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Harvest Moon for Girl was the first game in the series that allowed players to play as a girl and feature bachelors. The five bachelors may be familiar, as they are the same ones from Back to Nature. These guys, Cliff, Kai, the Doctor, Rick, and Gray all have their same, recognizable personalities and are just waiting to be wooed by you! The marriage system is the same as it is in the other Harvest Moons, with 7 heart colors that you must go through before you can propose with the blue feather. Unlike previous versions of Harvest Moon, though, once married the game ends.

Black- Strangers
Green-They have a little crush
Yellow-They have a slightly bigger crush
Orange-They have a big crush
Red-They love you(marry them!)

Cliff Name:Cliff
Lives: At the Inn.
Personality: Cliff has the same personality that he had in Back to Nature. He is mysterious and fairly shy.
Kai Name:Kai
Lives: Comes only in Summer and works at the Seaside Lodge.
Personality: Kai loves traveling and is very outgoing.
Doctor Name:The Doctor
Lives:Works at the Clinic.
Personality: The Doctor is very mature and friendly to everyone.
Rick Name:Rick
Lives:Works/Lives at Poultry Farm.
Personality: Rick is rather goofy and very friendly.
Gray Name:Gray
Lives: At the Blacksmith with his grandpa Saibara.
Personality: Gray is very shy and not very talkative until you get to know him.

Do not use these images on your website without my permission! I put them up myself.

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