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My Game Stats

Here are some stats from people who have come to my website and sent them in!

Year/Season/Day: 2/Fall/19
Dog:Ryu(Full Grown, full hearts)
Horse:Epona(Full Grown, full hearts)
Chickens:10(Clucky {Gives Gold Egg} Jenny, Bebe, Christop, Billy, Chicky, Enfrente, Atreids, Detras, Joint.)
Cows:Bess, Bessy, Rich, Nad Crop, Beast, Tubb.
Sheep:Sheer, Fluffo, Bush, Sheep.
Recipes: 36p.
Objects:All but Yarn Maker.
Extentions:All but Hothouse.
Tools:Hammer to Silver, everything else Mythrite.
Girls Hearts:
Ann-Red (Married)
8 Green Pepper Plots
8 Sweet Potato Plots
8 Eggplant Plots
4 Spinach Plots
8 3x3 grass fields
Date: Summer Year 2
Heart: Red Heart with Karen
Extensions: Chicken Coop,1st house extension(in the process of getting an upgraded barn)
People closest to getting married in
my game(besides me):
Elli and the doctor
Farm Name:Seeker Farm
Birthdate = :one :(
Chickens:6 chickens
Dog:Aero (Small 5 hearts)
Poney/Horse:Perks (3 hearts)
Fish:1 Small Fish
Tools:Copper Waterbucket, Copper AXE
Girls:Ann is on Purple Heart.
Crops:4 3x2x3 Tomato/Tamato
Farm Name:Masaki
Date:Fall 16/Year 1
Money: 22,000-something
Dog:Koro(full grown)
Chickens:Pon,PinPen,PiiChan,Popuri(egg from popuri),PiyoPiyo
Extentions:Chicken Coop
Tools:All regular except Mystril Watering Can and Copper Hammer.
3 Sweet Potato Patches
2 eggplant Patches
1 Green Pepper patch
3x3 Grass Field
Name:Javier (my REAL name)
Birthday:Spring 11
Precentage:9% �
Dog:Rex-5 hearts
Horse:Bill-4 hearts
Items:Axe, sickel & hoe-silver, Watercan-copper, Hammer-normal, Biggest Rucksack, Brush
Upgrades:Chicken coop-(in progress)
Rest of them-black
Crops:6 fields sweet potato
date:2nd year 1st of fall
dog:rocket (10 hearts)
horse:forgot name right now (10 hearts)
Chickens-10 main one strike (won chicken sumo thing)
Cows-2(1 won cow award thing and 1 just bought)
Sheep-3(2 big 1 small)
objects :large ruck sck,basket, milker ,sissor thing,brush,ball,vase,bell
extensions :chicken coop,cow coop,1st and 2nd house ext
tools: max axe,and normal everything else
married to: karen
Crops-none yet(new season)
Name: Beka
Farm name: Sakura Farm
Year/Season?day: 4/Summer/2
Money: 657,280G
Child: James(10 hearts)
Horse: Mamoru, 10 hearts full-grown
Dog: Almond, 10 hearts, full-grown
Chickens: Cluckie, (10 hearts, champ),�Fluff(10 hearts, champ), Ann(10 hearts, champ), Plucky(10 hearts),Kimi(10 hearts),Coby(10 hearts), Wuv(10 hearts), Sam(10 hearts), Sonny(10 hearts), Chickie(10 hearts)
Cows: Minako(10 hearts, champ),Ami(10 hearts), Makoto(10 hearts)
Sheep: Usagi(10 hearts, champ), Rei(10 hearts), Haruka(10 hearts)
Fish: 78
Objects: Large rucksack, dog ball, vase, mayonnaise maker, fishing pole, shears, milker, basket, brush.
Wood: 0
Extensions:100%; chicken coop, house 1, barn, house 2, greenhouse
Tools: Watering can-mystrile, axe- mystrile, sickle- gold, hoe-silver, hammer-mystrile
Recipes: 14
Married to: Ann
Popuri- Yellow
Karen- Green
Elli- Green (married to Doctor)
Mary- Green

6 Onions
10 Pumpkins
4 Pineapples
10 3x3 patches grass
Name: Chemical
Percentage: 20%
Date: Fall 5, Year 1
Dog- Acidic, 8 hearts (grown)
Horse- Lutrid, 8 hearts (not grown)
Chickens- Taikya (8 hearts, champ),Sakitume (3 hearts), Popuri {Popuri's Egg} (2 Hearts)
Sheep- Dioxide (1 heart)
Fish- None :(
Money: Around 4500G (recently wasted my money on a Shipping Basket, regaining it with the harmony of Fall foraging)
Objects: Medium Rucksack, Dog-Ball, Shipping Basket, Brush, Shears/Clippers
Wood: 110
Extensions: 20% (Chicken Coop Upgrade)
Tools: Axe upgraded to Bronze
Recipes: 0P :(
Popuri- Green Heart
Karen- Purple Heart
Ann- Purple Heart
Elli- Purple Heart
Mary- Black Heart
Current Crops: 2 Sweet Potatoes, 2 3x3 Grass Fields
Birthday: Summer 2 (just before Popuri's :D)
Name: Ryan
Percentage: 15%
Year/Season/Day: 1/ Winter / 4
Dog: Koro( Full Grown, 7 hearts)
Horse: Foal (young, 1 heart Cause I dont bother with him)
Chickens:3 (Vinnie, Charlie, Joe, all ten Hearts)
Cows:1 ( MooMoo, 3 hearts *just got him* S size milk)
Sheep: 1 ( BaaBaa, 2 hearts )
Fish: 18
Money: 19,000G (saving up for Cheese maker)
Objects: Large Rucksack, Basket, Had the ball(lost it), Bell, Brush, Shears, Milker
Wood: 224
Extensions: Chicken Coop, 1st House Upgrade, Barn Upgrade
Tools: Hammer- Silver, Axe- Gold, Watering Can- Gold, Sickle & Hoe- Normal
Ann-Yellow( future wife)
Popuri- Purple
Crops: None ( its winter), but i do have a 6x9 grass field
Cooking Tools: Rolling Pin, Pot, Mixer, Knife
Recipes: 8
Farm name:Moore Farm
Percentage: 59%
Horse:10 hearts full-grown
Dog:10 hearts, full-grown
Chickens:10 with 10 hearts each.
Cows:5(4 with 10 hearts, 1 with 5)
Sheep:5(4 with 10 hearts, 1 with 5)
Money: 567,921 G
Objects: Large rucksack, dog ball, vase, mayonnaise maker, fishing pole, shears, milker, basket, brush.
Wood: 999
Extensions:100%; chicken coop, house 1, barn, house 2, greenhouse
Tools: all of them fully upgraded
Recipes: 64
Married to: Popuri
Popuri- Red
Karen- Red
Elli- Red
Mary- Red
Ann- Red
Crops: Have shipped over 100 of each
Dog:Koro(Full Grown, 7 hearts)
Horse:Acorn(Full grown, 10 hearts)
Chickens: 6 (Coka, Doodle, Doo, Chiip, Lucky, Egbert)
Cow:Spot(10 hearts)
Sheep: Fluffy (10 hearts)
Objects:Medium Rucksack, Ball for dog, Shears, Bell, Brush, Basket, Blue Vase.
Extentions:HenHouse Upgrade,1st House upgrade, Barn upgrade, 2nd house Upgrade, hothouse
Tools:Hammer upgraded to silver, Axe to Mythril, Hoe to Bronze, Watering can to Mythril, Sickle to Silver
Married To:Popuri
Crops: 5 eggplant, 8x8 Grass Field
Farm:Harvest 2 farm
percent: 44%
Date: year 1, day 26 of Winter
recipes: 8P
Dog: cupcake 10 hearts
Horse: thunder 10 hearts
Money: 52358
Chickens: Eggbert10 gold, Eggy 10, Goldy 10, Chicky, Tom 6.
Cow: Milky 6
Sheep: Wooly 3
Tools: all normal, but axe to gold
wood: 535
Items: brush, clippers,fishing rod,basket, largest rucksack,dogball, blue vase, milker, mayonnaise and cheese maker.
Girls: Elli, red (just married on 25)
���������Karen, blue
���������Mary, black
���������Anne, black
���������Popuri, black
Extensions: 80% coop,house1+2,barn
name: babs
farm: Hacienda
date:2nd summer 2
money: 400000g+aproximately
dog: 10 hearts
horse: firestorm(taken away)
chickens: 10 all 10 hearts w/ mayo maker
cows: 20 all 10 hearts w/cheese maker
fish: 7
rating: 44%
tools: all full ugrade
house: full upgrade
extensions: all
wife: none (Karen red)
24 plots pineapples (3x3)
40 3x3 plots of grass
Name: Vincent ( the game that is)
Farm name: Moooooooo farm
Percentage: 21% Year/Season/Day: 1/Winter/1
Dog: Niven (full grown, 8 hearts)
Horse: Ezra (still apiny, 5 hearts)
Chickens: 7 (Names: Bok, Lucretia, Bella, Morgan, Lica, Jade, Claudia, and Porphyria)
Cow: none
Sheep: none
Fish: 5
Money: 48,600G
Objects: Large Rucksack, Basket, fishing rod, brush, and ball.
Wood: 200
Extentions: HenHouse Upgrade, getting house extention done.
Tools:Hammer upgraded to copper, axe upgraded to silver, watering can upgraded to silver, unleveled up sickle, unleveled hoe.
Recipes: 0
Girl's heart rates:
Mary- purple
Ann- blue
Popuri- purple
Karen- green
Crops: None! It's winter!
Name: Jack (how original)
Farm: Harvest Farm (once again, how original)
Date: 6th of Summer , 1st year
Dog: Rolo-5 hearts
Horse: Dash-5 hearts
Chickens: 5 of them, all lay eggs, highest one is 8 or 9 hearts names are Larry, Moe, Curly, Abba, and Zabba
Cows: None yet (c'mon it's summer of my first year)
Fish: around 10
Sheep: None of course
Money: 5000-6000
Power Berries: 5 of them
Girl Hearts: Ann-Blue, Karen-Blue, Elli-Black, Mary-Blue, Popuri-Black
Tools: Brush, Fishing Rod, Scythe, Ax(copper), Hammer, Hoe, Watering Can
Fields: 3 fields of tomatoes, 2 of corn, and 1 pineapple field, 2 fields of grass
Name: ???
Ann:Red(Married With 1 baby boy*10 hearts*)
Dog:10 hearts fully grown
Horse:10 Hearts Fully grown
chickens-10 full hearts (3 with gold egg's)
cows-10 full hearts (3 with gold milk)-monday,tusday,wedsday,thursday,friday,saturday,sunday,moon,sky,stars
sheep-10 full hearts (all large wool)
Farm:Melody farm
Percentage:50% Year/Season/Day:1/Winter/20
Dog:Nutty(Full Grown, 2 hearts)
Horse:Potty(Kid, 0 hearts)
Chickens:10 (01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10): All is 10 hearts. 01 is a champian.
Cow:12 (01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12): 01 have 6 hearts.02-05 have 4 hearts. 06-12 have 2 hearts.
Sheep:8 (01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08): 01-04 have 4 hearts. 05-08 have 2 hearts.
Extentions:100%; HenHouse Upgrade,1st House upgrade, Barn upgrade, 2nd house Upgrade, Hothouse
Tools:Hammer upgraded to copper, Axe to copper, Hoe to Mythril, Watering can to gold, Sickle to Mythril
Married To:Elli on 1/Winter/7
4 fields of sweet potatoes
Name: Charles
Percentage: 24% (slacked off after 4th year)
Year/Season/Day: 6/Fall/22
Dog: Mojo (10 hearts, full grown)
Horse: none
Chickens: none
Cows: 20; Bessy (champ), Bob, Joe, Hal, Jane, Mary, Wintrop (champ), Edd, Nancy, Ted (champ), Edward, Tessy, Ann (champ), Popuri, Karen, Elli, Ellen (champ), James, Lysol, Danny (all have 10 hearts)
Sheep: none
Fish: 200
Money: 2,831,800G
Objects: (all)
Wood: 999
Extentions: 100%
Tools: (all tools are gold, not mythril)
Recipes: 52
Ann:Red (married)
Karen: Orange
Mary: Orange
Elli: Orange
Popuri: Orange
Crops: none (too lazy, no point, lol)
Name: Jon
Farm Name: Utopia
Birthday: Summer 8
Percentage: 87% year: 3 season: spring day: 3
Dog: Rollo
Horse: Adios
Chickens: 10, all hearts (Popuri, Sundae, King(Crown symbol) Clucker, Kojiro, Sakura, Lollipop, Watson, Pez, Squish, PiiChan)
Cows: 8, all hearts (Cowcium, Vivastar, Gotmilk?, Miltank, COW (Cream-o-Weber), Cowcite (calcite), Dey, Nite)
Sheep: 4, all hearts (Dreamy, C.Candy, Mareep, Flaafy)
Fish: 79
Objects: Everything you can possibly buy, including the honey!!!
Powerberries: all
wood: 999
tools: all upgraded, except for the sickle which is gold.
house extensions: 100%
recipies: 29
Married to Popuri (pregnant)
Popuri: red
Karen: red
Mary: red
Elli: red
Ann: red
Half Grass, other half is still growing things
I've gotten 2 blessings from the goddess (girlfriend meets you, and Gotz gives you money) Cliff didn't leave, and my dog had puppies; I gave 1 to Stu.
Farm Name:Sunset Farm
B-Day:Winter 27th
Best Friend(Who I like the Best as a friend:Cliff
Dog:Poh Bear(Full Grown,5 hearts)
Horse:Lightnin (1 heart) (I don't want it!!)
Chickens:7;(Yokozuna 10 Hearts Champion,CHIEKEN 0 Hearts,Buck 0 Hearts,Juniy 2 Hearts,Henny 2 Hearts,Cluckers 0 Hearts,Elli 0 Hearts)
Cow:1;(Betsy 1 Heart)
Objects:(Large Rucksack,Ball for dog,Bell,Brush,Basket)
Utensils:(Knife,Frying Pan)
Extensions:40%;(Hen House Upgrade,1st House upgrade)
Tools:(Hammer upgraded to Copper,Axe Rebuilding to Gold,Hoe =Regular,Watering Can upgraded to Copper,Sickle Regular)
Married To:No One
5x3 Grass Field
10 3x3 Sweet Potato Patches
Name: Darien
Percentage:79% Year/Season/Day:3/Fall/1
Farm Name: MoonView
Dog: Shawn(Full Grown, 10 hearts)
Horse: Moonbeam(Full grown, 10 hearts)
Chickens:10; Tully, Popuri, Jen, Day, Light, Can't remember the rest of their names
Cow:3; May, Delaya, Cara
Sheep:5; Manlara, Cotton, Ball, Eve, Night
Objects:Large Rucksack, Ball for dog, Shears, Bell, Brush, Basket, Blue Vase, Mayonnaise Maker, Cheese Maker, Yarn Maker
Extentions:100%; HenHouse Upgrade,1st House upgrade, Barn upgrade, 2nd house
Upgrade: Hothouse
Tools: All Mythril
Recipes: 46
Power Berries: All
Married To/Heart Colors/Are they married?:
Ann: RED - my wife; son - Erik (4 hearts)
Elli: ORANGE - married to Doctor
Mary: RED - married to Gray - preganant
Karen: RED - On fourth event with rick
Popuri: RED - On last event with Kai.
Special Events:
All events with Goddess, I think.
Puppies, gave one to Harris
Cliff didn't leave(Too bad I got Ann)
There are a lot more, but i can't remember them right now.
Half grass.
Other half =
10 eggplants
10 sweet potato
3 green pepper
(I get A LOT of help from the Harvest Sprites)
Name: Jordon
Farm: Happy Farm
Percentage: 86%
Legendary Fish: 3 legendary fish caught
Power Berries: 7 power berries
Year/Season: 3rd year/winter
Money: 1200000g and some change
Tools: All myathril
Chickens:ten, all hearts ten, two golden
Cows: 10 2 golden
sheep: 10 1 golden
Upgrades: All house upgrades, hothouse, barn, henhouse
Wife: Karen
Baby: Trunks
Crops: 4 pineapple fields
Game Events
cliff left
all girls except karen are blue hearted
Name: Adam(in game)
FarmName: Alamoo
Date: 1st of spring, 2nd year
%: 17
Chickens: 10 Helga, Chicky, Hoser, Morpheus, Trinity, Apoc, Switch, Cypher, Mouse, Neo(all at 10 hearts)
Cows: 0
Sheep: 0
Elli: red heart(married to and is pregenant)
Karen: blue heart
Popouri: blue heart
Maria: blue heart
Ann: blue heart
HomeExtensions: all but hot house
Crops: None, its 1st of spring
Fish: 1
Money: 4G :.(
Name: Jeni
Farm: Jenian
Percentage: 85% Year/Season/Day: 3/Summer/17
Dog: Skyyzee, full grown 10 hearts
Horse: Epona both, full grown, 10 hearts
Fish: 58
Chickens: 10, 10 hearts each, 2 golden-LilJeni, Jerzee, Sandy, Skyylar, Diona, Alrak, Lana, Henny, Penny, Mary
Cows: 16, 14 large milk, 2 small milk-IceCream, Beef, Burger, Milk, Cheese, MooMoo, Jerkee, Steak, Leather, Stew, Moojuice, KittyKow and others
Sheep: 4, 2 large wool, 2 medium wool- Fluffy, Fuzzy, Puffball, Cotton
Money: 578, 000 (give or take)
Objects: all
Extensions: all
Tools: Everything mystrile except gold watering can and hammer
Utensils: all
Married to: Mary for 1 1/2 years, 10 hearts
Child: Ayden, 3 months old, 8 hearts
Legendary fish: 4 caught
Powerberries: 9 berries and mystic berry
Recipes: 57
Girls: Wife Mary is red, Ann is yellow, rest are green
Sprites: 6-10 hearts each
Crops: 4 pineapple, plus 4 in hothouse 5 onion, 5 pumpkin, 4 tomato, 4 corn, 27 bags of grass
No dead animals
Can go in all room except at Popuri's
Elli and Doctor married
Won horse race, swimming festival, and cooking festival once
Name: Gohan
Power Berries: 4
Farm: 100%
Money: 728,718G
Wife: Elli - 10 Hearts
Son: Goten - 10 Hearts (Walking)
Dog: Koro - 10 Hearts
Horse: Jo-Jo - 10 Hearts
Chickens-10- Falcon, Hawk, Eagle, Raven, Otrich,Crow,Goose, Pteradon, Pigeon, Raptor - 10 Hearts
Mimi-Gold- 10 Hearts
Milk Jug-Large- 10 Hearts
Moo-Large- 10 Hearts
Nurr-Large- 10 Hearts
Heffer-Large- 10 Hearts
Sheep- None
Tools- All Mysthrile
Fish- 52
Deaths- None
Shipped Produce-
Corn- 95
Pineapple- 631
Sweet Potato- 999(Max)
Eggs- 716
Mayonaisse- 999(Max)
Milk- 31
Cheese- 464
Cucumbers- 269
Tomatoes- 347
Name: Joe
Dog: Lucky (Full Grown, 10 hearts)
Horse: Rush(Not Grown, 4 hearts)
Chickens:10 (Turbo,Spark,Impact,Debra,Brenda, Soild,Life,Ann,Lillia, Chick)
Cow:10; Cow(Champion), Moo (Pregnant), Beef
Sheep:2; May, Mary
Fish: 22
Money: 89,483G
Objects:Large Rucksack, Ball for dog, Shears, Bell, Brush, Basket, Blue Vase, Mayonnaise Maker, Cheese Maker, Yarn Maker
Extentions:100%; HenHouse Upgrade,1st House upgrade, Barn upgrade, 2nd house Upgrade, Hothouse
Tools:Hammer upgraded to silver, Axe to Mythril, Hoe to Mythril, Watering can to Mythril, Sickle to Mythril
Married To: Ann
Son: Joe. JR. (Baby)
Date:Year 2, summer, 27th
Name: Jack
Percentage: 58%
*Popuri is gonna get pregnant. All my animals have 10 hearts except my dog and horse (Got another Horse!)
Upgrades:All house upgrades.
Power Berries:All power berries.
Legendary Fish: 3 legendary fish.
Mostly friends with everyone.
Fish: 70 fish in pond.
*Rick is on the vergue of getting married.
Name: Ryan
Birthday: Summer 29
year/season/day: 2/spring/12
Dog: Dodger 10 hearts, having puppies
Horse: Foal: Full Grown, 10 hearts
Recipies: 20
Percentage: 42%
Cows: 2; Butch, 10 hearts, Bart; 7 hearts
Sheep: 1; Fluffy, 10 hearts
Chickens: 10, Clucky, chicky, klucky, Mojo, Montana, Qude, Mora, Cloud, Moe, Maximus all Ten hearts
Objects: Large rucksack, basket, Mayo Maker, Ball, Shears, Brush, Rishing Rod, Milker
House: 80% henhouse, 1st house upgrade, barn, 2nd House Upgrade
Crops: 11 cabbage patches, 8 cucumber patchs, 8 potato patches, 5 turnip patches
Money: 37,000G
Tools: Axe- Mystrile, Hammer- Copper, Watering Can-Mystrile, Sickle-Mystrile, Hoe-Mystrile
Name: Mustafa
Year/season/day: 2/Fall/16
Dog: Chewie Full grown 10 hearts
Horse: Jedi Full grown 10 hearts
Chickens:10 (Holly, Shelly, Ofella, Welma, Jamie, Bebe, Debra, Isebella, Megan, Vickey) All 10 hearts
Cows: 10 (Bessie, Betsy, Bosie, Jessie, Shelly, Lilly, Stella, Desree, Hefer, Ejdmo) Hearts varying.
Fish: 51
Money: 105,991
Items: All but Yarn Maker
Wood: 855
Extention: 100
Tools: Hammer to Silver, everything else Mythrite
Recipes: 15P
Married to: Elli(she is pregnent)
13 Eggplant 3x3
4 Onion 3x3
36 Grass 3x3
Name: Luke Day/Month/Year: 5/winter/2
Farm Name: Mineral Farm
Percentage: 62 %
Money: 88012 g
Power Berries: 7 power berries
Married To: Ann;10 hearts
Baby: mark
Dog: rex-10 hearts
Horse: lightnin-10 hearts
Chickens: 10
Cows: 5
Sheep: 5
Extentions: All
Items: All (including fishing pole)
Fish: 40
Legendary Fish: Catfish and Angler Print
Deaths: None
Hearts: All other girls are on blue
Name: Boy
Percentage: 23% Year/Season/Day:1/Summer/18
Power Berries: 4
Dog: Dog(Full Grown, 4 hearts)
Horse: Horse(Full grown, 4 hearts)
Chickens: 10 (Chicken [gold egg], Chick 2, Chick 3, Chick 4,Chick 5,Chick 6,Chick 7,Chick 8,Chick 9,Chick 10)
Cow: 1; Cow (young: 1 heart)
Sheep: 0;
Fish: 12
Money: 5,867G
Objects: Large Rucksack, Bell, Brush, Basket, Beehive
Wood: 586
Extentions: 40%; HenHouse Upgrade,1st House upgrade
Tools: Hammer upgraded to Silver, Axe to Mythril, Hoe to nothing, Watering can to Gold, Sickle to nothing
Recipes: 0
Married To: none
Ann- Green
Rest- Purple
3 Pineapple
3 Corn
2 Onion
2 Tomato
7 Fields of Grass
Name: Pepero
Farm Name: Masnet(star symbol)
Birthdate: Winter 8th
Dog: Toyun. Full grown, 10 hearts
Horse: Bakito. Full grown, 10 hearts
Date: 2nd year Winter (around 1st week)
Percentage: 44%
Extensions: 80%: WILL NOT build the breakable Hothouse. Everything else is at max.
Tools: All Mystrile
Power berries: 6 (not Mystic berry yet, the one that lets you get less tired)
Cows: 1; Rosa(4 hearts; Medium milk)
Sheep: 0:
Chicken: 5; Aeris (9 hearts); Celes (9 hearts); Rydia (9 hearts); Popuri (Popuri's egg)(9 hearts); Selphie (0 hearts, new)
Fish: 11
Money: 16,664 (rank in all seasons: Go-getter)
Wood: 740-750
Fodder: 200-230
Grass: 9x15 field; also grass grid surrounds 3x3 crops fields
Crops: None, it's Winter. 12 3x3 fields reserved for crops, arranged in 3x4 format, surrounded/separated by grass. Loads of stuff in refrigerator.
Kitchen: Pot, Knife, Mixer, Oven, Rolling pin, Seasoning set.
Objects: Large rucksack, Fishing (1st), Brush, Clipper, Milker, Blue pot, Dog ball.
Mary: (married her) Red, 10 hearts, pregnant.
The other 4: Yellow.
Can enter: Mary's 2nd floor, Ann's locked door, Karen locked door (only if Sasha is there. If Karen is in there alone, you can't enter), Hospital 2nd floor, Saibara's room, Winery 2nd floor
Can't enter: Popuri's 2nd floor
Other:Helped Cliff to get job. Something's wrong with the doctor and the priest about their jobs.
Name: Pepero
Farm Name: Masnet(star symbol)
Birthdate: Winter 8th
Dog: Toyun. Full grown, 10 hearts
Horse: Bakito. Full grown, 10 hearts
Date: Tuesday, 27th of Summer, 3rd Year
Percentage: 52%
Extensions: 80%: WILL NOT build the breakable Hothouse. Everything else is at max.
Tools: All Mystrile
Power berries: 7 and Mystic berry from lake imp.
Cows: 2; Rosa(10 hearts; Giant milk); Relm( 6 hearts; Medium milk)
Sheep: 2;Ovelia(10 hearts; Large Wool); Eiko (0 hearts; too young for wool)
Chicken: 5; Aeris (10 hearts); Celes (10 hearts); Rydia (10 hearts); Popuri (Popuri's egg)(10 hearts); Selphie (10 hearts): 1 of them Golden egg, the others excellent egg.
Fish: 13
Money: 110,576 G (rank in all seasons: Go-getter)
Wood: 783
Fodder: 456
Chicken feed: 98
Grass: 9x24 field; also grass grid surrounds 3x3 crops fields.
Crops:row of 6 3x3 patches of empty (were onion); row of 6 3x3 patches of corn (some gone in storm); row of 6 3x3 patches of tomato (some gone in storm); row of 6 3x3 patches of pineapple (some gone in storm); all 3x3 patches surrounded/separated by grass. Loads of stuff in refrigerator.
Amount Shipped: Turnip: 297; Potato: 187; Cucumber: 229; Cabbage: 51; Tomato: 338; Corn: 223; Onion: 152; Pineapple: 49; Eggplant: 157; Carrot: 75; Sweet potato: 162; Green pepper: 258; Egg: 439; Milk: 62; Wool: 7; Mayonnaise: 316
Kitchen:All utensils
Recipes: 11P
Objects:Large rucksack, Fishing (1st), Brush, Clipper, Milker, Blue pot, Dog ball(x2), Mayo maker.
Child: Zillion, can crawl, 4 hearts.
Mary: (married her) Red, 10 hearts.
The other 4: Red. Elli married Doctor.
Can enter: Mary's 2nd floor; Ann's locked door; Karen locked door (only if Sasha is there. If Karen is in there alone, you can't enter); Hospital 2nd floor; Saibara's room; Winery 2nd floor; Popuri's 2nd floor
Events:Helped Cliff to get job; Kai is talking Popuri into leaving with him. Not gone yet; Have perfume from Kai; Already saw all of "The Fairy and Me". (It has 3 parts: His Story, Her Story, and the story that's written on the book.) Also saw all of "Mechabot Ultror" (They are some sort of Power Rangers)
Farm Name:Digimon Farm
Dogs Name:Tentomon
Horses Name:Unimon
Items:All items except for wool maker
Chickens:(All chickens have 10 hearts.)Clucky,Clucker,Koocoo,Poupuri,Mana,Fluffy,and rucksy.
Cows:(All cows have 10 hearts except moomoo.)Mano,MooMoo,Ellen,Mako,Moomoo-8,Betsy
Sheep:(All sheep have 10 hearts)Snowball,blizzard,wool,makaka,ballky)
Date: 9,Fall,17th
Farm name: Sekushii Farm
Name: Sukotto (thats Scott in Jap. for all you people who don't know the least bit about Jap.)
Percent:I can't remember
Year/Season/Day: Spring Something, Year 5
Dog: Mikka (big with all hearts)
Horse: Kimono (grown with all hearts)
Chickens:Kupo Jr. (Kupo died u.u;) Puka, Kinker, Kiwi (they all love me to death, and Kinker gives me golden eggs)
Cows: Silo, Mono (they love me to death, and Silo gives me G-Sized Milk)
Sheep: Moro San (it loves me to death and gives me G-sized wool)
Fish: none u.u;
Money: 96,000 something
Objects:All but the ball.
Wood: 500 something
Extention: full sized house, big barn, big chicken coop, hothouse
Tools: scythe, hoe, watering can, axe, (all up to top level) hammer (only at second level)
Recipies: more than 10
Married to: Popuri and has a kid named Jake ^^
Ann- orange heart
Mary-purple heart
karen-purple heart
Elli-green heart
Crops: potatoes- 2; cucombers-2; turnups-2; and something else but i dont know what it is
TV Programs: seen allllll the 'Farmer Fran! Farmer Fran!' bought the shopping channel out of work, watched all the delicouse hur, but cooked only a few things, and i'm watching 'The Fairy and me'
Festivals:Won the cow/Sheep/chicken festivals, Won the tomato Festival twice, can't seem to win swimming... won the dog/horse race. (yeah! i won doggie race withought the ball!!!)
Percent: 45%
Name: Eddie
Farm Name: Mineral Farm
Time: Fall 27, Year 3
Wealth: 35055G
Wife: Karen(red heart)
Child: Ryan
Popuri's heart: blue
Ann's heart: blue
Mary's heart: Purple
Elli's heart: blue
Chickens: (10) Clucker, Paiger, Zaggo, Karen, Eddie, Peep, Popuri, Strut, Cookie, Sunshine
Cows:(4) Milky, Vinilla, Marble, MooMoo
Sheep: (5) Cotton, Fluffy, Dolly, Woolie, Lambchop
Farm name: Shobon farm
Name: Matt
Year/month/day: ????
Dog: Kalico
Horse: ...lost it but working to get another
Fish:2 (large ones)
Money: 136746
Objects: large ruchsack,brush,basket,ball,
Wood: 654
Extentions: chicken coop, house
Tools: scythe,hammer(leveled up all)watering can,axe,hoe
Recipies: none
Karen: red
Ann: blue
Popuri: purple
Mary: purple
Elli: blue
Crops: a lot
Name: Bobby
Year/Season/Day: 2/ Spring/ 27
Percentage: 48%
Dog: Wishbone ( not champ but at 10 hearts)
Horse: Speedy (not champ but at 10 hearts)
Chickens: 10 (no champs but all at 10 hearts)
Cows: 5 (no champs but 2 give large milk and 3 give small)
Sheep: 4 (no champs but 2 give large wool and 2 give small)
Fish: 38
Money: 44,000 G
Objects: Large Rucksack, ball, shears, bell, brush, basket, mayonnaise maker
Wood: 43
Extensions: 80%; all but greenhouse
Tools: All at mystrile except hammer which is at silver
Girls: Elli (red), Ann (blue), Karen (purple), Popuri (purple), Mary (purple)
Crops: 15x15 grass, no crops ( done for spring )
Name: StarFish
Dog: Fish (0 hearts) :(
Horse: USED TO be Stardom,taken away by the dumb person...
Chickens: Penny,Mini Me,Demt,Penny Jr,Demt Jr.,Optik
Season: Fall
Year: 2
Money: Around 14,000
Tools: Only upgraded tool is axe,to bronze
Wood: 0
Extentions: Chicken Coop
Dating: Ann(Yellow Heart)
Crops: 4 Sweet Potato
Name: Ricky
Farm Name: Krueger Farm
Money: 890197 G
Percent: 79%
Power Nuts: 10
Wife: Karen(10 hearts)
Baby: Rick (10 hearts)(Walking)
Dog: Jamie(Full Grown)(10 hearts)
Horse: Geno(Full Grown)(10 hearts)
Recipes: 36
House: 100%
Objects: Dog Ball, Vase, Animal Tools, Large Rucksack, Crop Basket, All the Makers
Tools: All at Msytrile
Harvest Sprites: All at 10 hearts, except Timid, who has 8.
Crops: Turnips 502, Potato 172, Milk 202, Sweet Potato 999, Eggplant 173, Egg 789 and Wool 37
Ann: Yellow
Mary: Red
Popuri: Red
Elli: Red
Karen: Red(Married)
Season Stats:
Fall- 11 bags
Spring- 6 bags
Winter- 2 bags
Summer- 7 bags
Chickens: Elli,Mary,Ann,Karen<3,Deku,Popuri(From Popuri's Egg),Zora,Goron,Link,Baghead. All have 10 hearts
Cows: Karen<3,Ann,Mary,Popuri,Elli,Debby. All have 10 Hearts
Sheep: Butt,Ugly,Martians All have 10 Hearts
Farm: Browner Farm
Name: Joshua
Dog: Zippy, Fully grown all hearts
Hourse: Speedy, 4 hearts
Items: all
Chickens: 10 full hearts(fried,chicken,extra,crispy,rosty,toasty,full,size,never,lose,tasty,food)
Cows: 10 (steak10,beefy10,beef10,jerky10,slimjim10,rawhide10,lether10,meat10,silky6,sticky6)
Sheep: 10(Lamb10,chops10,goodn10,tasty10,wooly10,bully10,softn10,fuzzy10,realy6,pudgy6)
Extentions: 100%
Wife: Mary
Son: Jr.
Money: 598,890G
Recipies: 45
Objects: All
Wood: 645
Tools: All
Date: 4th Spring,25
Name: Bryce
Farm: Numskull
Money: 43056
Dog: Sambo/full grown with 10 hearts
Horse: Angelo/nearly grown up(1 more season)7 hearts
Percent: 68%
Time: year 3, fall, day 23
Marreid to: Karen/10 hearts
Kid: cloud/0 hearts(only about 10 days old though)
Animals: 10 chicken,8 cows,8 sheep,3 fish(lol)
Extentions: all of them
Tools: all mith exept axe(gold) and hoe(gold)
Objects: all but yarn maker
Other people close to marrage: doc and ellie
Crops: 50 grass 3x3 sqares
6 3x3 sweet poetatos
4 3x3 pineapple(in hot house)
Miscellanius: cliff left(i didnt Know u had 2 b friends till 2 late)
Name: Jeni
Farm: Jenian
Percentage: 87% Year/Season/Day: 4/Spring/2
Dog: Skyyzee, full grown 10 hearts
Horse: Epona, full grown, 10 hearts
Fish: 71
Chickens: 10, 10 hearts each, 2 golden - LilJeni, Jerzee, Sandy, Skyylar, Diona, Alrak, Lana, Henny, Penny, Mary
Cows: 16, 1 gold, 15 large milk - MooMoo, Spot, Bessi, Cowie, KittyKow, Jerkee, Beef, Moojuice, Milk, Calcium, Leather, IceCream, Cheese, Stew, Burger, and Steak
Sheep: 4, 1 gold, 3 large wool- Fluffy, Fuzzy, Puffball, Cotton
Money: 1,190,520
Objects: all
Extensions: all
Tools: Everything mystrile
Utensils: all
Married to: Mary for 2 years, 10 hearts
Child: Ayden, 1 year old, 10 hearts
Legendary fish: 4 caught
Powerberries: 9 berries and mystic berry
Recipes: 58
Girls: Wife Mary is red, Ann is red, Elli and Popuri are orange, Karen is yellow.
Sprites: 6-10 hearts each
Crops: 38 pineapple plants in hothouse, Outside - 7 strawberry, 8 cucumber, 5 cabbage, 5 onion, 5 potato, 30 bags of grass.
Name: Timmy
Percentage: 61% Year/Season/Day:14/Winter/4
Dog: max(Full Grown, 10 hearts)
Horse: (Full grown, 10 hearts)
Chickens: 9 (Emerald,Amber,Salt,Pepper,IceCube,Pizza,Mitch(G),Gazza,Cameron)
Cow: 3 Cowiomo(G),Tim(G),Cowio(G) (all 10 hearts)
Sheep: 2 Bill(G),Shawn (both 10 hearts)
Fish: 52
Legenday Fish: Char,Catfish,Squid,Angler
Deaths: 3
Money: 66,325G
Objects: Large Rucksack, Ball for dog, Shears, Bell, Brush, Basket, Blue Vase, Mayonnaise Maker, Cheese Maker, Yarn Maker
Wood: 889
Extentions: 100%; HenHouse Upgrade,1st House upgrade, Barn upgrade, 2nd house Upgrade, Hothouse
Tools: all full
Recipes: 27
Married To: Karen Baby:Spade walking
Name: Chrono
Farm: Trigger Farm
Dog: Lucca
Horse: Nadia(Got taken away by Barley)
Year/Season/Day: 2nd/Spring/20 something
Cows: 1
Sheep: 0
Chickens: 10
Home Extensions:80%:Chicken Coop,1st House,Barn,2nd House.
Cooking Tools: ALL
Girl: Popuri: Red(married)
Name: Recca
Percentage: 62%
Year/Season/Day: 3/Summer/17
Dog: Lucky (Full Grown, 10 hearts)
Horse: Charm(Full grown, 10 hearts)
Chickens: 10 (Popuri,Elli,Candy,Cotton,Anna,Lilla,Iluvyou,cant remember rest)
Cow:5; Manna,Aja,Coaty,Hira,Joanna
Sheep: 5; May,Floaty,Lily,Kathy,Cant remember
Fish: 56
Money: 71,000G
Objects: Large Rucksack, Ball for dog, Shears, Bell, Brush, Basket, Blue Vase, Mayonnaise Maker, Cheese Maker,
Wood: 80
Extentions: 80%; HenHouse Upgrade,1st House upgrade, Barn upgrade, 2nd house Upgrade
Tools: Everything sliver execpt hoeis bronze
Recipes: 35
Married To: Elli(She is pregnent)

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