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Tree of Tranquility features a wide variety of characters, the majority of which are brand new to the Harvest Moon series. We do see a few of the same characters, including Elli and Gray from the classic games, but the great feature of this game is getting to know a whole new cast of villagers.

This page is under construction.

Name: Hamilton
Birthday: Spring 13
Loves: Potato Miso Soup, Potato Gratin, Stew, Tempura Buckwheat
Likes: Soups and Potato dishes
Dislikes: Cocktails, Junk Ore, Failed Dishes
Extra Info: You will meet Hamilton your first day in the game.

Description: Hamilton is Waffle Town's Mayor and is someone you should invest time in befriending in order to help save the Island. His son is Gill who lives with him.
Name: Cain
Birthday: Summer 6
Loves: Unknown
Likes: Stew, Yogurt
Dislikes: Unknown
Extra Info: You must unlock the Brownie Ranch District before you meet Cain.

Description: Cain owns the Brownie Ranch and is married to Hanna. Their daughter, named Renee, is one of the eligible bachelorettes if you choose to play as a boy. Cain will give you a sickle when you first meet him.
Name: Hanna
Birthday: Winter 4
Loves: Unknown
Likes: Egg Dishes
Dislikes: Cocktails
Extra Info: You meet Hanna at the first Animal Festival.

Description: Hanna is married to Cain and lives with him on the Brownie Ranch with their daughter, Renee.
Name: Craig
Birthday: Fall 6
Loves: Unknown
Likes: Spicy Food, Salad
Dislikes: Unknown
Extra Info: You will meet Craig when you begin the game during the Farming Tutorials.

Description: Craig owns the Souffle Farm with his wife, Ruth. You will receive the Watering Can and Hoe from him at the beginning of the game.
Name: Ruth
Birthday: Spring 6
Loves: Unknown
Likes: Blue Mist Flower, Perfect Strawberry, Spinach
Dislikes: Unknown
Extra Info: You meet Ruth at the beginning of the game when you go to the Souffle Farm

Description: Ruth is the wife of Craig and lives at the Souffle Farm. She works at the counter when the store is open and has two children, Anissa and Taylor.
Name: Taylor
Birthday: Summer 19
Name: Simon
Birthday: Winter 8
Name: Barbara
Birthday: Summer 23
Name: Irene
Birthday: Fall 20
Name: Perry
Birthday: Spring 20
Name: Jake
Birthday: Fall 28
Name: Colleen
Birthday: Winter 12
Name: Yolanda
Birthday: Summer 10
Name: Hayden
Birthday: Spring 21
Name: Dale
Birthday: Summer 14
Image Unavailable Name: Bo
Birthday: Summer 2
Name: Shelly
Birthday: Winter 19
Name: Ramsey
Birthday: Spring 5
Name: Chloe
Birthday: Summer 27
Name: Ozzie
Birthday: Winter 23
Name: Paolo
Birthday: Winter 20
Name: Mira
Birthday: Winter 10
Name: Samson
Birthday: Summer 21
Name: Sue
Birthday: Spring 27
Name: Elli
Birthday: Fall 1
Name: Gray
Birthday: Spring 4
Name: Pascal
Birthday: Winter 3

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