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Yes, you can download maps that I have edited for Harvest Moon SNES! I used the program found at Harvest Moon Editors to do it! These obviously work on on ROMS, but it is really cool! I have made only one map so far, but I'm working on some more! There will be a screen shot of the map and a description of it too! Just click on the picture to download it!
For Windows users
For Mac Users

How to Use the Maps

First off, you have to know how to use the maps. You can download the map, but you wouldn't be able to use it with a certain software! The software is from the site the map editor is from, and it is called "HME Play Patch". You need to have the rom file (I do not provide this) and the map file you want to use. Open HME play patch and it comes up with a screen where you can browse and put in your HM rom file, and any map file for the ranch, mountain or town (you don't need all). Click the browse button next to the Harvest Moon ROM selection, and select your rom file. Then browse through and find any of your map files. Once you have all the map files and things selected, click the play game button, and the game will open and play with your map!

Download HME Play Patch Here

No picture available
Download NOW!
OK, this is my first map. It is basically a cheat map (that's the name of it) and it's the ranch map. Eventually I'll have a cheat map for the mountain too, but that's not made yet. This map comes with the whole field cleared of rocks, boulders, weeds and tree stumps. No stumps? Of course there are! In the top right part of the field, there are A LOT of tree stumps! Just go cut them down whenever you feel like it, and they're out of your way! The map also comes with a field filled with turnips and potatoes ready to be harvested the first day you are on your farm, so you have a good start with money! I hope you like this map, please send in ideas and comments on it!

For Macs

For macs there's currently no editing programs or patching programs unless you have virtual pc. However, I can take the maps and patch them to a game file, which I could then send to you! I have virtual pc and so I can do this. If you want one of these maps, e-mail me with the subject..."SNES Maps for Mac" and tell me which maps you want on the game (only one of each map like, only one town map, etc.). There aren't many choices now, but if you want this map patched to a game, I have the game file already made! It is in zip format!

Download the cheat map...Here!

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