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In order for a farmer to maintain a successful business, they must utilize certain tools to plant seeds, water them, and harvest them. The following is a list of items and tools you will come across in Tree of Tranquility, along with their cost and a description of how or where to obtain them.

Side Note: The Axe, Fishing Rod, Hammer, Hoe, Sickle and Watering Can are all tools you will receive for free and that you must use in order to work on your farm. Each of these items can eventually be upgraded at the Blacksmith or General Store for a price. For more information on upgrading your tools, see the Tool Upgrades page.

Name Cost Description
Axe Free You receive the axe from Bo and Luke when you meet them for the first time in the Praline Forest.
Fishing Rod Free You can obtain the fishing rod for free from Toby when you meet him on the beach. You can meet him as soon as the day you move into your new home.
Hammer Free You receive the hammer for free the first time you meet the local Blacksmith, Owen.
Hoe Free You will receive the hoe from Craig following the tutorial period. You use the hoe to till the soil in order to plant seeds.
Sickle Free You receive the sickle when you first visit the Brownie Ranch. In order to reach the Brownie Ranch District in the Spring, you need to level your hammer up to Level 3 Experience and then destroy the boulder between the Ganache Mine District and Brownie Ranch District.
Watering Can Free You will receive the watering can from Craig to use in his Farming Tutorial while you are at Souffle Farm.
Animal Medicine 600G Purchase at Brownie Ranch. Use this when one of your animals are sick to help them recover.
Brush 1200G Purchase at Brownie Ranch. Use this daily to brush your animals and increase their affection toward you.
Milker 1500G Purchase at Brownie Ranch. Use on adult cows to milk them once a day.
Shears 1200G Purchase at Brownie Ranch. Use on adult sheep that have a full coat to shear off their wool.
Bell 750G Purchase at Brownie Ranch. Use outside to herd animals back into their barns.
Saddle 2400G Purchase at Brownie Ranch. Attach to horse in order to be able to ride it.
Horse Miracle Potion 2700G Purchase at Brownie Ranch. Use on an adult horse to impregnate it.

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