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Ideas for future HM


Ideas for a new Harvest Moon!

Here is the second page of ideas!

301) At the beginning of the game you specify what kind of establishement you want to turn your grandfather's old farm in. Poultry Farm, Cattle Farm, Bee Farm, Vegetable Farm, Medicinal Herb Plantation, Orchard, Horse Ranch, Dog Ranch, Wild Animal Reserve, Bed & Breakfast, Bar... I guess there could be more than these, but I don't want to stray too far from the title, "Harvest Moon", so you couldn't be a blacksmith or a tailor or a priest. (Contributed by
302) There should be a fantasy version of Harvest Moon, set in medieval times. You can be a man or woman, and you can customize your look and outfit, but you can only a be a peasant in your first game. If you get a good score, you can be a noble, which is more challenging, and if you get a good score in that game you can be an elf. In each game there are the same characters but your relationships with them are vastly different, there are different events, your farm is totally different, etc. You can only marry someone of your class or lower. There are dragons, fairies, unicorns and such. You live in a town which is ruled by a lord (whom you can befriend as a noble or elf and gain access to the castle), but the kingdom is huge and you can journey to other towns and locales to bring back stuff/people, IF you survive. Aside from your farming and social life, there is a main storyline and innumerable big and small subplots that you have to do. The main storyline is the same regardless of your rank, but you view it from a different perspective. So if it were to be, say, troubles between the peasants and the lord: the peasant's role would be to rebel against the lord (which is easy because you outnumber the soldiers), the noble's would be to protect the lord (which is harder because there's a lot at stake), and the elf's would be to try and end the disagreement (which is the hardest because both sides say it's none of your business). So it's either attack, defend, or negotiate depending on the game type. Your friend in one game could be your enemy in another, but you have no choice. You would harvest crops and expand your house and get married and so on for three years, and then on the last day there would be the battle/negotiations/whatever and it would go a certain way depending on how well you played your role during the three years (did you talk to the right people, do the right things?). There would be tons of stuff to do: a marketplace, lots of shops and guilds, taverns, the Summer and Winter Fairs which you would prepare for, dog and horse races of course, banquets, balls, hunting, jousting, duelling---everything. There would be the Castle, a cathedral, a huge Forest, the Elflands, a Lake... Well, this suggestion is kind of long so I'll leave the rest up to your imagination. (Contributed by
303) It would be cool if you could cook anything you want with anything and not have it end up in fiasco. Also, if you could grow wheat and feed your animals, sell it for 200G, or use it to make bread. (Contributed by
304) Bring it to Gamecube or X-Box! (Contributed by
305) How about getting to choose TWO jobs,like you could be a framer and a Astronaut or a Cosmonaut, and you could divorce,or you could (this will sound stupid) be a Jedi Knight. (Contributed by
306) You could actually have a dresser full of clothes, and you wouldnt have to wear the same thing over and over. Your wife and baby could change clothes too. Your baby would grow up and help you. All the people in the game could age, and look old like the people on top of the mountain in HM:64 i>(Contributed by
307) New modern tools. Replace the hoe with a tiller, the ax with a chainsaw, the sickle with a mower that bags the grass, and the hammer w/ something, a jackhammer or something. Also make the days like 10 or 15 minutes instead what they are now (6 minutes or whatever.) (Contributed by
308) You should be able to raise ducks and geese and stuff. You should be able to have farm equipment like tractors, combines, etc. You she be able to choose the color of your animals (not all chickens are white) and you should be able to have a rooster a bull and a ram (male-sheep) (Contributed by
309) It would be cool if you got to go through the stages up until you owned the farm (see your birth, visit the farm as kid for a few days, go to the funeral, etc.). A side note: the message box could use some work, in HMSTH there wasn't much effort... But of course we all need a break from the farm/town, so a bigger area (camping and stuff) wouldn't hurt, and not to mention a HONEY MOON! (Contributed by
310) It would be nice, if you could move things around your house, for example you wanted your tv in another room or something. A really nice idea would be virtual reality (think about it, talking to ppl, interacting with ppl, u could hug your wife, and feel happy, u could even drink!) Or imagine Harvest Moon Online, a huge town, u could talk to your friends or other farmers, u could choose your gender and get married! You'd each have your own farm (you start small and can get a larger farm, u also have the ability to let your friends on your farm) You could walk in a park and talk to your friends, and when it's time to harvest a lot of ppl can help each other. The only strange thing would be the time, but it could be a constant game time, where a day could be an hour or something... Imagine an ONLINE HARVEST MOON! (Contributed by
311) You could help your friends choose their mate. Instead of the girls/guys hooking up with the "default" mate. You can suggest certain actions and/or behaviors or tell them what to get the other person. Although they will all have that 1 person that they should get married to. It should also be optional if you want to medle with their love life. It would be fun to play with the strings of fate wouldn't it? (Contributed by
312) I think it would be really sweet if you could make you originally small house into a mansion by buying al of the extensions. Also, you could hire maids to keep your house clean. It would be cool if you could have something like roof top garden as well. (Contributed by
313) Jack on the box!!(pun intended) Seriously Hm on Xbox would be cool! It would have all the Charcters from 64, Btn, Sth, and AWL! You could get all the animals from all the games, all the tools and items, sprinklers,tractors, minigames...Oh yeah, BTN's tomato festival! You could get friends to be your roomate(s)example: Kai and Cliff move in w/ you on another house and help you work, with a equal share of profits of course! (Contributed by
314) Click here to see the expanded version of this idea (Contributed by
315) You can sleep outside and you can like choose what your house looks like and what color every thing is! (Contributed by
316) Everything could be the same as btn but you could choose to be a boy or girl and then which you wanted! (guys: Cliff, Kai, Grey,Jack,girls: Ann Karen Popuri) (Contributed by
317) You would also live where that person lives in the game(inn,supermarket,farm..etc.etc.) (Contributed by
318) You would need to do laundry. Every 3 days, or for every 200th Stamina Point used up, your clothes will get dirty (sweat, mud, horseshi... Etc). Your clothes will then need to be washed (in river, lake or Hot Springs), unless you want to have a lowered reputation amongst the townspeople, and your sweetiepie. (Contributed by
319) With the second house extension, you'll get a wardrobe. When you have it, you will automatically change clothes, depending on event/situation: Festival w/ dancing, Moon Viewing, Marriage: This almost requires a suit. Cooking Festival: Chef outfit, along with the adorable white paperhat. Mining: The moment you enter a mine you'll somehow change to mining gear... Yellow helmet w/ candle/ flashlight and overalls. In Winter: Yay, your cap is exchanged for a fluffy, furry pioneering hat. Think cossacks. (Contributed by
320) When using the kitchen, it gets full of flour, baking soda, grease... General bakingdebris. It cannot be used again until you clean the mess up, preferably with your brush (Yeah, yeah, it's not the same kind of brush as you would normally use for cleaning, but, hey, a soiltilling hoe which can break up lare chunks of gold ore?) (Contributed by
321) Gotz goes ultraleft! Yay! Every now and then, he tries to persuade you into joining your farm with his collective: Equal wood, stone and food. Loads of funny dialogs where Gotz always comes up short in the end. He might even stop by your farm just to take a look at your hammer and sickle... (Contributed by
322) Competing farmers! The neighbour farm is also trying to get on its feet. Gary, assigned to bring his granddads farm back to glory (example name, and sex. Just named him after my favorite in PokéMon, maybe this kid even has the same personality and choice of words...) might stop by your farm to offer/plead for help, give you tips och recipes, you could buy crops off him (for use in recipes). You can see your competitor run around his farm, the town, the beach and the mountain (He would of course not plunder any resources right under your nose; would make the first days of farming tough). The possibilities are endless! (Contributed by
323) That the farm and town are randomly created of each game. And have online options so u can vist diffrent towns! (Contributed by
324) In a new game there could be new characters. The old ones would still be there but more grown up. There could be a different plot line and the old characters should keep their original personalities ect. instead of switching it around (personally I think switching the personalities of the characters in every game is pretty dumb). You could be about to costumize your character ex. boy, girl, hair, eyes, clothes and arrange the items in your house (girl's game shouldn't end after they are married). Characters could say more and different things. I also think there should be more characters to woo depending on whether you are a guy or girl. And of course more items, animals, ect. (Contributed by
325) The next harvest moon should have a rodeo as a festival and you ride a bull untill you fall off and the person who stays on the logets wins and gets bull horns as a decoration in your house. (Contributed by
326) Harvest moon should have a local exterminator that kills all the bugs or rats or termites in your home and you have to pay him and everything. (Contributed by
327) You should be able to play two player, then your friend or something could help you on the farm and one person might work on the farm while the other person goes to town. (Contributed by
328) You should be able to go on dates when ever you want but the girls might reject you. (Contributed by
329) GCN? X-Box? Nah... think big... PC!!! Online Harvest Moon! Make it MMORPG style! (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) And why stop there? Make the ultimate game that has ADD-ONs!!! But the BEST thing I want to see is EXTENDED PLAY! I hate having to stop after some years. I want to continue! (Contributed by
330) If it does come for Gameboy Advance (I'm a Nintendo fan myself...), multiplayer is definitely needed! But yes, time should be extended into maybe 1 minute our time is an hour there or something. Perhaps realism and make it synchronize with our time? I'll let the game designers decide because they usually come up with great stuff. (Contributed by
231) Horse has XL Rucksack instead of shipping bin. Has 16 slots. Get on and press triangle to access. Tranfer items to it from your rucksack and vice versa. (Contributed by
332) Only 5 sheep and 5 cows. 10 of each is way too many. I always HATED talking to, brushing, milking, shearing and feeding the barn. A very boring chore. Wouldn't be boring w/ the quick brush/talk, and only 5 sheep and cows that can't walk through each other. With the barn the same size as the HM : BTN barn, they don't have to walk through each other with half as many animals. This will make it easier to access all animals faster. (Contributed by
333) When you press "Square" to brush a cow/horse/sheep, it talks to them at the same time, so you don't have to do both. (Contributed by
334) Feed pony/ horse w/ fodder. (Contributed by
335) Feed dog w/ dogfood. 1 of 2 types. Normal and Pedigree. Pedigree has beneficial effects for a higher cost. (Contributed by
336) Be able to swim. Improves chances of winning Swimming Race and even increases stamina. Exercise. (Contributed by
337) Be able to swim underwater. Could forage for underwater things clams (maybe w/ a pearl inside), lobsters etc. With time and practice can hold breath longer. When you go underwater, your ENERGY meter is slowly taken down, reach surface before it reaches zero. When you reach surface, it quickly returns to your ENERGY level befor you went underwater. (Contributed by
338) Have options. Be able to catch a stray dog OR buy a dog from somewhere OR befriend someone quickly, and they give you a dog. (Contributed by
339) Make everything upgradeable. Tools. Have more new tools. Sprinkler, pickax (more efficient in mine than hoe). Have to build doghouse, upgrade coop, upgrade house twice, upgrade barn, build greenhouse, upgrade greenhouse etc. Build yarn, cheese, mayonaise maker. Even more upgrades and "makers" IF you have the creativity. Make the rucksack upgradeable. (Contributed by
340) Most important. Have an ENERGY meter. Forget strength/fatigue. Nobody understands that system. Make something simple. When you eat something or rest in hot spring it restores ENERGY. A nice, visible meter (w/ a green bar and numbers) would be perfect right under the time/date. EX. 55/200 EP (energy points or whatever). (Contributed by
341) Fresh idea. Be able to plant trees. Plant things like: Pear tree, peach tree, apple tree etc. (Contributed by
342) Don't be skimpy on the field area. In HM: Save the Homelands, 8x8 of field doesn't cut it. The field should be as least as big as in HM: BTN. Farmers usually have plenty of land, most of which they don't use. We, the players could use that field to plant crops, trees, and grass. (Contributed by
343) Have plenty of crops. As many as possible. All the crops from every Harvest Moon game, plus secret crops. And secret secret crops. Crops that require secret crops to unlock. As new crop ideas use peanuts, coffee, cotton, tobacco, wheat, beans, broccoli etc. Go to the grocery store and have a ball converting them to Harvest Moon seeds. More crops means more recipes. (Contributed by
344) I can't imagine what new animal you'd have besides a pig. Every farm has pigs. You'd feed pigs pigfeed. Very low maintainence. Just feed them. They'd have a shelter in the pigpen, so you wouldn't need to worry about the different weather affecting them. What would you do to the pig, kill it and sell the meat? If you do that, have a butcher knife that you can use on any animal. On pigs for pork/ham, chickens for chicken, cows for beef and sheep for lambmeat. This does create many, many more recipies however. (Contributed by
345) After you're married, you should be able to ask your wife to do a chore. So that she helps around the farm. (Contributed by
346) You should be able to hire a farmhand. You pay a daily wage, and he does 2 chores. Such as Water and Harvest. Or Water and Chickens. I'd pay 1000g a day. 2 cheese and 1 mayonaise pay his daily wage. (Contributed by
347) There shouldn't be too many places where you have to go to sell various things, if you don't have a shipping bin. You should sell most things to General Store / Supermarket. All foods (milk, cheese, eggs, mayo, crops, fruits, foragable food etc.). Wool, yarn and cotton are sold to another place (Clothing Store). You should be able to sell lumber to the carpenter or whoever. Sell flowers to the Flower Shop. You sell them flowers, they sell bouquets and flower seeds and stuff. Not just regular flowers you could pick. You should be able to upgrade to a shipping bin, and the buyer passes by daily to collect your goods, but for a fee. You'd have to build the bin, then it's a daily fee for Zack to pass. (Contributed by
348) Note I mentioned Clothing Store. I think it would be awesome to give your farmer a new and unique look. Every HM player has a different personality and will want a different wardrobe. Actually wear a tuxedo to your wedding. Clothes suggestions, Overalls w/ no shirt underneath, white T-shirt and jeans, leather jacket etc. Whatever the HM fans want to wear. Have a customizable head too. No hat, cowboy hat, straw hat etc. That would be awesome. And what you wear could affect your ENERGY. Depending how you dress in the summer/ winter it could hurt or help your ENERGY. (Contributed by
349) Buy all kinds of furniture to customize your home. Paint your home. Even more customizable. Paint every building. (Contributed by
350) Hurricanes just don't pop up. You don't turn on the news and find out that a hurricane will hit your house the next day. Weather people watch hurricanes as they form. The weather channel should do any briefing on hurricanes. A hurricane may go offcourse, head straight to Mineral Village, or just dissipate. (Contributed by
351) Make it where you can buy all sorts of neat things for your home. Like in HM : 64, the stuff that protected your hothouse from hurricanes. Like in HM : BTN, the flower pot that gave you extra ENERGY. (Contributed by
352) Many cool and fun festivals. At LEAST 1 per week. Maybe it should be 3 every 2 weeks. Plenty of birthdays. (Contributed by
353) New idea. Have a scheduler. When you push start you see a checklist that shows all chores that you must do. Completed chores are automatically checked. It should alse be able to show birthdays and such that occur on that particular day. (Contributed by
354) Sound. You shouldn't make that annoying *pLuP* sound every time you run or jump over something. (Contributed by
355) Sound also. Your dog whistle and horse whistle shouldn't sound exactly the same. How do the animals tell the difference? Make the Farmer say "Here Boy" or something for the dog. (Contributed by
356) Have plenty of wooable girls. Everyone has different taste. (Contributed by
357) Once again options. Early game when you're hard pressed for cash, have plenty of ways to make money. Get a part time job, forage, mine, make loans? In a small town, they might take an IOU or two. (Contributed by
358) Be able to ride your horse to the nearest village. Once you get to the point where you have plenty of time because you have Harvest Sprites, a Farmhand, and a wife helping around the farm, you don't have much to do, you have time to take a 4 hour round trip to the nearest village. Maybe it could have special seeds or a special store? Or ride there during winter. (Contributed by
359) New ways to get a power berry. A)Inside of a clam's mouth, deep at the bottom of the ocean. B)Cook a super rare recipe and give the dish to somebody. They give you a power berry. (Contributed by
360) Different looks. Not all cows look the same. Not all sheep look the same. Not all dogs look the same. Have a brown and white cow, and the traditional black and white cow. Have the traditional sheep, and the extremely rare black sheep that has highly prized wool. Have a brown horse, black, white, and brown with with white spots. Have black dogs, brown. Maybe even different breeds of dog. Only a couple. German shepard, golden retriever, Lassie, labrador, and the classic HM dog. (Contributed by
361) Max out on graphics. (Contributed by
362) Play the game after you finish. Entirely. Find anything you don't like, that we probably won't like, and change it, or take it out. (Contributed by
363) Your child could grow and start a life of its own and maybe even get married and have its own kids. (Contributed by
364) We can send some letters to other villagers and they will reply. So, there will be a post office and a postman. (Contributed by
365) I hope there will bea bathroom, so the character can take a bath and change their clothes. And we can buy clothes or ask a tailor to make clothes that we want. (Contributed by
366) Have more tv programs, crops, recipes, festivals and villagers. (Contributed by
367) You can borrow/read books from the library. (Contributed by
368) Harvest Moon could use some more realism, for example: You were able to grow crops in the winter in HM:GBC, but it is impossible for things to grow under a temperature of 5.6 degrees celcius! Also a few more weather effects would be nice ^_^, and I think it would be cool if you could get a small job in town, you could be a cachregister or something. (Contributed by
369) How about you get tractors and combines and you can upgrde them as you go through the game. And there should be a bigger map with proper roads so that you can drive your tractor around and crash into peoples cars. (Contributed by
370) A merged legand of the river king and harvest moon. You can drive boats and sell all diffrent fish and buy tackle and rods. (Contributed by
371) A speed boat game where you have the people do loads of jumps to get points. (Contributed by
372) You could choose how to do you hair in the morning. (Contributed by
373) Time would also go by indoors. (Contributed by
374) You could have multiple horses. (Contributed by
375) You could talk to people about things going on. Like there would be a list of things that are going on at your farm or with you social life to talk about. If you talked about a certain thing more than once, then the person could be like "You already told me that." (Contributed by
376) In the game I would make, instead of having the blue feather thing, there could actually be a ring. If you¹re a girl in the game, you wouldn¹t have to buy it! The guy would have to propose to you. The downside to being a girl would be getting pregnant, because you would have less energy. (Contributed by
377) You could ask you husband/wife to help you with the farm that day. (Contributed by
378) During the wedding, you could call it off. When the preacher says ³If anyone has anything to say why these two should not get married, speak now.² It would be cool if a guy/girl who loved you could speak up to ask for one last chance. (Contributed by
379) If Natsume ever made it so you could go on real dates, you could choose what you would want to do with them, like kiss them or hold their hand or something. (Contributed by
380) New people could move into the game and the village/town could get larger. (Contributed by
381) You could also name the villagers and they could have default names too. (Contributed by
382) You could choose what you want the villagers to look like. (Contributed by
383) The beginning story could be that you got grounded because you did something really bad and your dad sent you to work on a farm and then at then after the grounding is over, you can choose to continue on the farm, or go back to your city life. (Contributed by
384) If you don¹t refrigerate your food, within a few days it will go bad and if you eat it, you could get sick. If you gave people that moldy food they would get mad at you. (Contributed by
385) You could have hunting tools like in Zelda where you can shoot things with Arrows and you could have a sword too. (Contributed by
386) More interaction with things! Like instead of picking up berries, and apples, you could climb the tree or pluck them off the bushes. (Contributed by
387) For all this extra stuff we¹re suggesting, if it doesn¹t already fit into one disk, there could be multiple disks to continue the game you¹ve already made. (Contributed by
388) You could choose what century to live in. The earlier the century, the harder it is to farm because there aren¹t as many good tools and stuff. (Contributed by
389) You could trade animals with all HM games, like PS2 could trade with N64 or Game Boy. You could also convert your game saved game on another disk! Like HM64 upgraded to HM Back to Nature. (Contributed by
390) It would be cool if you had dreams every night and could see what Jack/Jill is dreaming. (Contributed by
391) There should be a fortune teller that tells your future. Like whether you¹re going to stay in the village, or a warning about Cliff leaving the village forever and other stuff like that. (Contributed by
392) I've got a new idea for HM. New animals you take care of. Not chickens or cows or anything but pigs or various kinds of birds for example. Or maybe also some new tools like a waterhose to water your crops or harvestmachine. (Contributed by
393) To have trees for different fruits like cherries,oranges,limes,tangerines,lemons,melons etc. Also to have cell phones to call people but you could only call them if they gave you their number and to have more than 1 dog to have like dog sled races and gambling for cash on races in games of cards as mini games and a mall for clothes shopping, and to have dressers to put clothes in, and you'd have to buy a washing machine dryer(or clothes line that you can make) and all that stuff and you have to eat like 3 times a day , pay bills personal hygiene, have longer days,you could buy a boat, private jet , your own pool jacuzzi combo and have real parties and be able to type what you want not the cheesy lines that they say. You should also be able to help out the carpenter,blacksmith,etc. for money and the more you help them the more you learn that skill and if you had max in lets say carpentry you could build your own extension and upgrade your own tools for blacksmith. Finally you should also be able to go to other towns and stuff and be able to go into forest and cut down trees worth like 100 lumber. (Contributed by
394) One word....Llamas! (Contributed by
395) You should be able to buy a tractor, and get special parts for it like a hoe, watering can etc. (Contributed by
396) More minigames! Maybe you could organize a baseball team or a fotball team and play every other saturday or somthing. Another thing is, when youre wooing a girl you can ask her to move in with you. If she has a yellow heart or higher, she will say yes. (Contributed by
397) You should also be able to have more plants to sell but, you'd have to go somewhere to get the seeds. So you could go to the nearest place that specializes' in growing tobacco, coffee, or cotton and you'd have the choice of paying for them, or stealing them and risk the chance of getting caught. If you get caught you stay in jail, you bail yourself out, or one of the villagers does.(This will teach people not to steal,like little kids)You should also be able to not just go fishing, go crabbing, catch lobsters, and seafoods which would all be worth a lot of money. Now changing the subject to animals, you should get to have a zoo in the village and you would be able to help out there, and the animal you like you take care of only that animal and if you do a good job the animal will have babies and if the zoo person thinks you did a good job you get to keep a baby. Imagine having a tiger or your favorite animal to protect your farm from all other animals that could have gotten lose from the zoo. You should also be able to have rams,bulls, and maybe bird that can fly like a pigeon to send messages to people but it would only send it to the right person if it had 10 hurts. You wouldn't kill the rams but there could be a little thing every saturday in town square and if you had time, and a strong ram , you could compete and what the game would be is rams fighting and the owner of the winning ram would get a lot of money maybe people could bet and if they lost their bet the money would go to the winner of the whole thing so if i was playing and won if cliff betted on someone elses ram against someone elses ram and if the ram cliff bet on won a match, but didn't win the championship match say against me , i would get the amount of money cliff bet. There should also be pigs and the bulls for bull riding you have to pay money to participate and say $10,000 was paid for all the people in it to participate the person that stays on the bull the longest wins the money but you'd have to train yourself and gain more balance by cut. (Contributed by
398) My idea for harvest Moon is that when it is a windy day, the trees should make noise and move, not just sit there like a dead rabbit. I mean, c'mon! Do trees REALLY just sit there when the wind has a horendous blow? I think that might be a glitch, but...oh well. (Contributed by
399) The new game should involve dialogue options: eg; You could choose to say to a girl you like, you look beautiful today, or what is your plan for the day stuff like that to make it exciting to play instead of Jack just listening to what they have to say which is the same dribble anyway. Also.....different crops, have your wife do chores, baby growing up to help you, more tv shows, phone of your own. And better cow & sheep handling its to hard and boring to brush and talk to your animals. Side quests for instance: Jack arrives on his first day and he talks to the mayor and asks if any jobs or little work he needs doing to get up on his way for the farm. Or help the goddess perform miracles. And have a movie like harvest moon for snes....when the girl liked you she had a movie had you had to help her and she loved your more for doing it....more festivals......better shop help like....when you buy flour and stuff pick how many you want to but instead of one...and in the recipe book have it dated so that it has some recipe you already know from growing up with your parents instead of finding it out.....i have heaps more but not the space to say them. (Contributed by
400) Your baby and dog can run away and you have police to help you find them. (Contributed by
401) It would be nice if there is some type of problem, like a fire on the ranch or someone is stealing your things like sheeps. It would be really cool if like one night you hear a sound outside and you go out with you dog and find out it's the robber than you grab your sickle and chase that bum towards the end of the forest and like sometimes you catch him and sometimes you don't and like let him attempt to do this like 3 times a week. (Contributed by

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