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There are 9 possible "endings" or events you can do to save the village. Once you complete the event, the game is "over". But even if you comlete it, you can still start a new year on your same game file and get to keep animals and renovations. So that way, you can try to get all 9 endings on one save file! Below are a list of endings. In the future, as I complete each event, I will post more detailed on how it is done!

Another thing that can help out in the endings is the Harvest Goddess. After you see the initial event in the ending sequence, go to the Harvest Goddess Lake and make an offering. She will then advise you on who to talk to or give you a hint!

The Azure Swallowtail

In this event to save the village, you must try and find an endangered butterfly (the Azure Swallowtail). If it is found, they won't be able to destroy the village because of the butterfly! In order to find the butterfly however, you must first find a rare blue flower that the butterfly likes!
Characters Involved: Kurt, Lyla, Louis, Parsley.
Walkthrough: Coming Soon

The Endangered Weasel

Something is terrorizing the Harvest Sprites (Nic, Nak and Flak). You must become friends with Gwen.
Characters Involved: Gwen and the Harvest Sprites
Walkthrough: Click Here

The Treasure Hunt (1)

Tim finds a treasure map. Because Tim has always wanted to be a treasure hunter, he is very exciting. You must become friends with him and his brother, Bob.
Characters Involved: Tim and Bob
Walkthrough: Click Here

The Treasure Hunt (2)

Like the last one, Tim finds a treasure map. Your dog just happens to be very good at treasure hunting, so make sure to take good care of it.
Characters Involved: Tim and your Dog
Walkthrough: Click Here

The Horse Race

Gwen and Bob think they have the best horses. You have to acquire a horse and train it, so that you can race them!
Characters Involved: Gwen and Bob
Walkthrough: Click Here

The Goddess Dress

Gina wants to suprise Dia with a wonderful dress for the Flower Festival. You must help Gina by finding thread to sew the dress, and become friends with them too.
Characters Involved: Dia, Gina, Louis, Katie
Walkthrough: Click Here

The Cake Contest

Your grandma used to make the best cakes in four countries. Katie wants the recipes to know how to make these cakes also. You have to help her.
Characters Involved: Katie, Wallace, Dia
Walkthrough: Click Here

A Fishy Story

oe will tell you about rare fish swimming deep in the lake. Once you befriend Joe, he will give you an old fishing rod. You must learn more about the legendary fish.
Characters Involved: Joe and Katie
Walkthrough: Coming Soon

The Bluebird

At night, Louis plays his flute and feeds birds at the lake. He once saw a rare bluebird, and Woody says the species is extinct. If the bluebird really does exist, the village can't be torn down. You must help Louis find the bluebird...and save the village!
Characters Involved: Louis
Walkthrough: Click Here

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