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Ideas for future HM


Ideas for a new Harvest Moon!

Don't you wish you could customize your own Harvest Moon game, or add ideas they would put in it! Send in your ideas for a dream Harvest Moon game and I'll put them up! There are 393 ideas, if you have any please send them in!

1)New girls, not just like the 5(ann, maria, etc.) and more, but totally new, different. personalities, and preferable 10 to choose from!
2)Different farm look, there would be a separate. barn for sheep and cows, and you could plant TREES on the farm, and bushes, and flowers that stay, and you could paint(and not just in SNES when it like automatically does it when you use it, you paint it yourself).
4)Different animals! Why can't their be like... goats, pigs and stuff? maybe not pigs for MEAT, but pets? and goat milk?
5)A tractor. If you save up like a lot of money and like other materials, you could get a tractor which you can ride on and you go over crops and it harvests them or cuts grass!
6)Different view of character. Sick of that overhead birds-eye view? This would be AWESOME! Just think, harvest moon in Zelda view? or possibly perfect dark or Goldeneye view(where u just see hands and tools, not body) or maybe switch between views?!?!?
7)MORE areas. You could go to the CITY! You could go on a place for a honeymoon! Even more places like a mountain lake!
8)More abilities! You could like, jump, SWIm(i really want that!) and other things!
9)More shops. Not just basic flower/tool, but CLOTHING stores, and stores you can buy jewelry for girls and a TOY store, and possibly a MALL!
10)You could advertise! You could like make up a magazine ad for your farm!
11)totally different characters! I'm sick of all the same people!
12)Actual dates with girls, like yea there's starry night, but like, you could actually ask the girl out and go to like dinner or something!
13)More part time jobs. Working at the vineyard, helping out at stores, etc.
14)You can pay your own bills. it will make the game more challenging and fun. Bills you could pay are Electric bills and Water bills. This would make the game much more realistic. (contributed by
15)You have to take baths and stay clean! (contributed by
16)When your wife gets pregnant, she actually looks pregnant. So she'd get a bulge in her stomach after a month, etc. Also the baby could be a boy or girl. (Contributed by
17)There could be a bank where you can take out a loan. (Contributed by
18)When your dog has puppies you can actually keep one. (Contributed by
19)You could hire farmhands that you would pay to help you on the farm and they would live on your farm. (Contributed by
20)You could have more than one baby. (Contributed by
21)You have to pay for baby diapers and bottles and stuff, and if you don't treat it well it can die. (Contributed by
22)The Story line shouldn't end after a certain number of years. Your relatives in another town could need your help on their farm and you could go there and meet new people, participate in new festivals, then return to your town and things would have changed and be different like characters and stuff. (Contributed by
23)Think virtual reality! No cheesy red lines, the whole deal! This would be awesome! (Contributed by ???)
24)In addition to number 16, you would have to give your wife gifts/presents and as you did her stomach would get larger and larger! (Contributed by
25)You can take boat trips to go to other islands, and a plane you could go on to go to somewhere like a Paradise island or something! (Contributed by
26)Harness Racing! Once you have a fully grown horse, buy a sulky for around 35,000G and when it is delivered to the farm, attach it to the horse. The harness race will take place in Summer 19. (Contributed by
27)There could be sprinklers that you set up and they water your crops at a certain time(you can have more than one). (Contributed by
28)You can ride a bike around so you don't have to run everywhere.(Contributed by
29)You could send out invitations to parties and only people you invite would come. (Contributed by
30)A clock, like the one from Zelda: Majora's Mask, but with features that tell you the current year, the current season, the current day, and what time it is. It will even have a built-in calendar. (Contributed by
31)The day after you marry your wife, she will wear a new dress. (Contributed by
32)It would be neat if you could easily purchase paintings,sculptures,and other neat things. (Contributed by
33)If you could move around building on your farm(where you want to place them) and furniture in your house. (Contributed by
34)If you could collect pets and animals from the wild(more variety in animals too) (Contributed by
35)Your child could grow older. In HM64 it stays a toddler even when its like 9 years old. (Contributed by
36)You could have different pets like a bird, goldfish or cat and you would have to feed them everyday just like your cows. (Contributed by
37)More extensions! You could customize your house. You wouldn't have all the extensions exactly the same in every game. You could have a room added on to a different side of the house or some thing. (Contributed by
38)Your wife wouldn't quit her job after you get married. (Contributed by White Wolf)
39)Instead of being a farmer you should be able to play a Doctor, or a priest or whatever. (Contributed by White Wolf)
40)You should be able to ride your horse all around the village and stuff. There would be like hitching posts at the stores so your horse wouldn't run off. (Contributed by
41)Instead of pushing your livestock into the barn, you should be able to like buy a halter or something and you go up to the cow or something, and you lead the cow into the barn. It would take a lot less time. (Contributed by
42)Your kid should grow up and help you on the farm. (Contributed by
43)If you type in a certain code or something, 2 different harvest moon games(say yours and your friend's) could hook up and you could go visit their farms and you could talk and stuff and you could help them harvest their crops if they need it. That would be so cool! (Contributed by
44)You could have phones so you could call like at your own house not only at the inn and you can call the girl you like and ask her out. also for buying off the home shopping channel and stuff. (Contributed by

45)Longer days. One minute our time would be one hour in the game(Like Majora's Mask). And not just 120 days like in HM64, but a whole year! 12 months, 30 days in each month. (Contributed by
46)You should have to bargain for the best prices of crops and have orders placed by villagers and such instead of having one buyer. (Contributed by
47)A multi player option, with a split screen, a second bedroom or a second dinky house to start with the option to upgrade both, shared bank account, shared lumber and crops and stuff. so the two of you could work together on the game. (Contributed by
48)If you could be drafted for jury duty, or possibly be sent/send a village or relative jail. Also if you sold tons of food in your first year you could get an award for stopping world hunger and you'd be able to go on a spaceship. Also maybe a charity fund that you can give to stuff so you can become better friends with the mayor and all the sentimental villagers! Giving to the charity could also help your "sin rate" go down! (Contributed by
49)You could trade and visit other towns, cities, and get more money for crops. (Contributed by
50) You could have more than ONE baby. (Contributed by
51) You could go to school to learn more about farming. This could improve the quality of your crops; therefore, increasing your money. (Contributed by
52) You could be able to build your house like on the Sims and have it exactly how you want, it would start the same though because whoever had the farm before had it that way. (Contributed by
53) You could have at least 3 kids before you got to old to have anymore and when your kids grew up they would marry your friends kids and move to a neighboring town (which you could visit). All but your first born would leave town, and when you died he would take over the farm and you would be able to control him. (Contributed by
54) Your pets would have mates, male or female. (Contributed by
55) Instead of chopping the same stumps down everyday there would be a forest and you chop down trees. Then you would chop up the fallen tree, also there would be a limit to how many trees you could chop down a day, and when you reached the limit then it would say "I better not chop anymore today". And when you return the next day, the places where you chopped down a tree there would be a new sprout and it would take a year for it to grow into a big tree. (Contributed by
56) You could have a restaurant-style business where you can make a menu, then villagers come in and order one of your recipes. Then you cook the dish and they give you money! (Contributed by
57) Maybe pigs can be used for meat, but you don't kill them. Instead you make piglets and sell them. (Contributed by
58) Instead of using magic potion, which isn't very realistic, you could buy a bull, a rooster, or a boy sheep to breed animals. (Contributed by
59) You could join local sports teams and play sports mini-games for money and fame! (Contributed by
60) WE could actually say something. Not like short one sentence options, but at the beginning of the game, you can edit what you can say at the end of the day or when an animal is born etc.. Like at the end of the day, you could say, "whew! Today was hard day of work!" or something like that. (Contributed by
61) There could be a farmer's market at the end of every season except winter. You could gather up anything you'd want to sell and sell all of them for more than the shipper pays you. Also, OTHER people can come to the farmer's market. Like your parents or even some old friends from the city! (Contributed by
62) New special events! Like the villagers set up a party just for you the day you first came to the village. Or an anniversary to remember the day you got married to your wife. Also, you can throw a big party for someone's birthday. (Contributed by
63) The best new feature would be that your dog's ball could be an item with your hammer and other stuff. It's so annoying because you lose it a lot anyway and this way it make more room in your rucksack. (Contributed by
64) Instead of having to read what the villagers say, there could be voice actors so you could hear them. (Contributed by
65) The villagers could actually acknowledge you and what happened to you after you have a hurricane and lose say, your greenhouse. (Contributed by
66) You could mow your lawn but you would have to buy a mower and you can either buy a riding one or a pushing one. (Contributed by
67) It would be cool if you could have a closet or something where you could change your clothes when you wanted to. (Contributed by
68) If you could build a swing-set for your child. (Contributed by
69) A computer and ebay so you can buy your kitchen stuff off the internet instead of having to watch TV and go to the Inn to call. (Contributed by
70) You should be able to beat up/fight the other villagers. (Contributed by
71) Your dog (when it is an adult) could help herd your Cows and sheep into the barn to make it easier. (Contributed by HeeroTomoe)
72) Like in real life, there could be girls/boys that would have "love at first sight". This could be a random thing, that you'd know if the girl's blushing the first time you see them. (Contributed by HeeroTomoe)
73) Instead of a tractor that harvests, a combine because tractors aren't made to harvest things, a combine is. (Contributed by
74) You would have to change your clothes and take baths or else your hygiene or something would go down and no one would like you, and if you were very clean and wore expensive clothing more people would like you. (Contributed by
75) You could workout and get strong or sit on the couch all day and turn fat (The stronger you are the better you work). (Contributed by
76) You should have a dresser and be able to change clothes when you want, or at least every person in town should change their outfit once a season. (Contributed by
77) You should be able to breed your animals with male animals. (Contributed by
78) A week of honeymoon vacation would be nice and maybe you could be paid a minimal wage of 100G while you're gone. (Contributed by
79) You could hold parties and festivals of your own with only the people you invite. (Contributed by
80) You could have multiple career choices or you could be extra help (ex: the bakery, garden centre, church, restaraunt in mountains, green ranch stables, vineyard, potions shop or even watch kids on saturdays and sundays when church doesn't have school). (Contributed by
81) You should be able tot talk by pressing the L1 button and using the joystick select a comment, a question or an answer. (Contributed by
82) If you lost or weren't accepted by the villagers, you could move to another town and start over. (Contributed by
83) You should be able to steal (ex: in BTN, at Yodel ranch they keep the cows/sheep outside and you could push them to your ranch then sell them back to him) and you could get a security system for your farm. (Contributed by
84) You should be able to buy firearms and hunt deer and bears. (Contributed by
85) You could butcher cows for meat, the pounds you would get depend on how old it is and if you treat it with love. (Contributed by
86) You could choose how tall you are, what color hair, what gender, what color eyes and your age. (Contributed by
87) You could buy a car and go to other cities and go on vacation. (Contributed by
88) You could buy more land for a larger ranch and you could hire professionals to make your farm go farther down into the ground (like the mine). (Contributed by
89) You could customize how you look, like your face and nose and stuff. (Contributed by
90) You could catch lobsters, crabs, clams, and oysters and sell them for money. They would also cost more than fish and be more rare. (Contributed by
91) You would have brothers/sisters/cousins/aunts/uncles and other relatives. (Contributed by
92) A different story than a dead grandfather thing. (Contributed by
93) You could have a video game set. (Contributed by
94) You could get on a boat and go to the city. Roll around in your 2002 Escalade. (Contributed by
95) You could have more money options than the usual 100 for corn and 90 for tomatoes. (Contributed by
96) You could set your own prices. (Contributed by
97) You could make the quality/size of your crops depending on how well you planted them. (Contributed by
98) You could have fertilizer to make crops better and bigger. (Contributed by
99) You could ask your friends or someone to go shop in the village with you. (Contributed by
100) Your friends could give you presents on your wedding and you can actually go to the party after words you get lots of pictures and the game goes on like 5 years! (Contributed by
101) Depending on which character you choose at the start, be it either the male or female farmer, you get to meet and make friends with the other character you didn't choose. (Contributed by
102) Buying a console and a PC for Internet gaming like replaying the mini games like in the GBC Harvest Moon 2, which I haven't played yet. (Contributed by
103) More new characters would be nice. (Contributed by
104) Being able to do even more, like leave the village sometimes and meet new people. (Contributed by
105) You could start out as a child for maybe 2 whole years being the age of 9/11 and going to school. (Contributed by
106) You could also raise the 'love' meter with girls or just be close friends with a boy. (Contributed by
107) It would be cool if it had been with school work. (Contributed by
108) You could choose if you'd be living with your dad in the city or your grandfather in the village. (Contributed by
109) You could save up a lot of money and open a store where you can sell stuff like foods you cook, milk, or stuff you harvest. (Contributed by
110) Instead of having the old sickle/hammer/plough you should be able to have a more modern collection of tools. (Contributed by
111) There should be a band stand that plays ever night on the beach in June from 6pm to 8pm. (Contributed by
112) You should have to go to church on Sundays. (Contributed by
113) Time should go slower than 5 seconds every 10 minutes. (Contributed by
114) The whole thing is set in an apartment building in the city. All the characters live in it and you have a roof top garden. (Contributed by
115) You could have an actually HP meter (not just stamina) so you would bleed and possibly get infect if you get bitten by a stray dog or something. (Contributed by
116) You could actually hurt people if you accidentally hit them with your sickle, axe, hammer, etc. (Contributed by
117) Double the number of characters. (Contributed by
118) They could make a more mature version of the game where a vengeful ex-boyfriend (if you were with Popuri, then Kai) might actually do stuff to you like attack you. You could also have meat livestock. (Contributed by
119) A larger town! (Contributed by
120) It would be cool if you could dress in different clothing. (Contributed by
121) Stones could be broken and could be used to make stronger buildings that are resistant to typhoons. (Contributed by
122) Instead of shipping items as usual and going to the market like in GBC3, you could have a little shop opened up just at the entrance of your farm and people could come and buy them and the business depends on your friendship with them and you could set your own prices but obviously there will be a minimum just in case you don't make any profit. (Contributed by
123) There should be a quadruple number of characters. (Contributed by
124) There should be 8 times the space of the town and instead of being called a "town" if the size of the "town" was 8 times larger it would be called a "city". (Contributed by
125) There should be a special device that you plug one end into a phone socket or anything that is connected to a phone socket then on the other end of the cord there could be a little LCD touch screen and a disk holster and you would get a screen where you could customize the game like on the Sims and recreate your house, your g/f's house and the whole town! (Contributed by
126) It would be cool if you could take a train to other towns and get a house/girl/farm/life there. (Contributed by
127) It would be cool if you could actually "play" and instrument like an ocarina, guitar or piano (with the buttons) rather than watching a cut scene of you playing. (Contributed by
128) Different looks for your kid! Like black, brown, or blonde hair. And green, gray, or blue eyes. It could be totally random. (Contributed by
129) Your baby should be able to be a girl!! (I mean, it's not that hard, just change the blue clothes to pink! And maybe give her pigtails if they could grow to like may's age.) (Contributed by
129) Your child should be able to grow up to like May and Stu's age and be able to go to school every morning! You could teach them to help you on the farm also. (Contributed by
130 If you have a lot of money you could have your own computer and buy extra bed covers, pillows, food, etc. (Contributed by
131) You get to control everyone and you get unlimited time to do it. (Contributed by
132) They should make a furniture store where you could buy couches and tables, etc.. (Contributed by
133) You should be able to have parties (Contributed by
134) You should be able to choose the breed of you dog and choose if your dog is a working dog or not. (Contributed by
135) If your dog is a working dog you could have it do work for you or work for the village and get paid. (Contributed by
136) If your dog's breed is an aggressive breed you should be able to have it attack someone(ex:Your rival). (Contributed by
137) Harvest Moon should be a multiplayer game, on the same system or online or multiple gaming systems linked together, that way you could help somebody with their farm, steal items from their game and put them on your own, steal their wife (or girlfriend),or marry them (if boy and girl). (Contributed by
138) There should be more food items to eat and to cook with. (Contributed by
139) You should be able to make your own recipes. (Contributed by
140) You should be able to control time (ex: how fast and how slow time goes). (Contributed by
141) You should be able to have different pets, live different places, and grow different plants. (Contributed by
142) You should be able to cross-pollinate plants.(ex: cross a pineapple with corn and get a new plant.) (Contributed by
143) There should be more dogs, all of different breeds, to mate with. (Contributed by
144) You could grow different kinds of crops, like iceberg lettuce and romaine lettuce. (Contributed by
145) They should keep the snes style and have time stop at 6pm so you could work as long as you like and the day doesn't change until you go sleep. (Contributed by
146) Harvest Moon: Online! Can you imagine? Instead of computer characters, you would have a town that consisted of REAL people. Have people who run their own shops, hired hands, and best of all, you could try and romance ACTUAL people. Not just give a flower to a computer once a day, but actually talk to them! This would probably work best as a PC version. (Contributed by
147) You could chose what breed or color your horse is and whether its a boy or girl. (Contributed by
148) You could have different types of cows chickens and sheep. Different breeds would have different kinds of milk wool or eggs. (Contributed by
149) You would be able to buy a girl dog and horse, and be able to breed puppies and colts. (Contributed by
150) If your wife was really annoying, you could get a divorce and marry someone else. (Contributed by
151) You could buy a computer and buy new tools and items online. (Contributed by
152) You could have a part-time job in winter; you could work in the store, help in the library or church, or help out in the doctors office. (Contributed by
153) You could have a cat AND a dog, and get to choose the breed of each. (Contributed by
154) You could breed kittens and give them to neighbors, or keep them for yourself. (Contributed by
155) In winter,you could take your sweetheart ice skating on the frozen lake. (Contributed by
156) You could buy a wardrobe thing and be able to change your clothes. (Contributed by
157) You could be able to romance all the Gilmore moms in town. They are still young and cute. Maybe Anna or Sasha would get mad at you for trying, but Manna doesn't seem too happy with Duke, and Lillia's husband is never around. Maybe they would like an affair with a younger man like Jack. The husband could get mad if he finds out, and the girls would be jealous because you're paying more attention to their moms than to them. (Contributed by
158) You could pay taxes for your farm like after the second year or something. (Contributed by
159) The town could have a pet store and you can buy as many pets as you want. (the pet store could have parrots, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, lizards, snakes, etc..) (Contributed by
160) You could build a REAL fence to keep your animals housed.(and the weather could not destroy it.) (Contributed by
161) A stable the size of the cow and sheep barn for horses! (Could breed them for farm work and racing!) (Contributed by
162) A 2-story house. With a private garden out back. (Contributed by
163) It would be nice to start from scratch, meaning have nothing than a dog and a horse, then, you have 2 years to build a home and whole farm. (Contributed by
164) a microphone connected to the console would enable us to talk to the animals and people. (Contributed by
165) have more stuff to use in the kitchen. (Contributed by
166) more different animals, like: goats + pigs and so on.... (Contributed by
167) a large barn for about 50 horses would be nice. (Contributed by
168) a tractor would make the farm work easier and more realistic. (Contributed by
169) a saddle-room behind the barn. (Contributed by
170) 3-4 more villages or cities. (Contributed by
171) horseback riding trips to the nearby woods with friends would be cool..... 172) when a saddle of a horse gets too small you need to buy a new one and fit it to the animals size. (Contributed by
173) a telephone to call for a cab, to get a lift to the airport and go for a short vacation to a friend farmer somewhere. (Contributed by
174) It would be nice to be able to plant trees or woods to chop wood easier. (Contributed by
175) Thunderstorm with electricity failure. (Contributed by
176) Kids like May should go to school. (Contributed by
177) More funny things should happen, like:someone falls off it's feet...... (Contributed by
178) Like in real life, you would take a shower in the morning, and you would have a big selection of clothes that you would have to buy, not just wearing the same old thing every day. (Contributed by
179) You should be able to change your clothes. And you should be able to buy new clothes. (Contributed by
180) There could be different trees like Oak trees and Redwood trees and if you cut them down and use a certain kind of wood for a fence then some are stronger than others (during a storm or something like that). (Contributed by
181) You should be able to choose from 3 (more than that would be better) farm layouts. (Contributed by
182) People should have random clothing layouts. (Contributed by
183) If people are in need of financial aid (like Karen's vineyard in HM64) you could give them money. (Contributed by
184) There should be game speech. (Contributed by
185) Girls would be harder to fall in love with and would be a little more rude at the start. And option things to say to them (such as "you look nice today!" or "Are you doing anything on Friday?" or something to make them mad like "Woah what's what you? Wake up on the wrong side of the bed?" or "Yes, that dress DOES make you look fat!") (Contributed by
186) You could Buy Sprinklers (sure they'd be expensive) that save A LOT of time watering your crops. It would be AMAZING. (Contributed by
187) You can Have family members like aunts.uncles,grandmas etc that come to visit you on your farm, also you can choose from 5 houses in the beginning of the game. (Contributed by
188) You can do more with horses, like breed them, train them and when they're older sell them for a tidy profit! (Contributed by
189) Those wild animals that are in the forests like birds and squirrels, you can keep them as pets. And if they had rabies, you would get sick and have to go to the doctor. You could also have your animals fixed so they don't have kids. (Contributed by
190) If your wife and kid could do things around the farm for you. Like your wife could take care of the flowers and weeds every day, and your son could take care of the animals, leaving you with just the rest. It would save a lot of time. (Contributed by
191) You could cook with the recipes you got and give them to your girlfriend or boyfriend. (Contributed by
192) You could have pigs and give away piggies to the townsfolk and/or girls to become friends with them (Contributed by
193) Idea #193 is too long to put here, so click Here to see it! (Contributed by
194) You could have a rodeo, win belt buckles, and raise rowdy rodeo bulls and horses! (Contributed by
195) You have to build extensions by yourself. Can buy things like smaller hammers, nails, saws, and hire people to help you. (Contributed by
196) The whole setup of the game changes after like 2 or 3 years. (Contributed by
197) Able to cross breed animals like a horse and a donkey and get a mule, a horse and a cow and get a corse/how or something like that. (Contributed by
198) Make it for pc so you can go online and play against or with other people, and if you want live in the same house on different floors. You would also have more button options like f1 would be use tool 1 (Contributed by
199) More TV shows like Looney Toons that and you could watch different shows for different times of day instead of watch one show a day. (Contributed by
200) It would be cool if they had a game that takes place on a tropical Island. (Contributed by
201) It would be cool if the town was big enough to get a car or at least a bike to ride around in. (Contributed by
202) It would be neat if they had a flashlight in the next one, it's kind of hard to see in STH. (Contributed by
203) Harvest sprites work again BUT, they'd have a special game in which you can be a sprite. (Contributed by
204) You can have more than one kid. Also, you can have both boys and girls, plus, you can have twins, triplets, etc. (Contributed by
205) Besides just raising dogs, horses, cows, and sheep, you can raise cattle, bulls, and pigs. With the bulls, you can go to rodeos which could be a new festival. (Contributed by
206) After you enter in your name and ranch name, it could ask you if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, and that could be A new Winter festival. If you chose Christmas, on Christmas Eve everyone in the village would go to the town square near the giant Christmas tree and exchange presents. On Christmas morning, you and your family (if your married) exchange presents under the tree in the family room. Afterwards, the villagers would come over for Christmas dinner. (Contributed by
207) It ought to be a multiplayer game, where two players are needed. In the game, they are twin brothers who were sent by their father to this big farm. The screen would be split screen and then they'd have their own ways of working in the farm. Then, they'd have their separate house but the income they make is combined. (Contributed by
208) How about if you could have a dresser or closet, and purchase new clothes at a clothing shop,and if your dressed properly for different occupations,people will like you more.Like, if you give a girl a girl a gift,and your in your tuxedo or suit,she will appreciate it more. (Contributed by
209) Wouldn't it be cool to hatch the eggs by putting a chicken on top of the egg! (Contributed by
210) You could have kids that grow up in like 5 years or so and they would help you work. (Contributed by
211) You could hire people to do part-time work for you! (Contributed by
212) You could ask girls if you want to go on a date. (Contributed by
213) Wouldn't It be cool if there was a swimming pool! (you could bring a girl there!) (Contributed by
214) You could have a room mate! (Contributed by
215) Why does every time your grandpa pass away why can't he just like live with you on the farm or something. (Contributed by
216) You should be able to buy a computer and get the internet and be able to type in the web address so you could buy stuff, have e-mail, order pizza, play games, download music on his mp3!!! and you would listen to the music when he has it on. sweet. (Contributed by
217) You could be arrested if you kill your horse or any animals. (Contributed by
218) You should also go through a questionarre at the beginning, with stuff like what color is your hair how long your hair is what color your eyes are and stuff like that so that you can play a person that looks something like you. (Contributed by
219) You should be able to ride your house outside your farm!! (Contributed by
220) You should be able to buy a backpack so you can carry more things. (Contributed by
221) Seriously! Giving people gifts does not make them like you! You should be able to take them on dates (No just on given days, you ask them out or they ask you!) (Contributed by
222) You should be able to choose what you look like. Whether your a boy or a girl, what colour hair, what length, what colour eyes, etc.. (Contributed by
223) You should be able to change clothes! You ever SLEEP in your work clothes. Like you can change into a dress for some festivals and shorts on a hot day! (Contributed by
224) MORE STORES!!! Like a clothing store, a super market, a candy store, a farming store, an animal store, a restaurant and lots of others. Instead of always having to go to the flower shop... or the Ranch... or... You know what I mean! (Contributed by
225) More people! There are like 15 people in the village, sometimes even less! Make more people, more girls and boys to "Woo" and that kind of stuff. (Contributed by
226) More Crops! Like Raspberries, Pumpkins, Blackberries, Blueberries, Rice, and lots of others! Also more flowers! Seriously! There are like 2 kinds of flowers! (Contributed by
227) Part time jobs! No "Get 10 mushrooms by Thursday" or anything! REAL jobs! Like you can work as a stable hand, at the flower shop of anything! (Contributed by
228) More Festivals and events (But more practical events). for events I mean "Oh, you broke your arm? Let me carry you home." The end! Make something more interesting! I'm not sure what really and more festivals. Keep the old ones and add more. You should also be able to actually "SEE" the "Stars" on the "Starry Night Festival" And the "Fireworks" On the "Firework Festival" Seriously! You go and lie down. for the fireworks the place you are lights up but they should set the view on the sky! It would be so much better! (Contributed by
229) You should be able to have more than one kid and it shouldn't ALWAYS be a boy! You should be able to choose what it wears and it SHOULDN'T wear those stupid suits! Who goes up to their kid and turns them into a mouse or a chicken?! If you play as a girl, you should be able to have a baby. Just a week before the baby comes out, you might want to take some time off work. That would be practical enough. It wouldn't affect your work too much. (Contributed by
230) You should be able to paint your house. It's always boring and brown! You should be able to paint it blue with white trim or Grey with white trim or whatever you want! (Contributed by
231) More extensions. Like you should be able to get a basement, an actual upstairs for maybe an extra bedroom or something. You should be able to decorate with more than a carpet and a vase. You should be able to hang paintings, pictures, wreaths. It would also be awesome if you could decorate for Halloween and Christmas and other festive occasions. (Contributed by
232) You should be able to have parties. You can invite your friends over for your birthday. You could buy refreshments and games. You could make invitations or buy them. It would also be awesome if you could be invited to parties, too. (Contributed by
233) They should have a list in the start menu of all the characters you can be friends with, and under the name it should have a meter or that 10 hearts thing to show your friends with them. (Contributed by
234) You could set traps in the forest and catch animals. Like, deer, racoons, black bears, brown bears, others.Once you have caught a male and a female you could breed them and sell them to the animal person for money.You could also keep animals like stock.Also, you could keep a ton of bears and release them near your arch-rival's house and hope the bear harms your rival.You could train the animals and preform a show with an admission fee.If you kept deer, you could slaughter them for meals.You could kill any animal you caught or owned and start a meat business. (Contributed by
235) You would have the choice of opening a few different types of shops or businesses(ex: Veterinary, Office Building), and you could get married and have a maximum of 5 kids. Once they're grown, they could help you with the farm work. They can become adults, and move out of the house and come back for visits. You don't have to play as Jack, you could play as Cliff, or Karen or anyone else. You could even buy paintbrushes and sell your paintings for $$$!!! The more you painted, the better painter you are!!! (Contributed by
236) Instead of having to read what the villagers say, there could be voice actors so you could hear them. (Contributed by
237) When your wife gets pregnant, she actually looks pregnant. So she'd get a bulge in her stomach after a month, etc. Also the baby could be a boy or girl. (Contributed by
238) Many islands with many shops and farms for a big competition. (Contributed by g.paolo.confalonieri@libero.i)
239) the town should be bigger!! A full playstation disk is about 650 mb. Harvest Moon BTN only uses about 100 mb. They could have added more!! (Contributed by
240) How about having the opportunity to chose to be married at the beginning of the game. (Contributed by GIjoeAKAng)
241) Hmmmmm..... I would really enjoy a brand spankin' new HM game where you got washed up on a tropical island with only a dog, some tools, and like, 5 or 6 other people (3 girls to marry, 2-3 shopkeepers- can't farm without them). It could be called "Harvest Moon: Survival Tales" and instead of money, you'd actually trade items with other villagers. How sweet would that be? At the end of say, 5 years, a big cruise ship could come find you. By that time you'd have enough of a farm to survive, and probably a wife and kids, so maybe you could choose to stay or go. If you went, everybody would go with you; if you stayed, everybody else would feel bad for you and stay with you (if they liked you O.o). (Contributed by
242) There should be a breeding mode. It could be where you can breed your dog have pups, put them in DOG SHOWS and race them. (Contributed by
243) A great idea for future HM is to choose a town, out of many, that u want to live in. You live there for about 3 years planting crops, tending animals etc. just like a few other HM games. but then, at the end of 3 years, all the towns come together in a big competition to see who is the best town and you have to take your town to victory to be the game. (Contributed by
244) I think it should be two-player, but ONLY after you're married. Then, on the main screen, it will have a two-player option available. The 2nd player would be your wife. (Contributed by
245) Hi! My name is Randi. My idea is that there should be a Harvest Moon Kid when you start out as a kid. You go to school and have a crush. You still work on a farm with your family. On your 1st day you get your 2 pets. You can be a boy or girl and their are a lot of people in the town(markets and events,too). (Contributed by
246) You could at Year 3,leave the village and get a Military job(like the USAF, USArmy USN, USMC ect,ect....). (Contributed by Anthony Davis)
247) You could actually change clothes! Choose them too. Your baby could grow up much faster and help you on the farm and so would your wife after at least a season of rest in her new household. You could have your adult horse take you and your wife on romantic carriage rides through the streets if they were wider. You could have an actual second floor and a bedroom for your child. A crib for the baby and toys for him as a toddler crawling. You could keep one of your puppies that your male dog created. If your wife had a pet at her house, she would bring it with her. In the Clinic or Hospital, the upstairs would be used as a birthing room where your son would be born. You could have a boy OR a girl baby! Once a day, you'd have to bottle feed your baby and change his/her diaper. You could have a game system like Playstation and your child could play Harvest Moon Back to Nature when he/she has grown older. (Contributed by
248) You should be able to drive things, like a tractor, bikes, mini plane and things like that. (Contributed by
249) When you start off, you should be able to create your own world like the sim city series, or the regular world. (Contributed by
250) You should be able to get in bar fights with out-of-towners. (Contributed by
251) The best thing would to be able to wrestle in the square, have a ring set up, have ppvs and champions. (Contributed by
252) Be able to build your own house and be able to paint things too. (Contributed by
253) There would be a computer game like Harvest Moon PC. (Contributed by
254) You should be able to actually date girls and they ask you question like a dating sim. Kind of like how it was done in "Thousand Arms". (Contributed by
255) New plot. I'm pretty sick of the same plot over and over and over. (Contributed by Pooka)
256) Different look in main character. (He's kind of ugly anyway.) (Contributed by Pooka)
257) More stuff to do. Like a mall or something where you can shop and stuff. (Contributed by Pooka)
258) Making the game more realistic. You stay in your clothes when you sleep and everything except in the hot spring! (Contributed by Pooka)
259) Different towns to go to. Maybe you can get a girl from another town and bring her to the village. Hey! You never know. (Contributed by Pooka)
260) (Warning, for you'll see) In BTN, your farmer (Jack, or whatever you decide to name him) can date men too! ^_^ (this is why the warning was there.) (Contributed by
261) Cliff could participate in the damn Swimming Festival. (Contributed by
262) The Harvest Goddess actually does something else besides give you a Power Berry and a scene with your girlfriend. (Contributed by
263) Karren and Duke could have a drinking contest. Chug, chug, chug, chug! (Contributed by
264) You could choose from a list of season-appropriate songs to play on your farm. -_- That Spring music is getting on my nerves. (Contributed by
265) Your little tyke could have accidents. "Honey, do you smell something?" (Contributed by
266) You could sell your recipes. Hey, what are bake sales for? (Contributed by
267) You can actually pick out books to read from the library. (Contributed by
268) There could be termites infesting your cozy little burg. Yeah, watch as everyone loses their house, their furniture, their wooden leg.... (Contributed by
269) You could actually eat the stuff your wife prepares for you on her birthday/ yuour birthday/ your kid's birthday/ your anniversary... (Contributed by
270) Louis could do something more useful for once. (Contributed by
271) At the begining of the game, the Mayor could show you around town. Before hedoes this, well you're still choosing boy/girl, ect, you could choose what boy/girl you like best. When the Mayor shows you this girl in the begining of the game, you and her will instantly fall in love, but you won't express it in front of the Mayor. You will just kind of blush and she will too. This will let you get married faster and bring you too(in my opinion) the most fun part of the game: Girls! (Contributed by
272) Hows about an adventure mode, where you can find new seed to grow rare crops for big money.
Here's how it would work, you would start the game and play it like ussaly, but when you went up to Mothers Hill where the flowers are there would be an opening in the fotest just on the north part screen. When you enter it it'll take you to like say the "Myst Forest"
There you would serach for seed and items to sell and use. And fight with monsters useing your tools. Your stamina would be your Hp. Everytime your bite -1 one steamina berry, the max ofcousre would be 10 stamina berry so you could only be bite 10 time. But instead of dieing it would be just like you overworked your self. (Contributed by
273) Have a boy or girl baby, I know it's probably been said a thousand times, and you'd think Natsume would get the idea... (note to self make natsume next stop.) (Contributed by 274) Be able to play as a boy or girl charactor. (Contributed by 275) Anime cut sence! Not just CG-cutsence 276) More crops, like wheat(harvested like grass, but not used as foder), soybeans and missalnuse berries (grapes, cherriess... ect) (Contributed by 277) Costumized cahartor looks, ie diffent stles (classic, new ag, jean and a t-shirt look with/out hat.) and selectable presonalities9this would make it esayt o get a long wiht some girls or not get along with them so esay. And so on... (Contributed by 278) Maybe a away to change the music up abit, you instead of having to listent to the smae music all the time. (Classic (normal game), rocklike style, contry like and so forth. (Contributed by 279) Internet play, help a friend or go head to head. That would rock! from 1(standalone) to maybe 10 players (mortal kombat HM style! :) There would have to be a girl/boy for each. Or if their of the oppiste gender the players them selves can marry! (Contributed by 280) There should be an online feature for the next harvest moon game. There could be virtual communities online and you could make friends with other people in your community. You could start a farm or run a business for the farmers. You could have the game run in real time and celebrate real holidays. You could visit your friends online farm too. (Contributed by
281) You could have a voice-recognition feature so you could tell people you hate hem or love them. (Contributed by
282) It would be cool if you could build your own town and be able to go online and visit other peoples towns or villages. (Contributed by HMDude
283) There'd be some natural disasters like a plague, draught, blight, floods and many more. (Contributed by
284) Instead of lumber, you could collect other things for your house extensions (using wood to make the greenhouse is totally unrealistic). (Contributed by
285) Your farm could be destroyed by pests and you'd kill them by using pesticides. (Contributed by
286) Instead of using magic potion, you could call the vet to check your animals when they're sick. (Contributed by
287) There's another ranch that would be your competition and you could plunder/sabotage their farm. (Contributed by
288) On the 25th of Winter, santa will come and give presents while you're asleep. (Contributed by
289) Animal droppings could be used as fertilizer and you could use them to increase the quality of your crops. (Contributed by
290) You could buy soil. Different crops need different types of soil. (Contributed by
291) In the town, there's not just a church but a synagogue, mosque, temple, etc. and if you feel like it, you can convert to a religion...or not. You can be atheist! And there would be people of different religions in the town! (Contributed by
292) And depending on what religion you pick(or don't pick) there are different holidays. If the townspeople have different religions they celebrate those while you celebrate yours. (Contributed by
293) And if you picked Islam as a religion, your character stops and prays five times a day, and gets a little less stamina during Ramadan(the holy month) because he/she fasts during the day! Then at night they have a big feast and party until the month is over! (Contributed by
294) You should be able to pick if your a boy or girl. If your a girl, you can still CONTINUE your game once you get married. Also, you can pick what your hair looks like, what you were, and stuff like that! (Contributed by
295) People that meet you should make a comment that lets you know how tired you are or how tough you became with hard working. (Contributed by
296) People get used to hard work, so your total stamina should grow up by using a tool so much. (Contributed by
297) Girls should have a basic attraction for Jack, starting with a random heart color up to blue when they meet him first time and even actions far from them should affect their affection level (for example, if you catch a superfish, if you become rich, if you plant flowers in your farm, if you go often to bar, etc.). Also girls shoulds get bored from same item. They would be glad to receive it the first few times, then the gift loses a step of attraction for a while. (Contributed by
298) You could choose who you want to be. First you could choose if you want to be male/female and then you would choose which male/female character you wanted to be like in HM:STH you could be Lyla and then you would run the flower shop. (Contributed by
299) I think we should be able to write letters, cook, and have a square in the top-right corner of the screen that has a digital clock and the date. (Contributed by
300) You wouldn't be confined to Flower Bud Village; you could go on big treks to get new animals, objects, plants, girls etc. in the Other Villages, the City, the Great Wilderness and the Exotic Lands (which are the Arctic, the Islands, the Desert and the Jungle). Before you leave on trips you have to have enough money to hire people to work the farm while you're away and, if necessary, buy boat/train/plane tickets (but if it's close by you can ride your horse). Also you would have to buy a suitcase for about 5000 G which you would fill with food and appropriate clothes, maps, etc. (Contributed by

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