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Ok well, I was sitting here and started thinking, a lot of the characters are related in the different versions of the games! Here I'm going to tell you how/what their relationships are! I have "family trees"(images) and then will describe how it is found out!

NOTE: Some of these family trees incorporate ideas from both HM64 and BTN. For Example, Gotz is Karen's dad in HM64, but not in BTN, or Stu is Elli's brother in BTN but not in HM64! Just bear with me!

Karen and Cliff's Family Tree

Karen and Cliff, if you don't know, are cousins(At Least in HM64). They both have the distinct blonde hair, and they both talk about their grandmother. Karen even at one point says something like, "I guess that's makes us cousins"(talking about Cliff). Also, Karen sort of replaces Eve in the HM series, both work at a bar(again this is in HM64). And if Eve is their grandmother, this means that Eve's Grandpa is their great grandpa, so this is a big family tree. One drawback to this is....if your grandpa marries Eve, and Karen is her grand -daughter, that'd be like marrying your...cousin, yech. But then again, marrying into Karen's family also means Cliff is part of your family too!

Elli's Family Tree

Elli's family tree is limited, but it's interesting. Elli in the game BTN has Stu as her little brother. Elli has no known parents, but stays with her grandmother, conveniently named Ellen. Knowing your Harvest Moon history, this was one of the original girls who Elli looks like a lot! Duh, They cleverly put Ellen into the new games! Sad thing is, at least in HM64, you can't become really good friends with her, or else she dies. Also, Ellen's parents in the SNES game are the town "drunk" and the Restaraunt owner, so those are Elli's great grand-parents!

Popuri's Family Tree

Popuri's family tree is very obvious! Basil and Lilla are her parents(In HM64 at least) and Rick is her brother(in BTN, remember I'm mixing and matching here). Well obviously she is related to Nina. I mean pink hair doesn't just pop up! Lillia is Nina's daughter, Popuri is Lillia's daughter, so that makes Nina's mom Popuri's great-grandmother. Also that makes Nina's mom Rick's great-grandmother too(even if Rick will eventually be included in Ann's family tree). It's pretty obvious, although they don't say anything about Nina or her mom, the pink hair gives us a huge clue!

Ann's Family Tree

Ann's family is also one that is easily figured out. You find out in HM64 that Ann is Gray's sister. They also mention that Rick is their cousin! Obviously Jeff is their dad(dad for both Ann in PSX and 64!) and it is unknown who Rick's parents are, but that doesn't really matter. Someone told me that Ann said something about her grandmother being an inventor, and that's what Ann in SNES was, an inventor! So that makes Ann from SNES Ann, Gray and Rick's grandmother. And therefore Ann in SNES's dad is their great grandfather!

These are all I have time to make, soon I'll have a family tree for Ann and possibly Maria, and any other character with relations in the past games!

Use of these images or information is strictly forbidden. Don't bother stealing it I'll find out.

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