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There are 35 recipes you can collect in the game. Can you get them all? You can use this as a handy reference, or just to find out how to get ones you are missing! The more recipes you have, the better a report the Gourmet Judge will give your dad when he comes to visit!

  1. Give Karen's dad a Wild Grape and he will give you the "Steamed Clam with Wine" recipe
  2. Give Kai a Veryberry to get the "Veryberry Wine" recipe
  3. Give Karen'ts mom a Tomato to get the "Tomato Rice" recipe
  4. Give Karen a Strawberry to get the "Strawberry Champagne" recipe
  5. Give Ann's dad Corn to get the"Corn Fritter" recipe
  6. Give Gray an Egg to get the"Stuffed Omelet" recipe
  7. Give Ann a Potato to get the"Mashed Potatoes" recipe
  8. Give Elli an Egg to get the "Bread Pudding" recipe
  9. Give Elli's Grandmother a Tropical Fruit to get the "Walnut Cake" recipe
  10. Give Elli's Grandmother a Walnut to receive the "Walnut Bread" recipe
  11. Give Jeff(owner of Bakery) Milk to get the"Cinnamon Milk Tea" recipe
  12. Give Maria a Cabbage to get the "Cabbage Rolls" recipe
  13. Give Maria's Mother a Turnip to get the "Cream of Turnip Stew" recipe
  14. Give Maria's Dad(the Mayor) a Potato to receive the"Fried Potatos and Bacon" recipe
  15. Give Popuri's Mother an Eggplant to get the"Vegetable Tomato Stew" recipe
  16. Give Popuri's Mother a Tomato to get the "Twice cooked Tomatoes and Greens" recipe
  17. Give Popuri's Father Corn to get the "Corn Pasta" recipe
  18. Give Popuri a Strawberry to get the "Strawberry Jam" recipe
  19. Give Harris the Postman a Potato to get the "Garlic Potato Beef" recipe
  20. Give Pastor Brown a Tomato to get the "Simple Tomato Soup" recipe
  21. Give Duke the Bartender Wild Grapes to get the"Hot and Spicy Wine" recipe
  22. Give Stu(little boy with black hair) a Strawberry to get the "Strawberry Dog" recipe
  23. Give the Craft Store Owner a Medicinal Plant to receive the"Sesame Dandelion Greens" recipe
  24. Give the Midwife an Eggplant to get the"Eggplant with Miso Paste" recipe
  25. Give the Harvest Sprite in the cave a Mushroom(brown) to get the "Mushroom Salsa" recipe
  26. Give the Potion Shop Owner an Edible Herb to get the"Miso Soup with Sprouts" recipe
  27. Give the Head Carpenter or Restauraunt Owner a turnip to get the "Turnip and Cabbage Preserves" recipe
  28. Give the Head Carpenter a Mushroom(brown) to get the"Mushroom Rice" recipe
  29. Give Rick Milk to get the "Homemade Butter" recipe
  30. Give Greg the Fisherman a Large Fish to get the "Fried Char" recipe
  31. Give the Shipper(found at bar at night) a Tomato to get the"Easy Tomato Soup" recipe
  32. Give Kent(little boy with brownish blondish hair) an Egg to get the "Spa Poached Eggs" recipe
  33. Give the Carpenter you find standing where the 3 tree stumps are up on the mountain at night a Large Fish to get the"Grilled Trout with Cheese" recipe
  34. Give one of the Carpenters a Mushroom(brown) to get the "Mushroom Stuffed Char" recipe
  35. Give the Shipper's Daughter(little girl with braids) a Potato to get the "Potato Pancake" recipe

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