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OK, this is a section where any poetry related to either Harvest Moon or just that reminds you of Harvest Moon will go! The poetry does not have to be original, it could just be a poem you found that reminds you of Harvest Moon! If you would like to send in an original poem, make sure to include the title and your name you want to be known as. If you would like to send in a poem you found, please make sure to either include the web address you found it at, or if it is from a book please include the author of the poem!

Also, just want to give credit to for sending in the first poem and giving me the idea for a poetry section!

There are currently 15 poems in the Poetry section

Poem Author Contributor
The Little Plant Author Unknown
Untitled Mr. MooMoo Mr. MooMoo
Harvest Time
My Little House Laura Laura
The Best Girl Laurie Lespérance Laurie Lespérance
Red Treasure Lost Grail Lost Grail
HARVEST Boy64171 Boy64171
Wot on Earth am I doin Dotty Dotty
Some Day Strawberry_Star_Kiss Strawberry_Star_Kiss
Maple Lake Tale Jessica Jessica
Ender's Memory Eidos Lockeheart Eidos Lockeheart
Popuri and Lyla TiGirl TiGirl
The Loner DemigoddessDanika DemigoddessDanika
Lament Amongst the Flowers SomeCrazyGuy SomeCrazyGuy

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