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How To Send In A Fanart

Ok. Although I do not receive fanart in the same quantity as I do fanfiction, I still want to set down some guidelines. In order to have your fanart put up as soon as possible, please follow the guidelines below.

1) Make the subject of your e-mail "Fanart for HMFarm". This will help me easily pick out e-mails that contain fanart. Send all fanart to

2) You MUST attach the fanart file to the e-mail, not just copy/paste the image into it. It does not let me view the image if you do that, so PLEASE attach it.

3) Make sure to include your nickname that you want to be known as on the site and your e-mail (in case you are using your parents e-mail or something).

4) Please, if possible, only send in GIF or JPEG images. If you send anything else (BMP or PSD) then I have to take time to convert them to a small sized GIF and JPEG. I understand that some people do not have programs that can save these types of files, but if you have something like photoshop or PSP please try to save them as GIFS and JPEGS that are under 20k!

5) Please do not just randomly draw something on your computer and send it in. That is not real fanart, that is effort work. I don't mean fanart that was created on the computer and actually looks like effort was put into it..I mean something like below...

I love accepting any type of fanart that people are willing to submit, however I want to put art on that people will actually like to LOOK at and be inspired by...that is just something a 4-year-old would do and if I receive any fanart like that I will delete it immediately.

These are all of the guidelines I can offer to send in fanart. I am not going to not accept your fanart based on how good it is (although if it is like the example I've shown I WILL reject it), but please make sure to put effort into your drawing! Thousands of people are going to see it, so you might as well put a lot of effort into it!

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