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There's no shortage of eligible bachelorettes in Rune Factory with ten girls to choose from. Each girl is unique both in her likes and dislikes, and also in how you earn the right to marry her.

Bianca doesn't seem impressed with you at first, but good deeds can win her over. Does she have an Axe to grind?
Birthday: Summer 8
Love Point: Talk to her everyday.
Favorite Item: None
Home: 3rd Tier (De Sant Collique Mansion)
Family: Jasper (father, resident gastronimist); Tabatha (Elf Housemaid)
Marriage: Talk to her on a festival day
Work: None

Mayor Godwin's daughter has energetic ideas for Kardia, but lately she hasn't felt well. Maybe you can find a cure.
Birthday: Fall 5
Love Point: Farm, Give her cold medicine
Favorite Item: Cold Medicine
Home: 3rd Tier (Godwin Manor)
Family: Godwin (father, Mayor)
Marriage: Cure her illness
Work: Nuemann's Farm

Dr. Edward's assistant is always concerned about your health. Do your best to keep her from being overly worried.
Birthday: Winter 1
Love Point: Visit clinic often, stay healthy, give her strawberries
Favorite Item: Strawberries
Home: 2nd Tier (Church)
Family: Wesley (father, priest)
Marriage: Give her Lapis Lazuli stone
Work: Clinic

A commander for the Sechs Country military, Lynette is always observing those around her and trying to fit in in Kardia Village.
Birthday: Fall 25
Love Point: Talk to her at the Spring Festival and Beaches Open, participate in Moonlit Eve and Sacred Night with her.
Favorite Item: 4-Leaf Clover
Home: Mist's house.
Family: None
Marriage: Speak with her frequently until the option to propose to her appears.
Work: Clinic

A proven warrior tough enough to be a match for any guy, Mei's Convictions are as unyielding as her sword.
Birthday: Fall 10
Love Point: Sardines on fishing day and birthday
Favorite Item: High Level Fish
Home: 1st Tier (Inn)
Family: None
Marriage: Give her a level 60 Lover Snapper
Work: None

A lover of magic an comfort, Melody runs the local Kardia Bathhouse. She respects a man who can cast a spell.
Birthday: Spring 11
Love Point: Take frequent baths at the bathhouse
Favorite Item: All Grass
Home: 2nd Tier (bathhouse)
Family: Mother (deceased)
Marriage: N/A
Work: Bathhouse

While Mist doesn't seem interested in anything other than you working on her farm, she might have secret motives.
Birthday: Fall 1
Love Point: Farm, give her radishes
Favorite Item: Emery Flower
Home: South of your farm
Family: None
Marriage: Clear Field, get pass to Greed Cave, give her Emery Flower
Work: None

Jean's daughter doesn't appear to be interested in poets, but that could change if you don't pay attention to her.
Birthday: Fall 21
Love Point: Use shipping container, farm, give her strawberries
Favorite Item: Strawberries
Home: 1st Tier (Material Items (parts))
Family: Jean (father)
Marriage: give her white stone
Work: Material Items (Parts)

Some locals wonder if Sharron is a ghost who haunts the Kasimir Ruins. Maybe you can make her feel alive again.
Birthday: Winter 19
Love Point: Fire/Water/Wind crystals
Favorite Items: Fire/Water/Wind crystals
Home: None
Family: None
Marriage: Give her the grimoire Sword
Work: None

While Tabatha seems destined to serve as Bianca's maid, you might be the key that unlocks a new life for her.
Birthday: Fall 12
Love Point: Befriend monsters
Favorite Item: None
Home: 3rd Tier (De Sant Collique Mansion)
Family: Jasper (employer); Bianca (employer)
Marriage: Have 50 Monsters, have 50 FP (combined) with all Monsters, speak to her at festival
Work: De Sant Collique Mansion

Zavier's sister seems shy and apparently doesn't say much, but she knows plenty about most books in the library
Birthday: Winter 26
Love Point: Read books at the library frequently
Favorite Item: Pink Cat Flower
Home: 1st Tier (Inn)
Family: Lady Ann (mother, Innkeeper); Zavier (brother)
Marriage: Read her journal, "Confessions of Love", and give her a large milk on top of mount clemens
Work: None

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