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There are several things in the game that take a little figuring out. Let's just call them secrets! These include where to find Power-Berries, how to restore the Vineyard, and more!

Horse Race/Dog Race Trick

For this you need at least 10,000G. At the horse or dog race, go to bet on the animals. Place 99 bets on each racer, then instead of hitting the A button, hit the B button twice as if you are canceling it. It will still have your 99 bets but you won't have paid anything! After you do this, do NOT talk to the mayor again or else you'll have to rebet!

Restoring the Vineyard

When to do this:In the first Spring

I'm going to make a list of the steps you need to do, it'll be easier to understand that way!

  1. In the first spring, go to the bar everynight(except sunday it's closed) and give Duke either a flower or a very berry. Give him the gift, then talk to him until he starts repeating things. While doing this,everyday, give the Harvest Sprite in the cave(little red guy) a flower so he will be your friend.
  2. Around the 10th of the month, when you talk to him he will give you Old Wine.
  3. Keep giving the Harvest Sprite gifts and talking to it until it repeats stuff. Meanwhile save a crop you grew.
  4. Around the end of the month, the Harvest Sprite will mention the Old Winer(Door to Heaven wine), it will then after saying that say to talk to the goddess to get more info.
  5. Take the crop you grew that you saved(keep it in your rucksack) and go to the Goddesses pond(to the left of the Carpenter's Hut through a path type of thing) between 9AM and 5PM, stand in the direct middle of the pond and throw the crop in. The goddess will come up, and instead of giving you choices of love, strength, etc. you can pick Grape goddess or something.
  6. Select the grape goddess, then you will go to the Vineyard and see a scene wher e you talk to it from the tree.
  7. During the fall, the goddess will come to you in a dream, when you wake up go IMMEDIATELY to the vineyard. Then the vineyard will be restored!
  8. *ALSO* you have to restore the vineyard to get karen's picture, have her at a yellow/red heart by Fall 7th to see the Keifu Fairy dance!

Power Berries

How many:10
There are a few power berries and 1 blue one. The red ones give you more strength, and the blue on allows you to work outside in the rain without getting sick!
  1. Get a power berry from hoe-ing your land(in the field)
  2. Get a power berry by going to the Goddesses pond(near the Carpenter's House)with full strength, and throwing a veggie into it and wishing for strength. She accepts offerings 9-5, so go directly there in the morning with a veggie you grew, and throw wait to throw it in till 9.
  3. Throw a large blue fish into the Fisherman's Pond and a Water Imp will give you a power berry. You have to throw it in the middle of the pond, if nothing happens, you did it wrong.
  4. During winter, take your Golden Hammer, and go to the Fisherman's Pond. Use your powered-up hammer to smash the boulder behind the pond(only can get it during Winter) and a power berry will be under it.
  5. Buy a power berry at the Flower Festival from Sammy the Salesman, it will cost 1,000 dollars but worth it.
  6. During Winter in the mine, dig until you get to the third to fourth level down(you have to find holes, takes a a fest tries) then dig around and you will find it. If not try again the next day!
  7. Win the Egg Festival the first year to get another Power Berry.
  8. Go fishing off the pier at the beach(Get to the Beach by going to Green Ranch and turning to the left before entering the Ranch) a lot, and eventually you will catch a Power Berry!
  9. Plant a lot of Pink Cat Mint flowers and one day Stu will stop by your farm. He'll give you a marble. Go to the cave and give the marble to a sprite and they will give you a power berry.
  10. Befriend Basil and Lillia and the next year Basil will give you a power berry.
  11. Blue Power Berry:Throw a small fish into the Fisherman's Pond and the Water Imp will give you this.

Dang Chickens!

Sick of those stupid chickens always needing food and stuff? Well now here's a way to still get eggs, but not feed them! Take your chickens and put them on your roof(need stairs). They will not need to be fed, but will still lay eggs and won't get lost!
Submitted by

Free Wine

To do this trick you need the bottle which is bought at the Flower Festival. Go to the vineyard and into the small house/shack. Go down the stairs and there are large barrels. Equip your bottle and press B when you are on the side of one (near the opening). You'll have free wine! Use this if you are upgrading tools and you need to refresh yourself, or use it to prepare for the New Year's festival so you can beat everyone!
Submitted by

Rick's Invention

If you give Rick 10 rare metals he will come to your farm and show it to you using a vegetable to show what it does. It gets frozen on the other side of the invention. but if u give him 20 rare metals then he will come back to the farm with the invention. It makes your crops larger and also worth more gold (Contributed by

More Milk/Wool!

If you let your sheep or cow get sick, then give it the medicine, the milk or wool will sell for more the next day!
(Contributed by Blade)

Music Box

This is how to get the music box...
1) click in the tree in your farm
2) you get a map dig where it says 5 to 10 times
3) you get the muisic box
4) become freinds with rick and later on he will fix it
5) give it to a girl and her heart meter goes up 1
(Contributed by Blade)

Quick Hearts for Karen

Bring your dog with you and talk to Karen while holding this (it can be anywhere, not just the bar). Her heart will change every 50 times you show her the dog, so it may take a while. It will be easier to do this inside the bar however since time does not pass.

That is all the secrets for now more comings soon!

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