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Now, HM64 and BTN are my favorite hm games. They have great graphics, a lot of fun things to do and a whole lot more! I'm going to compare them here, so if you aren't sure which one to buy(assuming you don't have either, which most of you have both!), this might help you!

Category HM64 HM:BTN Winner
Crops Many crops in this game, so you have a variety to choose from! Whoah! Talk about numerous crops! This has so many, you'll have many ones to choose from! HM:BTN
Characters The characters have different personalities, but seem pretty much like robots. Although, these characters do have robotic personalities, you can sort of go deeper into the character, learn more about them and interact with them more(birthdays, etc.) HM:BTN
Animals HM64 marked the beginning of Sheep in the game. Also the horse had more of a role. The same animals as 64, but now the dog starts as a puppy, you can have many more livestock and you can breed FISH! HM:BTN
Graphics The graphics seemed a little too kiddish, and were not very detailed, although they were cute and just fine as they are. Much more detail was put into things like grass, trees, water, and even the roads in town. You can tell they put a lot of effort into this. They also translated the text on signs(like the Poultry Farm on the house). HM:BTN
Extra Things to Collect HM64 had it all, power berries, photos, and also recipes! Sort of limited in this department, although you can't collect photos, you can collect power berries and recipes, and you can actually COOK the recipes if you have a kitchen! TIE
Shops This game had many new shops, and a lot of places in town. A lot more shops, although they didn't have seperate shops for seeds, but they have a supermarket where you can buy a lot, and the blacksmith, winery, inn and other shops are great! HM:BTN
Loading Time Very short loading time, which made the game very quick.This is traditional from N64. One very annoying characteristic of PSX, the loading time is very slow. Going from screen to screen takes up too many seconds, but it doesn't take too much from the game. HM64
Saving System N64 had a nice quick, automatic saving system when you "wrote" in your diary. Itt takes a long time to save(a few minutes) because you have to load the memory cards, wait while they load, wait while it saves, etc. If your playing for a prolonged period of time, saving becomes very tedious. HM64
Music This music gets extremely annoying if you play for multiple hours at a time. It's cute at first, and it's always cute, but it gets a little annoying. This music keeps some cuteness, but has become less annoying. It sounds like Natsume wanted a different sound, and I'm glad they changed it, I love it! HM:BTN
Animation The animation in this game is what can be expected, but again the characters act like drones. If you are in an area with a character, and it's their "time" to be somewhere else, they won't leave, they'll just appear there when you leave that area. Also some animations(like chopping wood) sometimes actually froze the game. Very quick animation, but at noon and 6:00(when the bell rings) you sort of freeze for a second, but then you get back to what you were doing. Also characters move in real time, so if they are supposed to leave an area and you are there, they will walk off the screen! And, they do it VERY fast. HM:BTN
Controls Very easy to use, you can run diagonal, and the control stick worked perfectly. The buttons were easy to remember also. When I first played this, I had a lot of trouble making my character run around. There's no way to go diagonal, and they take some getting used to. But the R and L buttons are good(no more opening up your rucksack to get crops out!). You do eventually get used to them though. TIE
Home Expansions Many expansions to choose from, and a lot were cheap. The greenhouse was awesome though! Only a few expansions(5), but they are relatively cheap. The Hot-house(greenhouse) is very small though, but expensive, but the Kitchen is what everyone wants! TIE

Well, according to this, here are the results!
Harvest Moon:Back to Nature!

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