Potion - Buy this for 4000G at the livestock store. This will impregnate any adult cow. Once pregnant, it will take 30 days before the cow gives birth. Any cows you have bred yourself will have higher affection for you.
Cow Bell - You get this for free when you buy your first cow. Use it to call your cows inside at night or to get them to follow you. This bell can be difficult to use, but will save you a bit of time in the long run.
Blue Feather - Costing 5,000G, this will be available from the peddler when a girl has 4-5 hearts in her diary and you have expanded your house at least once. Present it to your girlfriend in order to propose.
Paint Can - Buy this after you have your house expanded twice from the Tool Shop. Use it to paint your house a yellowish tinted color.

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