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Although there are less animals in this game then some of the other major console games, they are still a big responsibility! Below is a guide to taking care of your animals!

Cows- Cows are a major part of the game. They can be bought at Brownie Farm(Farmer's Shop). Make sure to buy a brush(300G) and a milker (1,800G) from Louis's Tool Shop. Once you get your cow, it will stay in the barn. On sunny days, take it out into the pasture and let it graze. You can leave it outside overnight, but make sure to take it inside on the day before rain is predicted. It is also important to take your cow in if the weather forecast is a 50% chance of rain, that's a chance you don't want to take of getting your cow sick! Brush and talk to your cow everyday! Don't forget to feed it fodder also! Once your cow is an adult, you can milk it and sell the milk. If your cow gets sick, you must buy it medicine to heal it. To get your cow pregnant, buy miracle potion and give it to the cow.
Sell Price-3,000G
Small Milk-150G
Medium Milk-200G
Large Milk-300G
Grand Milk-400G
Growing Up
From calf to adult- Unknown
Your cow goes through different stages as it grows up and likes you more! Below is a list of sayings.
First Saying-(Not exactly sure, something like....) Grow up good and strong.
Second Saying-Produces S(mall) milk.
Third Saying-Produces M(edium) milk.
Fourth Saying-Produces L(arge) milk.
Fifth Saying-Might produce golden milk.

Chickens- Chickens are usually the first animal you buy. They are easy to take care of and cheap! They can be bought at Brownie Farm(Farmer's Shop) for 500G each, and then the rest you can get for free by incubating the egg! You have to buy feed for your chicken (10G each) and feed it everyday. When you remember to feed your chicken and take care of it, it will lay eggs for you! You can then sell the eggs for 50G each.
Sell Price-300G
Egg Price-50G
Growing Up
Time to Hatch- 3 days
Chick to Chicken- 6 days
Your chicken goes through different "phases" as it starts to like you more. There are no heart rates but if you click on the chicken, when it starts liking you more it says something different.
First Saying-I'll take good care of you.
Second Saying-Are you getting stronger?

Description: Unlike basically every other Harvest Moon game, you do not start with a dog. In order to aquire a dog, you must work for it! There is a dog food bowl next to your house. Every night, put food into it. There are two stray dogs you can "choose" from. There is the normal traditional dog that is in every other Harvest Moon game, or there is a husky dog. Feed the dog everynight for a few weeks. Do not approach the dog before a few weeks have passed. When you think you've fed it enough, slowly approach it. If it quickly runs away, don't chase it, it isn't ready to be caught yet. If it doesn't run away quickly, try and grab it by pushing the X button. If you catch it, the dog is yours to keep and will stay with you! You can also find the dog outside your farm. Common places either dog can be found are near the Carpenter's Shop and near the Harvest Goddess Lake. You can also teach your dog tricks when you get the flute! Click the link below to see a list of commands you can teach your dog.
Dog Tricks
Heart Rates
1 Heart-He is starting to like me.
2 Hearts-He comes to me when I whistle.
3 Hearts-I think he's starting to run faster now.
4 Hearts-He is getting smarter and he listens to what I say.
5 Hearts-A man's best friend. He is my buddy.

Horse- You also have to work to get a horse. To get a horse, you must be very helpful at Brownie Farm. In other words, you must do part-time work very often. If you do enough part-time work, and you are friends with both Bob and Tim, he will come to your farm and give you a horse. You don't have a choice of what color horse you want, it's random, but you don't always get the same colored horse. You can get a light brown horse, a gray horse, a dark brown horse, and most likely any other color that you've seen at Bob's farm. To find out a good trick to get the colored horse you want, click the link under the heading "Choosing your Horse". When you get a horse, it will stay in the barn. You can let it outside in the pasture to eat. Remember to talk to and brush your horse everyday! If it isn't outside, you must also remember to feed it fodder. When it's happiness is high, you will be able to ride your horse! You can even ride your horse through town, so when it's able to run fast you can get to areas quickly. Price-Free
Choosing Your Horse- Click Here
Heart Rates
1 Heart-We are getting along better.
2 Hearts-He can run now.
3 Hearts-He is running faster now.
4 Hearts-Top Speed. He runs like the wind.
5 Hearts-He is confident he won't lose to anyone.

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