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Ender's Memory
Eidos Lockeheart
Dedicated to Maya, in memory of Ender.

As I leave the village,
I leave many things behind.
But one thing in this village,
I shall never be able to find,
Anywhere else in this fantasy.
For she was one of a kind,
She means so much to me,
But I left her behind.
I come now to my home,
As my dear friend is there.
But alas I know she will not come,
To be by my side here.
My dear friend is here though.
Even though he is shy,
But of course he did not know,
Of my wandering thoughts of, why?

Why? I ask over and over,
In my mind while at the sea.
Oh how I wish I could show her,
What she means to me.
But alas fate does not permit it,
For here comes the tide.
My friend's tears can show it,
As he will miss me with my grin so wide.
As I float out into the wonderful blue.
I will miss them both, that all is true.
Though I wish that she knew,
And so I pass this to you,
My dear friend, tell her what you know.
How my heart ached when she was not near.
How she had made me feel so,
Tell her with your memory of me, a tear.

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