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The following images and information have been found from the official site. As of now, the information listed is only a rough translation of the Japanese on the website, and may or may not be fully accurate.

Name: Mark
Like Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness we see a return of a blonde-haired male protagonist.
Name: Chelsea
The female protagonist.
Name: Taro
Additional information unknown
Name: Natalie
A tomboy, Natalie is the daughter of Fealena and the sister of Eric.
Name: Eric
Eric is Natalie's brother and Fealena's son. Though he tries to act like a man, he remains friendly and rather feminine.
Name: Fealena
Natalie and Eric's mother, she seems to be understanding and patient.
Name: Chen
Chen is a peddler who sells various goods to villagers.
Name: Julia
Julia is very optimistic and idealistic.
Name: Charlie
Chen's son, Charlie looks up to his father and hopes to one day become a peddler as well.
Name: Maseru
Maseru has a daughter (possibly Julia). She is a strong woman, which seems to help her control a troublesome daughter.
Name: Golan
Golan is the island's carpenter who is able to help you improve your home.
Name: Elisa
Golan's daughter, she is very stylish and yearns to grow up.
Name: Valuts
Valuts seems to be the island's animal rancher.
Name: Lily
Lily is very popular on the islands.
Name: Will
Will is a potential husband for the female protagonist. He seems to be a millionare who owns and lives on his own yacht.
Name: Suiren
Suiren is the potential wife for the male protagonist. A treasure hunter at heart, she loves any jewels and treasure and travels about to find them on the islands.
Name: Pierre
Pierre is the island's very own food critic. He will no doubt grade your cooking experiments, and perhaps we'll even see some cooking festivals.

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