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BTN Beginner's 1 Week Walkthrough

So you need this walkthrough eh? Well! This is a guide for the first week of farming! I may add several weeks on if requested, but this should help you out!
For a printable copy of this walkthrough, click here!

Starting Out

OK. So your new to farming? This guide will help you out with those first few weeks when you really have it hard! Having a good start is very important and will make you less stressed. This will help you on what crop you should plant, and what exactly you should do those first few days! So let's get started! NOTE: Day 1 means the first day of actually PLAYING the game, not including the day you don't do anything!

Day 1(Monday, Spring 2nd)

Day 1 is very important. You only have 500G and you need to buy seeds, but you also need money! You wake up at 6, so when you wake up immediately go to your TV and watch the weather channel for the next day. Get in the habit of doing this everday, that way you know if you need to water plants or when you need to take in your dog/horse (when you get one). Then go to your tool box and get out your axe and your watering can and your hoe. When you walk outside the mayor will ask if you would like a tour of the town, say no because it's a waste of time and you don't need to. Then Zack (the shipper) will come by and tell you about shipping. After that, walk into the field and clear enough for about four patches of seeds. Use the axe to cut twigs, and any rocks you find throw in the pond.(Note: To quickly change your tools, hit the R1 button to equip the next tool.) Pull the weeds also. Now equip your hoe and hoe four plots of ground for seeds. A plot is below....


Since you can't water the middle crop, you have to only hoe to in the middle so you have access to every crop. Once this is finished it should be around 10-12, so head down to the town and the supermarket. Buy 3 packs of potato seeds. Although turnips grow faster, it is only by three days so in the long run potatoes are the way to go. Run back to your farm and plant the seeds. To plant the seeds stand in the middle spot (see diagram below, stand on the plot that is bold)...


And throw the seeds. Repeat this for the other seeds then go to your pond and fill your watering can. Water every seed. Now, you have to go MAKE money! Run past your chicken house and when you get to the crossroad go up the stairs. On the right of the hot springs you'll find a bamboo shoot. Pick this up and hit the R2 to put it in your backpack. Then run down near the two stumps and pick up the green grass and put it in your bag. There are 2 bamboo shoots to the left of the hot springs. Pick up one but you can't put it in your bag so run back to your farm and ship the three things you picked. Go back and pick up the remaining bamboo shoot and put it in your bag. Then go back down to the crossroad and go on the path leading down. You'll see a clearing with a house and trees/stumps. Between the two trees is another green grass, so pick that. Run back to your farm and ship these items.

Now that you've planted your seeds, watered them and shipped things, you may have some time leftover. With this time I would suggest clearing some more of your field. You can't break up stumps, boulders, rocks or stones, but you can get rid of twigs (always use your axe to chop twigs, you get one piece of wood for each twig you chop) and weeds. You may if you want decide to make a fence around your crops, but there's no real need for this, it's basically just for neatness and looks. At 5 Zack will come and give you money for the things you shipped. You should have made 350G today! Go to sleep and a good hint is to save it, especially your first night. You will have (including what you shipped) 400G.

Summary of Day 1's activities...
1) Clear part of your field and make 4 crop patches.
2) Plant three bags of potatoes.
3) Ship every item from the mountain to make 350G.

Another note for the beginning week. Your social life isn't AS important the first week. Don't worry about wooing a girl yet or trying to get her to go with you to the festival. The only way to get a girl to go to the festival the first year is to use a gameshark code or if it's Karen show her your dog an obscene amount of time, and that's basically being cheap!

Day 2 (Tuesday, Spring 3rd)

There are not many differences between day 1 and day 2. The first thing that will happen when you exit your house is Harris will walk up and ask you if you've seen a strange man. Then when he leaves Won (*The guy dressed in yellow) will enter your farm and ask to stay. You don't have to see the whole event, it takes time and isn't really important.

After you talk to Won, you can either decide to do the event or go about your business on the farm! I would suggest the second because no matter what Won will stay in the village.

Assuming you don't do the event, start off by filling your watering can and watering the 3 patches of potatoes you planted yesterday. After you finish this, run to the mountain and ship the things there. Do it in the same order which works well, the bamboo shoot to the right of the hot springs, and the two bamboo shoots on the left of the hot springs, run back and ship those. Then run back and pick the green grass you missed by the hot springs and the one near Gotz's house between the trees and ship those. The Supermarket is closed this day (they are closed on Tuesdays) so you can't buy more seeds. You will have time, so try visiting some of the girls in the village. Social life isn't as important but if you have extra time it couldn't hurt. If you want to give any girls a present, pick the yellow flowers in the area where Gotz lives and give them those. If you want a girl who is easy to woo go after Popuri. Below is a guide to where the girls live and how to get there from your farm. These are directions from the exit of your farm (near your house).

Popuri: Exit your farm and take the first right, the Poultry farm is right there where Popuri lives. She is usually inside except in the mornings she is at the hot springs.
Mary: Run past the blacksmith (first shop on the left after you exit) and then Aja Winery (second shop) and into the next screen. Pass another house (Basil's house) and go into the library which is in the corner on the left and Mary is basically there all the time.
Elli: Elli lives in the corner house near the library, but she is hardly ever there. To get there head the way to get to the library but turn right and run into the next screen. You'll pass the supermarket and next to it is the Clinic, enter it and you'll find Elli there.
Karen: Karen lives in the supermarket so occasionally she is there, but she also hangs out at the beach in the morning, or between 1:30-4 she's at the hot springs (sunny days).
Ann: Ann lives in the Inn. To get there go past onto the next screen (past the Clinic to the right) and take the road that goes down into yet another screen. Enter the Inn (the only big building there) and Ann is almost always there except in the morning when she is at the Hot Springs.

So you can visit all the girls if you didn't take the tour the first day and give them gifts if you choose. When you get home you can clear more of your field using your hammer and axe. The axe only cuts up twigs and the hammer only small rocks. Don't break up all of the rocks because they can be used in recipes later so make sure to save some and stash them on the bottom right of the field. After the shipper comes you can work a little longer but make sure to go to bed by 6. By the end of Day 2 you will have (including what you shipped that day) 700G.

Summary of Day 2's activities...
1) Water your crops.
2) Ship every item from the mountain to make 350G.
3) Meet the girls.
4) Clear some more of your field.

Day 3 (Wednesday, Spring 4th)

The 3rd day is more work obviously. If you aren't sure what girl you are wooing yet, you should take a few moments to decide (try meditation ^_^) You should have an idea of at least 1 or 2, that way you don't waste time wooing all the girls yet!

You should develop a routine for your daily activities. If you want, save after Day 2 and test out some routines. I would suggest just doing the following.

Start off the day by watering your crops. You shouldn't have to refill your can, you can if you want to or you can just refill it when you run out of water. After you water your crops, run and ship the 3 bamboo shoots and the 2 green grasses. After you are finished this, head down to the supermarket and by now you should have 700G, so buy 4 more bags of potatoes and run back to your farm. Plant the potatoes (you will need to hoe three more patches for the 3 extra bags) and water them.

You should have time now so go pick some flowers and give them to the girl/s you are going to woo. If you have time leftover head over to Yodel Ranch (Note: Try to avoid this your first two days if you do not want the pony yet. To get to it turn right like you are going to the Poultry farm but continue going right.) and you'll see a short scene with Yodel and May and say you will take care of the pony and name it and you'll now have a pony! It'll probably be late afternoon so head back to your farm and talk to your pony (which is now in the stable) and make sure to pick up your dog and put it down. (Note: Do this everyday if you haven't already.). Then you can clear your field some more if you have time and then go to sleep! By the end of the day you will have 450G.

Summary of Day 3's activities...
1) Water your Crops.
2) Plant 4 more patches of potatoes.
3) Get your pony.
4) Give the girls you are wooing gifts.
5) Ship every item from the mountain to make 350G.

Day 4 (Thursday, Spring 5th)

Things start to get repetative around now. The only thing different about this day is that it is one of the Harvest Sprite's birthdays (click here for a printable list of all the villagers birthdays in the town). It is Bold's, or the one in the purple suit's. We'll talk more about that later though.

First thing is normal, water all of your crops, make sure to fill up your watering can first because you have a lot of watering (well, a pretty average amount, 6) to do. Water every crop and make sure to pick up your dog and talk to your horse. You should save for a brush now from the Blacksmiths. You won't have enough today (You'll have about 600G by the end of the day, not counting what you ship), but you will on Day 5 so plan on buying a brush the next day.

After you complete watering, go about your normal business shipping the 5 things from the mountains. Again, give the girl you're wooing a flower and then run to the Supermarket. Buy a box of flour (located to the left of the shop, the white box). These are harvest sprite's favorite gifts. You don't have to wrap it, in fact I don't suggest it. Flour is only 50G, but wrapping a gift is 100G. Go to the Harvest sprite's hut (turn right out of the supermarket and run past the church and there is a path next to the church leading up, follow it and you'll come to the Sprite's house) and give the sprite in the purple suit the flour! He will thank you and stuff, and then leave.

Head back to your farm and head towards the wood shed thing. You should have some wood from clearing part of the farm. Clear a small area, about 4x4 right outside of the horse stable. Take out wood (you'll need 12 pieces, so 4 trips back and forth) and make a smell box, or pen for your horse. Then pick up the fence that is right outside the door to the stable and push your horse outside. Go outside yourself and continue pushing the horse down until it is inside the pen. Remember, don't do this if it is supposed to rain the next day! Close the pen and DON'T whistle for your horse (It will run out and it is a pain to get back in). By this time it'll be night so go to bed. By the end of the day you should have 750G.

Summary of Day 4's activities...
1) Water your crops.
2) Ship every item from the mountain to make 350G
3) Give Bold flour for his birthday.
4) Build a pen for your pony.
5) Give the girl you are wooing a gift.

Day 5 (Friday, Spring 6th)

Today is also a little different. You will be getting your fishing rod today. So wake up and do the usual (watch the weather channel) and go to your toolbox and put one of your tools in it so that you have an opening for a tool. Immediately run down to the beach (head to the Yodel Ranch and go up when there is a path then turn right when you get into the Village Square, then go to the right and up to the dock) and go to the end of the dock. Talk to Greg, the fisherman, and there will be a short dialogue and get the fishing rod. (note: If you get to the beach before 7 am, wait until it is 7 to enter the beach or else Greg won't be there). Don't waste time fishing, run back to your farm and exchange the fishing rod for your usual tool (whatever one you put in).

Now after you get your fishing rod go out and follow the normal schedule of watering your crops, gathering from the mountain and giving the girl you are wooing a flower.

It will be near the end of the day, and if it's not 5 yet, clear some of your field, and then go to sleep. You will have 1,100G by the end of the day.

Summary of Day 5's activities...
1) Get the fishing rod.
2) Water your crops.
3) Ship every item from the mountain to make 350G.
4) Clear some of your field.
5) Give the girl you are wooing a gift.

Day 6 (Saturday, Spring 7th)

This is another one of those boring same old days. Start out by watering your crops, 3 of the patches will be ready to harvest the next day (but you can't, you'll read more about that later). Then ship the 5 items from the mountains and give the girls you are wooing their flowers.

Now go to the Blacksmith and talk to Saibara. Make sure to put one tool away in the toolbox before you go to buy the brush or else he won't sell you it. Buy the brush and you'll only have 300G. Go home and brush your horse and then either fish or clear some more of your field, then go to sleep after Zack comes. By the end of the day you will have 650G.

Summary of Day 6's activities...
1) Water crops
2) Ship every items from the mountain to get 350G
3) Take care of animals
4) Give girl you are wooing a gift.
5) Fish/Meet Villagers/ or Clear your farm.

Day 7 (Sunday, Spring 8th)

This is the day of the Goddess Festival. All you have to do today is water your crops, then simply go to the festival(located in the Village Square) and enjoy yourself, and make sure to take care of your horse/dog before you go! Then come home and go to sleep. By the end of the day you will still have 650G. If it is supposed to rain the next day , make sure to put your horse inside the stable and your dog in the house. You don't have to get to the village square very early, you can arrive there after 11, but don't go too late!

Summary of Day 7's activities...
1) Water crops.
2) Take care of horse/dog.
3) Go to Goddess Festival.

Day 8 (Monday, Spring 9th)

You have survived a week of farming so far! Keep on going strong! Today will be a little different again!

3 of your patches of potatoes will be ready to be harvested. Ship them and water the rest of the potatoes, then take care of your horse/dog. After that, ship the things in the mountain and then go to the supermarket. You should have around 850G, so buy 5 bags of potato seeds. Go back and plant them, you'll have to hoe two more patches, and water them.

When this is done, you won't have much time left in the day. Give the girl you're wooing a gift and then maybe clear some of your farm or fish if you have time! Then go to sleep!

Summary of Day 8's activities...
1) Harvest 3 patches of potatoes (total of 18 potatoes, you'll make 1,440G)
2) Ship every item from the mountain to make 350G.
3) Take care of your dog/horse.
4) Plant 5 more bags of potatoes.
5) Water all your potatoes.
6) Give the girl you're wooing a gift.
7) Clear some of your field/fish.

The rest of the month

This guide stops here (unless you really want me to continue!). The rest of the month goes basically the same. You continue to ship things EVERY day (VERY important) and whenever you harvest potatoes make sure to replant! The next day (Day 9) you will harvest the other 3 patches of potatoes. Replace those with 5 patches of potatoes so that you have 10 patches. From then on always replace them with 5 patches, you can plant more if you want but it's up to you. Don't plant potatoes after Spring 22 or else you won't be able to harvest them and it will be a waste of time/money! Continue wooing your girl and taking care of your dog and horse! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me!

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