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Starting out Tools:

Heavy Hoe:
This is your tool shed when you first start the game, and it's pretty useless because it's so heavy. You'll get tired quickly and have to rest VERY frequently.
Water Can S:
This is the smallest water can available only being able to hold enough water for 25 squares, which is ideal for your first month or so, since you shouldn't be trying to take on too many crops at that point.
Heavy Sickle:
This is another pretty much useless tool, use it if neccessary, but you can really just leave your animals outside and that way you don't even need to use it.

Buyable Tools:
Hoe: 800G
Order this from your ledger in the storeroom, it won't drain as much energy as the Heavy Hoe or require as much cash as the Light Hoe
Light Hoe: 1000G
Ordering this is a pretty much have to, it costs a bundle but it's definately worth it. Especially when you're trying to pump out all those squares.
Water Can L: 750G
It's a little pricey,though not as pricey as somethings, but it's a good investment if you're making good use of your frields this little baby can dampen up to 140 squares.
Light Sickle: 750G
This sickle is the easiest to use, and requires very little energy, and will come in very handy when it's summer and raining all the time and winter and it's forever snowing gotta keep those cows, sheep, and horse healthy.
Wool Shears: 400G
You actually don't neccessarily need to buy these, because once you befriend Wally he'll give you some clippers, but if you really want to have it, I suggest waiting till you actually have a sheep instead of buying it early and have it sitting on your shelf forever.
Brush: From Van 500G
You can buy this from Van's shop, and its what keeps your cows really happy, in addition to food, love, talking, and baths, the brush really helps!
Fishing Pole: From Van 500G
This is a great investment, it may seem like a lot to buy, but you'll easily turn a profit with all those fish you catch!

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