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There are a lot of characters in Back to Nature. Many of them you will be familiar with, but they do have different jobs/personalities! Also something new in BTN, all the characters have birthdays! You can give them gifts and stuff!

Harvest Sprites

Image Name Birthday
  Lillia Spring 19 Still Popuri's mom, but she works at the Poultry Farm now!
Popuri Summer 3 One of the girls you can woo, she lives at the Poultry Farm and her mom is Lillia and her brother is Rick!(*See girls section for more info)
Rick Fall 27 He makes all the deliveries for the Poultry Farm(and it's a guy!). He lives at the Poultry Farm.
Barley Yodel Spring 17 Owner of the livestock farm. Old. Lives with granddaughter May and dog Hana.
May Winter 26 Lives on livestock farm with Grandpa. She has black hair.
  Saibara Spring 11 Owns the Blacksmith's shop. He can make you tool upgrades, buy tools or make jewelry for your favorite girl!
  Gray Winter 6 Lives with Saibara(who is his grandpa) at the Blacksmith shop. He likes the city, and he tries to help Saibara in the shop.
  Duke Winter 15 He runs Aja Winery with his wife. He goes to the Inn at night.
Manna Fall 11 Duke's wife, she is selling wine at Rose Square at around noon most days.
  Jeff Winter 29 He owns the Grocery Store. He is very nice.
  Sasha Spring 30 Jeff's wife, she is at Rose Square with other ladies talking at noon on nice days.
Karen Fall 15 Another girl you can woo, she is active and lives at the Grocery Store(although she's not usually there).(*See girls section for more info)
Basil Summer 11 A botanist and author of many books. You can find him at the Inn almost every night.
  Anna Fall 23 Anna is Basil's wife. She is usually at Rose Square at noon talking with other women.
Maria Winter 20 She runs the library and is another girl you can woo.(*See girls section for more info)
Doctor Fall 17 Is very serious and enthusiastic. He has a crush on Elli.
Elli Spring 16 She works at the Clinic and lives wit her Grandma. Her little brother is Stu. She is also one of the girls you can marry.(*See girls section for more info)
  Pastor Carter Fall 20 He is found at church and runs all the cermonies and stuff.
  Doug Winter 11 He is Ann's father and raises her alone. He owns the Inn.
  Ann Summer 17 Ann is the last girl you can woo. She is a tombot but is a very good cook.(*See girls section for more info)
Won Winter 19 Won will sell you exotic plant seeds and household items. He charges a lot though(and not everything is real). Find him at the Inn most of the days.
  Cliff Spring 6 Cliff will leave if you don't ask him to help you harvest grapes at Duke's vineyard. He has a secret crush on Ann also. You have to become friends with him for him to stay.
Kai Summer 22 Kai is only at the village during the Summer. He has a crush on Popuri also.
Zack Summer 29 Zack is the Shipper. He comes to your farm at 5 PM to collect things and give you money. He is usually wandering around town, and his house is on the beach.
  Greg Spring 29 Greg is the fisherman. He's the one who'll give you your first fishing rod, and a better one if you have 50 fish in your pond.
Gotz Fall 2 Gotz is the town's carpenter. Ask him to upgrade your farm. He is usually at home , at the Grocery Store or wandering at Mother's Hill.
Louis Spring 2 Louis is a beekeeper who spends his time at Gotz's house. He is trying to find bees indigenous to the area. If you get bees bring him honey.
Mayor Thomas Summer 25 The Mayor is always visiting villagers and checking up on things.
Kano Winter 2 Kano is a photographer.
Ellen Winter 13 Ellen is Elli's grandmother. She doesn't wander around, so you can always find her at the house.
  Stu Fall 5 Stu is Elli's little brother. He is usually at the path outside his house.
Gourmet Judge N/A The Gourmet Judge is the man who judges the Cooking Festival! That is basically the only time you see him.

Harvest Sprites

Aqua Spring 26
  Bold Spring 4
  Chef Fall 14
  Hoggy Fall 10
  Nappy Winter 22
  Staid Spring 15
Timid Summer 16

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