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Innocent Life has a variety of new characters who join your character in his journey to build the perfect farm! Below is a listing of the known ones so far.
*Note - This information was translated from Japanese into English, and is not 100% accurate. It is merely my interpretation of the rough translation.
(These images are from Marvelous Interactive Inc©)

The protagonist, aka: you, is a boy who lives on a farm. By learning, you grow and learn about the people and about the world around you.
Marcia appears to be around your age and a schoolmate of yours. She is in farming as well, and is a leader in school. It seems as though she is your love interest and someone you can marry.
Colobockles (Harvest Sprites)
The Colobockles live in the forest. Not much is known about them.
Jonathan Branch
Jonathan is both a husband and a father who lives with his family and manages the ranch. He favors mechanized farming and introduces new agricultural machinery. It seems as though he is the son of Marene Berry.
Vanessa Branch
Vanessa is the wife of Jonathan and lives on the ranch with him. She used to be a teacher at the school, but after marriage she retired to care for her children.
Lionel Branch
Lionel is a boy who is athletic and intelligent. His father and mother (Jonathan and Vanessa) live on a ranch, where he lives as well. He loves to interact with other people and play with him, however he is a bit mischevious. It's all in fun though, as he angers his teachers and laughs about it.
Dr. Glane
Dr. Glane is also known as Professor Hope. He was born to a family who operated the grain farm, but when he was young his parents were killed in a boating accident. In school he showed great talent in many fields, including biotechnology and human engineering. He invents various agricultural machinery. The woman he loves/his sweetheart falls ill due to unknown circumstances (possibly because due to his experimentation in agricultural machinery?) and he begins to doubt modern agriculture. Following the incident, he refuses to work and resides in a villa near the lake.
Emma Cossack
About 10 years ago, Emma's mother died, and she was left to help take care of her younger brother, Reney. She manages the winery with her father, and despite all of her hardships, she has remained a bright and cute girl.
Reney Cossack
Emma's brother, Reney appears to still be in school.
Mr. Gayack
Mr. Gayack is a close friend of Dr. Hope. His parents were very poor, and when he was in school he spent his days working in the farm to help pay for household expenses. He is opposed to mechanized agriculture and continues to work the farm with his bare hands. When they were younger, Dr. Hope and Mr. Gayack argued over what style of farming was better, but they began to understand each other and become closer friends.
Chuck Grimly
Chuck is the mayor of the town. His son, Charles, works for him and lives in the town as well.
Charles Grimly
Charles is the son of the Town Mayor, Chuck. Charles works as a private secretary to his father and is a very serious, prideful man.
Million is one of the bachelors who lives in the town. He succeeded his father in becoming the owner of the store, where you can possibly work as a part-time job.
Marene Berry
Marene is the wife of your/someone's grandfather. While gentle, she can also be forceful. She watches over you like your own mother would. It appears she does not visit your parents house often, and her son works with agricultural machinery.
Mr. Moonlight
Mr. Moonlight is an artist who lives in the Eastern ruins. Not much is known about him, but he creates strange works of art.
The Mermaid is a legend who is rumoured to live in Mermaid Lake.

The following are additional character images that I am unable to name, given that I cannot read Japanese. Special thanks to readingmuyo from the forums for translating the names! For now I will do my best to guess who they are, as many of these images were grouped together on the official IL website, suggesting they are all in the family.

Mother of Million.
Father of Million.
Father of Jonathan Branch.
Daughter of Jonathan and Vanessa Branch.
Son of Jonathan and Vanessa Branch.
Wife of Chuck Grimly.
Ziashika (?)
Daughter of Chuck Grimly, sister of Charles Grimly.
Unknown relationship.
Unknown relationship.
Wife of Max.
Husband of Nana.
Father of Marcia.
Mother of Marcia.
Brother of Marcia.
Pink Mask
Unknown relationship.
Unknown relationship.
Unknown relationship.
Unknown relationship.
Riberuta(?) Winery
Unknown relationship.
Unknown relationship.
Father of Emma and Reney Cossack.

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