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Keeping with the tradition of Harvest Moon, Tree of Tranquility features a variety of Festivals that occur throughout the year for you to participate in. The following is a list of the festivals and what goes on at each.


Flower Festival

Date: Spring 10th
Hours: 9am-5pm
The Flower Festival is the first festival you will experience on Waffle Island. Local villagers set up stands at the festival to sell their goods, in particular flower and herb seeds (it is the Flower Festival after all). If you arrive before 4pm, you can speak to Gill to unlock the Bug Catching Mini-Game (see Mini-Games for more information).


Anissa's Stall

Item Price Season
Begonia Seeds 75G Summer
Happy Fertilizer 225G Any
Hyacinth Seeds 75G Spring
Lavender Seeds 75G Spring
Lily Seeds 120G Summer
Tulip Seeds 90G Spring
Red Perfume 315G ---
Blue Perfume 1815G ---
Yellow Perfume 240G ---

Ruth's Stall

Item Price Season
Green Herb Seeds 105G Spring
Yellow Herb Seeds 120G Winter
Blue Herb Seeds 120G Spring
Red Herb Seeds 135G Fall
Purple Herb Seeds 135G Fall
Green Herb 45G Spring
Yellow Herb 60G Winter
Blue Herb 105G Summer
Red Herb 75G Fall
Purple Herb 80G Fall

Flea Market

Date: Spring 22nd
Hours: 9am-5pm
The Flower Festival is the first festival you will experience on Waffle Island. Local villagers set up stands at the festival to sell their goods, in particular flower and herb seeds (it is the Flower Festival after all). If you arrive before 4pm, you can speak to Gill to unlock the Bug Catching Mini-Game (see Mini-Games for more information).


Maya's Stall

Item Price Style
Cutting Board 3000G Gorgeous
Pot 3750G Gorgeous
Frying Pan 3300G Gorgeous
Oven 4050G Gorgeous
Mixer 2700G Gorgeous
Aging Pot 3650G Gorgeous
Rice Ball 60G ---
Grilled Yam 165G ---
Ostonnaise 480G ---

Simon's Stall

Item Price
Pontata Root 225G
Red Herb Seeds 135G
Decent Wool Yam 375G
Apple 225G
Glass 45G
Plain Omelet 240G
Bamboo Shoot 315G

Candace's Stall

Item Price Type/Color
Cosmos 75G Flower
Snowflake Flower 120G Flower
Trend 3600G Blue
Trend 3900G Red
Trend 4200G Yellow
Trend 4500G Green
Trend 4800G Purple
Cute 3600G Blue
Cute 3900G Red
Cute 4200G Yellow
Cute 4500G Green
Cute 4800G Purple

Animal Festival

Date: Spring 28th
Hours: 9am-5pm
The Animal Festival is a celebration of animals and includes villager-run stalls as well as a contest. It is worth visiting the stalls because you can often find items that you won't find for sale at any other time of the year. To enter the Animal Festival contest, speak to Cain before 4pm and the oldest animal on your farm with the highest affection (heart) level will automatically be entered. Winners are anounced at 5pm and you can win one of three prizes. First place is 120 fodder or feed, second place is 30 fodder or feed, and third place is 10 fodder or feed. If your animal has 10 hearts you will be guaranteed a prize, although not necessarily first place. You will receive feed as a prize if you enter a chicken, duck or silkworm, and fodder otherwise.


Hanna's Stall

Item Price
Perfect Mayonnaise 255G
Perfect Cheese 360G
Perfect Butter 315G
Good Wool Yarn 465G
Good Flax Yarn 540G
Good Silk Yarn 1050G

Renee's Stall

Item Price
Stew 675G
Cheese Omelet 435G
Pancake 885G
Mushroom Gratin 675G
Yogurt 345G
Very Berry Jam 210G
Marmalade Jam 495G
Apple Jam 630G


Ocean Festival

Date: Summer 7th
Hours: 9am-6pm
The Ocean Festival is the first festival of the Summer and takes place at Cream Beach. Villagers open stalls as usual for any festival, and at 7pm there is a fireworks show to enjoy. The Ocean Festival Mini-Game is also available on this day, simply speak to Craig to try it (see Mini-Games for more information).


Pascal's Stall

Item Price
Grilled Clam 195G
Grilled Squid 210G
Roasted Corn 240G
Fish Soup 690G
Sauteed Potato 180G
Good Sashimi 795G

Sue's Stall

Item Price
Orange Juice 225G
Pineaple Juice 405G
Coconut Juice 375G
Banana Milk 600G
Honeydew Milk 705G
Banana Pudding 840G
Chocolate Banana 495G
Orange Cookie 480G

Summer Flea Market

Date: Summer 22nd
Hours: 9am-5pm
The Summer Flea Market features the same vendors as the Spring Flea Market. See the Spring Flea Market section for item lists with prices.


Art Festival

Date: Fall 12th
Hours: 9am-5pm
The Art Festival celebrates the arts and features many items for sale including jewelry, accessories and furniture that is not available the rest of the year. The Art Festival also features a Target Practice Mini-Game that you can unlock by speaking to Luke (see Mini-Games for more information).


Mira's Stall

Item Price
Toy Ring 645G
Black Pearl Ring 1800G
Emerald Ring 1470G
Toy Brooch 195G
Topaz Brooch 855G
Sapphire Brooch 570G
Toy Pendant 945G
Ruby Pendant 1725G
Diamond Pendant 2400G

Bo's Stall

Item Price Size Style
Cuckoo Clock 750G Standard ---
Sofa 750G Standard Urban
Sofa 780G Standard Lovely
Sofa 1650G Large Urban
Sofa 1875G Large Lovely
Potbelly Stove 1350G Standard ---
Stool 450G Standard Lovely
Chair 720G Standard Lovely
Phone 1050G Standard Royal
Stool 375G Standard Chic
Chair 675G Standard Chic

Owen's Stall

Item Price Size Style
Calendar 150G Standard Simple
Phone 825G Standard (T) Simple
Sofa 750G Standard Simple
Sofa 1650G Large Simple
Refrigerator 1350G Small Simple
Refrigerator 2700G Medium Simple
Refrigerator 4200G Large Simple

Fall Flea Market

Date: Fall 22nd
Hours: 9am-5pm
The Fall Flea Market has the same vendors as the Winter Flea Market, however it only features a stall from Elli until you have completed Daren's Rainbow, after which Taylor and Julius will also sell things there.


Elli's Stall

Item Price
Cookie 300G
Herb Cookie 345G
Mont Blanc Cake 870G
Shortcake 1095G
Carrot Cake 900G
Pumpkin Cake 990G
Pumpkin Pudding 495G
Pumpkin Pie 645G
Chestnut Pie 555G
Sweet Potato Cake 660G

Taylor's Stall

Item Price
Bunny Ears 9000G
Top Hat 5100G
Samurai Wig (Boy's) 15000G
Bow (Girl's) 15000G

Julius's Stall

Item Price
Copper 120G
Silver 165G
Gold 225G

Item Price Gender Color
Country 3600G Girl Blue
Country 3900G Girl Red
Country 4200G Girl Yellow
Country 4500G Girl Green
Country 4800G Girl Purple
Cargo 3600G Boy Red
Cargo 3900G Boy Yellow
Cargo 4200G Boy Green
Cargo 4500G Boy Blue
Cargo 4800G Boy Purple

Harvest Festival

Date: Fall 27th
Hours: 9am-5pm
The Harvest Festival is held at Brownie Ranch Meadow and its featured event is the Cooking Contest. To enter the contest, speak to Yolanda before 4pm, and the winner is announced at 5pm.


Craig's Stall

Item Price
Rapid Fertilizer 180G
Buckwheat Seeds 150G
Green Bell Seeds 165G
Yellow Herb Seeds 120G
Good Tomato 165G
Good Onion 105G
Good Carrot 150G
Good Spinach 120G
Perfect Strawberry 435G


Winter Flea Market

Date: Winter 22nd
Hours: 9am-5pm
The Winter Flea Market features the same vendors as the Fall Flea Market. See the Fall Flea Market section for item lists with prices.

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