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Here is where you can learn about all the places in Back to Nature! Look below the picture to see descriptions of each area! Screen shots of each individual area soon to come. (click the map to see a larger version)

1)Your Farm- Your farm is where you will spend most of your time. You take care of crops, animals and other things here!
2)Peak of Mother's Hill- Go to the for some festivals and to just look at the view!
3)Base of Mother's Hill- Collect lumber, and forage things here to sell. Also you can find different people hanging around!
4)Hot Springs- Go to the Hot Springs for a nice refreshing bath!
5)Gotz's House- See Gotz when you want to get upgrades to your house, or just visit his house to say hi!
6)Poultry Farm- Go to the Poultry Farm to buy/sell chickens, and to visit Popuri or any of the other characters living there.
7)Inn- Go to the Inn to get a drink after work, or to use the telephone to order items you see on TV! You can also go here to socialize with various people from town.
8)Yodel Farm- The Yodel Farm is somewhere you will probably visit various times. You can buy Sheep or Cows here, and this is also where you will get your pony!
9)Mineral Beach- Stop by the Mineral Beach to visit Kai's Seaside Lodge in the summer, or to kick back at the beach!
10)Harvest Sprite's Home- Visit the harvest sprites to become friends with them. If you are nice to them, you can ask them to come help you out at your farm!
11)Church- Go to Church occasionally to socialize with the regulars there. The Music Festival is held there, and you can also "confess your sins" in the confessional booth.
12)Clinic- Go to the Clinic when you are sick. You will get an exam and can buy medicine there. If you are sick you'll stay overnight at the Clinic and be home the next morning on your farm.
13)Supermarket- Go to the supermarket to purchase seeds and other goods. The items change from season to season, so you might want to check back every season!
14)Karen's House- Karen's house is where...well, where Karen lives I suppose!
15)Mayor's House- Visit the Mayor's house to socialize with him, or maybe Harris or Kano. His home is usually hustling and bustling.
16)Library- Go to the Library for some reading, or to talk to Maria! You can learn about different things like animals and farming. The selection changes so check back everyone once in a while.
17)Mary's House- At Mary's house..... well again, it's where Mary lives!
18)Ellen's House- Go to Ellen's house to visit Ellen, or Stu or Elli. They all live there, one big happy family!
19)Aja Winery- The Aja winery supplies Mineral Village with all of it's wine! You may need to help out there, but don't worry you'll get paid!
20)Blacksmith- The Blacksmith is a very important place that you will probably visit a lot. You can get your tools upgraded, you can buy tools, and you can buy other things like cheese/yarn makers and jewelry!

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