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How to send in a Fanfic

OK! Due to the fact that I get at least two fanfics a day sent to me, and they are a pain in the butt to put up, I am going to offer this short little guide! This guide will insure your fanfic will be put up with the next update after it is sent in! Just follow these guidelines!

1) Send all fanfics to
2) The subject of your e-mail must be "Fanfic for HMFarm"
3) You MUST copy/paste the fanfic into the e-mail, I will not accept any attachments!
4) You must include the following...
    a) Nickname you want to be known as on the site.
    b) The Title of your fanfic.
    c) A description of your fanfic (to go on the main fanfics page)
    d) A rating(see below) for your fanfic and a length (short, medium, long, x. long, etc.)
    S-Sexual Content
And just a note, when I say sexual content, I don't mean you can have a nasty fanfic, I mean if there is something like the two character making out or something..NOTHING MORE THAN THAT (and if so just...don't describe us, spare us O_O).
5) HTML included in your fanfic! (See below for short HTML tutorial).
6) CORRECT format. Don't send me fanfics in just a big long paragraph and expect me to sort it out for you! See below for correct form.

    Correct form    

The correct form you should do for fanfics is as below in the example...

"As I ran down the road, I tripped and fell. I saw a dog on the road. Then a girl came up.
"Hello, are you hurt?" she asked.
"No.." I replied.
Then we went to eat pizza."

As you can see...There are spaces between the text people are speaking and things like descriptive paragraphs! This makes your fanfic look more organized and professional looking! USE THIS!


Now I bet half of you are like "huh? what's HTML?"! HTML is the "language" used to make websites. I use it to make websites, and when you send in fanfics, I add HTML to it! Now, adding HTML to fanfics can be very tedious and take a while. If you send me a fanfic with HTML already added, I can then immediately put it up for you! Sound great? Well I bet you're now thinking, "what if I don't know any HTML?"! Well, here's a little guide for you. This guide includes every code I think you would possibly use in a fanfic!!! It also goes with an explanation of where to put it. If you have further questions please e-mail me!

    Bold Font
    You can use bold font to emphasize things in your fanfic! The HTML for the text above that is in bold and says "Bold Font" is below.
    <b>Bold Font</b>
    Now, if you want something bold, put <b> in front of the text, and then when you want to end the text being bold, put </b>

    Underlined Font
    You can also use underlined font to emphasize things. This works exactly like the bold font HTML, but the code is as below.
    <u>Underlined Font</u>
    So just like the bold font, you put <u> before underlined text, and </u> after underlined text!

    Italic Font
    You can use the italic font to represent a character in your fanfic's thoughts or just to emphasize things! This works exactly like the bold and underline font HTML, but the code is as below.
    <i>Italic Font</i>
    So just like the bold and underline code, you put <i> before italic text, and </i> after italic text!

    Break Tag
    This is a different code then the italic, bold and underline codes! The break tag is used to put breaks between text! Below is an example..

    I ran past the tree.
    I ran over the tree.

    Now, the code for this is below...
    I ran past the tree.<Br> I ran over the tree.
    As you can see, the <br> code put a space between the two lines of text! If you want multiple lines of spaces between text, just put more than one <br> behind the text!

    Heading Tags
    There are also different types of heading tags. They range from sizes 1-6. When you do Chapter Titles (Like...Chapter 6: The lost World) use the heading 4 tage. Below is a list of the heading sizes and codes.

    Heading 1

    <h1>Heading 1</h1>

    Heading 2

    <h2>Heading 2</h2>

    Heading 3

    <h3>Heading 3</h3>

    Heading 4

    <h4>Heading 4</h4>
    Heading 5
    <h5>Heading 5</h5>
    Heading 6
    <h6>Heading 6</h6>

    So there you have it! That is all you need to do! So now when you send in a fanfic it will be put up quickly!! If you have any questions or want to know how to do any more HTML, please e-mail me!

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