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I spent almost an hour digging through my Nintendo Powers for even a SENTENCE about Harvest Moon! Please, I know these aren't MY articles, but I spent much time searching for them, so please like, ask me before just copying down this page or something!

Harvest Moon SNES
Harvest Moon GBC
Harvest Moon 64
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
Harvest Moon: Save the Homelands
Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life

Nintendo Power(Volume 91, December 1996)

Article Name:Shine on Harvest Moon
Page Number: 103
Article: Natsume's success with a Japanese Super Famicom game called The Meadow Story in which players operate a farm and raise a fmily has been so great that it is going to be released here in North America. Thanks to Power editor Terry Munson, the game will be called Harvest Moon in North America. Yes, your Power staff even names games from other companies! Talk about power! Anyhow, this unique RPG takes place over a two and half year game period in which you must make your farm a success while wooing a local lass, marrying her and raising a child. In addition to the kid, you also get to raise crops, cows and your total amount of Happiness Points. Therein lies the goal, for players try to obtain ever higher Happiness levels in order to get better game endings. Harvest Moon is scheduled to be translated and out the door for its North American release by this February. Although it sounds a bit strange, Japanese gamers have been heading down to the farm in impressive numbers over the past few months.

Nintendo Power(Volume 92, January 1997)
Article Name:Harvest Moon
Page Number:106
Article:Animal Farm? Yeah, kind of. Our Epic Center editor is back with the goods on Harvest Moon, a Japanese farm sim that requires your brain power to manage crops and cattle, raise a family, and amass a heap of Happiness Points. Like most sims, it's harder than it seems!
Note:This was in the Coming Next Issue section in the back that is why it is so short!

Nintendo Power(Volume 93, February 1997)
Article Name:Harvest Moon
Page Number: 52
Article: This article is more of a preview. I am not going to type all that is in it, but I can tell you the sub-titles and stuff. It is two pages of previews. The sub-titles are A realistic RPG that's down-home fun, Thar's plenty of chores every day(Rise and shine, Milk the cows, Harvest crops, Power shopping, Social call?, Chicken feed, Explore nearby, Burn the midnight oil, Sweet Dreams) , Build your farm, not your levels,(Spring, Winter, Summer, Fall). So basically it is a preview of the game, I will try to get a pic of the pages, just so you can kind of see what I'm talking about!

Nintendo Power(Volume 94, March 1997)
Article Name:Harvest Moon
Page Number: 54
Article: This is six pages of sort of a strategy guide. Here are the sub-titles, Moo-ving to the country, Life in the heartland(Your farm, Town, The mountain), Make the most of your day(Clear your land, Work until you drop, Plow your fields, Plant your crops), The barnyard basics(Hay hay hay, The pecking order, Cattle Care), Pick of the day, The dating game(Social calls, Your prospects, Remodel your house, Seek your fortune, Love and marriage, Don't work late), Legends and other tall tales(The little people, Make a wish, The beanstalk, Something fishy) and an Annual Festival list. It tells just basically what the game is, and some tips on how to play! I get most of my information for my pages from this so i don't need to type all of it!

Nintendo Power(Volume 94, March 1997)
Article Name:(Now Playing) Harvest Moon
Page Number: 96
Article:Can you find happiness down on the farm? Harvest Moon will help you find out.
If you think milk and eggs come from cartons, then you might learn a thing or two from Natsume's unique RPG/Simulation called Harvest Moon. Imagine that you are a young farmer just getting started. You want to raise crops, make money, woo a young woman and start a family. That's a tall order to fill even in the best of circumstances, but in Harvest Moon you have just two years in which to make your dreams come true. On most days, you'll rise with the sun, slave in your fields and woods until dusk, then crash. But on special days you'll head into town, hang out, buy supplies, animals, seeds, etc... and go to festivals. Much of the game involves tasks such as watering crops or cutting down trees, but part of the fun comes from seeing how this work pays off. With a limited time to accomplish all of your goals, you must focus on efficiency. The courtship element of the game reflects the disproportionate percentage of video gamers who are male. (There's no gender option.) Harvest Moon may sound a lot like PC simulations like Maxis's SimFarm, but the RPG element really adds something. This is not an economic sim, but rather a race against time, the weather, your own learning curve and events. If you succeed, with a little help from this month's Epic Center review, you could become the lord of the manor.

Nintendo Power(Volume 95, April 1997)
Article Name:(Counselors' Corner) Harvest Moon
Page Number: 84
Article: In Counselors' Corner, people ask questions about games, and counselors answer them!
Question One: Why can't I buy livestock?
Answer: The clerk at the livestock store won't sell you chickens or cattle unless you have enough grass growing in and around your fields. The amount of hay you have is not measured by the pile stacked in your silo or how much feed you buy at the store. The clerk keeps track of the number of grass squares you have growing around your farm. Remedy your purchase problem by buying and planting more grass seed during the spring, summer or fall.
Caption One: The clerk behind the counter at the livestock store won't sell you animals that you can't feed.
Caption Two: Plant more grass and store your hay inside the silo until the clerk decides that you have enough feed.
Question Two:Why can't I milk my cows?
Answer: There are several reasons why your cows might not produce milk. If you've just bought your cow from the store, you won't be able to milk her for at least 21 days, and only then if you take care of her every day. You must feed, brush and talk to your cows once a day. The happier your cow is, the more milk she'll produce. If you're worried about time, don't sweat it-time stops whenever you step inside the cattle shed. You'll also need to keep your cattle out of the rain and away from your moles in your field. One final tip: you need the milking machine before you can milk your cows. Look for the device on sale at your local General Store for a whopping 1800G.
Caption One: It takes 21 days of brushing and feeding your store-bought cow before she produces milk.
Caption Two:If you brush and talk to your cow every day, she'll gradually produce larger quantities of milk.
Caption Three:Don't forget to buy the milking machine for your cows. You'll find it for sale at the General Store.

Nintendo Power(Volume 96, May 1997)
Article Name:Strategy:Harvest Moon
Page Number: 54
Article: This is another long article. It is a Strategy Guide for becoming a millionare. I will eventually type this up and all, but not now! It tells you what you can do to get a lot of money, and even gives a practically day-to day guide of what to do to become a millionare!

Nintendo Power(Volume 95, April 1997)
Article Name:The Harvest is In
Page Number: 104
Article:Natsume's success with last year's suprise RPG hit, Harvest Moon, has prompted the publisher to bring a Game Boy version of Harvest Moon to North America for release this spring, probably April or May. In the case of this game, its appearance on Game Boy doesn't mean that it's smaller. In fact, the game has you doing more additional characters, and more complexity than the original Super NES game. One major change is that you can play the role of a man or woman. You can choose a cat rather than a dog, whish we suppose is particularly useful if you have mice in the barn. With excellent graphics, hours and hours of game play, and a solid reputation, this new Harvest should be the best ever. Thanks, Natsume.

Nintendo Power(Volume 111, August 1998)
Article Name:(Now Playing)Harvest Moon
Page Number:99
Articles:Reap the rewards down on the farm.
Graphics-Most of the graphic elements work well, even on the small Game Boy screen, but it can be difficult determining the condition of some of your crops. The look is very close to the original Super NES game, minus the color, of course. Animation is simple.
Play Control-Most commands can be selected with the A Button and Select, and the most difficult task is lining up your character to use a tool on a particular area.
Game Design-There's an awful lot to do in Harvest Moon:clearing land, planting, watering, harvesting, visiting the harvest elves, expanding your house and farm, caring for farm animals. Much of the day-to-day action is repetitive, so you'll really need to have a strategy in order to accomplish all the work that must be done. The new trading feature will be cool if you have a friend who also has a copy of the game.
Satisfaction-If you like RPGs and strategy games, you may be suprised by Harvest Moon's depths. It's not for everyone, but we're already looking forward to the N64 version next year.
Sound-Some of the sounds are very useful, giving you extra feedback about your activites. You can turn down the music without losing the useful background sounds.
Comments-Terry-Unlike the first Harvest Moon, this game lets you play beyond the ending, so you can farm out.
Overall Rating: 7.2
Graphics: 7.4
Play Control: 6.8
Game Design: 7.6
Satisfaction: 7.4
Sound: 6.0

Nintendo Power(Volume 110, July 1999)
Article Name:Harvest Moon GB
Page Number:48
Article:This is a walkthrough type article. It tells stuff about clearing your land, tips on planting, item list, list of stuff that revives energy, and information and suggestions of what to do for each season(Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) and crops and events.

Game Moon 64
Nintendo Power(Volume 118, March 1999)
Article Name:Down on the Farm
Page Number:126
Article: Natsume recently sent us a Japanese version of Harvest Moon 64, which is now being translated for the North American market. Features of the new HM include a larger world, multiple views, tools that power-up with frequent use, part-time jobs, horse and dog racing, new farm animals and vegetables, and over 50 characters. Players will also be able to customize their houses and oo more potential mates. If city life is getting too hectic for you, you'll be able to move back to the farm some time this summer.

Nintendo Power(Volume 126, November 1999)
Article:Harvest Moon 64
Page Number: 34
Article: This is another long article. It is a tips guide for HM64. It has different things about clearing your land, harvesting, animals, the village, the neighborhood, girls, each season(crops, mountain gathering and festivals for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) and that's it!!!

Nintendo Power(Volume 126, November 1999)
Article:Harvest Moon 64
Page Number: 126
Article:Farming has never been so much fun.
Graphics:Natsume did an excellent job of creating a 3-D world for the latest Harvest Moon. The crops and animals give visual clues as they develop. Even though the cute graphics aren't very realistic, they seem perfectly suited to the game.
Play Control:Play control is generally good, but there are a few things that seem awkward. Positioning your farmer precisely with the control stick is difficult.
Game Design:Like the original Super SNES and Game Boy HMs, HM64 is open-ended and has a time limit for reaching the best ending. Players are given almost total freedom to turn their inherited farm into a grand enterprise and to make relationships with other characters in the game. The scope of HM64 is even greater than in the original.
Satisfaction:Although Harvest Moon isn't for everyone, players who enjoy simulations and RPGs should eat it up.
Sound:There are nice effects such as the sound of rain, but the music gets tedious.
Comments:Scott-This is a game that grows on you. There are more ways to make money and more information on how to farm than in the original games.Kyle-No guns, no aliens, no bovine growth hormone. One of my all-time favorites.Sonja-Some players won't have enough stamina to keep up with it.
Overall Rating:8.2
Play Control:8.0
Game Design:8.7

There are online articles for Harvest Moon:Back to Nature and I have found one in a PSX magazine!. So I am going to just link to them! I am also going to subscribe to Game Informer so I can get any articles on Harvest Moon from the magazine!

100% Independent PSM Playstation Magazine(#41 January 2000)
Article Name:Harvest Moon:Back to Nature
Page Number: 48
Article:Who would've ever conceived of the idea of putting two distinctly different activities, farming and gaming, together into one game? Natsume did, and the suprising thing about it is that Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, a game that's part simulation, part pseudo-adventure, and a bit RPG, is incredibly engrossing, for the right kind of player. A runaway hit in its homeland of Japan, the Harvest Moon series has always banked on appealing to more adventurous gamers willing to put in the time and effort in order to discover a unique blend of gameplay that can only be found in the sim genre.
Like any good sim, Harvest Moon hoards a lot of complex gameplay and resource management that will keep even the most dedicated gamer busy for weeks on end. One of the central elements of the game actually forces you to socialize with the locals while getting to know any of the several lovely ladies in town. Depending on how you handle yourself throughout countless encounters with the townspeople, you'll have more success or less success in your goal of repairing and running your farm.
The overall result is on addictive game that immerses you in a world filled with schedules and chicken feed. Gamers with low tolerance for time-intensive or repetitive tasks, will definitely want to look elsewhere. But for those who were drawn in the sim elements of games like Tecmo's Monster Ranch, you'll be able to overlook some of the seemingly mundane and tedious tasks to unearth the gem that lurks within Harvest Moon:Back to Nature.
-Francesca Reyes

PSM FINAL SCORE- 7/10- GOOD. While not exactly the game of choise for survival horror fans or first person shooter fiends, this is one series that is guaranteed to keep on giving if you're a sucker for sims or nice titles.

100% Independent PSM Playstation Magazine (#52 December 2001)
Article Name: Harvest Moon
Page Number: 46
Game: Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
Article: From SNES to PS2, Harvest Moon has been a series that has endured across numerous generations of consoles. And for a string of games based around farming and tending to a ranch, that's a really good stretch. But for any gamer curious enough to try their hand at raising animals, getting to know townspeople, and tilling some serious soil, Harvest Moon is unparalleled. The latest incarnation of the series, Save the Homeland, is by far the best of the bunch.
With a wonderfully updated look from its 2D, sprite-based predecessors, Save the Homeland now takes place in a fully 3D world, with a cel-shaded look fashioned after games like Sega's Jet Grind Radio. It's a whimsical style that perfectly suits the expanded gameplay.
As a young man who suddenly inherits his grandfather's farm on the outskirts of a small town, players are in charge of finding a way to save the area from being turned into a theme park. You're encouraged to build relationships with townspeople and master other tasks outside of mere farming. These succeed in making HM more of a role-playing experience than a simple resource management game. It's addictive, unique, and there's plenty to do and discover throughout the adventure. And, with multiple endings, you'll want to try it more than once.
Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland might not appeal to everyone, but for those willing to think outside the box a wonderfully rewarding experience awaits, and we wholeheartedly recommend giving it a shot.
-Francesca Reyes

VERY GOOD. While it's not for everyone, Save the Homeland serves as a great example of how rewarding niche gaming can be.

Nintendo Power V195 (September 2005)

Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life
Rating: 7.5
Platform: Nintendo GameCube
Publisher: Natsume
Developer: Marvelous Interactive Inc.
ESRB: Everyone
As Harvest Moon grew up and entered the realm of 3-D with last year's A Wonderful Life, it also became more realistic and less mechanical. I've always quite enjoyed the repetitive nature of Harvest Moon games, so a more natural world was hard for me to embrace. At the same time, A Wonderful Life had the most-interesting characters of any HM game to date. That aspect is carried over in Another Wonderful Life, a remake of the original GCN game but now with a girl as the main character. Whether you're male or female, you'll be both fascinated and creeped out by Forget-Me-Not Valley's bizarre inhabitants. In addition, the remake has some minor improvements, including the ability to continue playing from where the previous game ended. - Andy M.

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