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There are five different girls in this game. Each girl has different likes and a different personality. Having trouble getting the girl to like you? Look at this information to find out what you need to do!

Heart Rates

In Harvest Moon, each girl keeps her heart rating of you in her diary. A girl can have up to five hearts for you, and you can check their diaries at any time during the day to see what they think of you.

Other Helpful Hints

1) Dance with the girl you like at EVERY festival you can.
2) Give the girl you like a gift every day and talk to her.
3) Find out where she is going on Starry Night Festival and meet her there.
4) When you are married, do not give other girls gifts and be home by 6:00 every night.

The Girls

Name: Nina
Residence: The Flower Shop
Likes: STORE bought flowers and cakes.
Dislikes: weeds, flowers picked from the mountain, herbs, mushrooms or poison mushrooms.
Personality: Nina loves all sorts of plants and flowers. She doesn't like anyone but herself to pick plants from the mountains.
Perfume: Likes all the perfumes.
Name: Maria
Residence: The Mayor's house, but is usually at the Church.
Likes: Maria likes flowers, it doesn't matter to her whether you pick them or buy them.
Dislikes: Cake, weeds and poison mushrooms.
Personality: Maria is a typical church girl. She is always at the church praying, or playing the organ. She will often talk about god, and if you marry her make sure you go to church on Sundays.
Perfume: Violet
Name: Eve
Residence: The Bar, she also works there.
Likes: She likes gifts of wild grapes, summer fruit and flowers that are picked or bought.
Dislikes: Fish, weeds, poison mushrooms.
Personality: Eve is a wild girl. She loves wine and berries. She works at the bar, so that's the main place to go if you want to see her and give her gifts.
Perfume: Rose
Name: Ellen
Residence: The Restaraunt
Likes: Flowers that are picked or bought, milk, eggs and cake.
Dislikes: Mushrooms and poison mushrooms.
Personality: Ellen loves animals. She can often be found in front of the Animal Shop, she's the girl who gives you your dog on the first day.
Perfume: Rose
Name: Ann
Residence: The Tool Shop.
Likes: Cake and flowers that are picked or bought.
Dislikes: Weeds.
Personality: Ann wants to be an inventor. She is almost always found in the tool shop hammering on something on the floor. Later in the game she will invent various things, including a sprinkler..
Perfume: Violet

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