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1)Your Farm-This is your farm. You live and work here, you can see the little barn and stuff.
2)Green Ranch-Ann, Gray and their father live here. Buy your animals here, and you can buy Chicken Feed, Animal Medicine, and Miracle Potion here, and if you need it, Cow Feed. You can get advice from the dad also.
3)The Beach- The beach is where some festivals like the swimming festival and Firefly festival are held. Come here to find Karen sometimes.
4)The Vineyard- Karen, Kai, Karen's dad and mom live here. They harvest grapes during fall, and you can find all of there most every day.
5)Moon Mountain-This mountain contains many things, the restauraunt near the top of the mountain, the river and the Carpenter's House. The fisherman also lives here. And after your first winter, the hot springs next to the bridge.
5)Goddess Pond-Come here to worship the goddess. Throw a veggie you grew in the pond and make a wish!
7)Moon Mountain Cave-Come in here to visit the Harvest Sprites, or in the winter to mine. There are also herbs in there.
8)Mountain Summit-Come here to see the beautiful view.
9)Race Track-This is the race track. You can't come here except on days that are horse/dog races.
10)Village Square/Village-This is where lots of festivals take place! That's basically what it's for. The village is where shops are and some girls live in the village too!


A: This is the Town Square. Various festivals are held here(like the Horse Race and Dog Race, Planting Festival and more.).
B: This is the bar. Open 6:00 to 12:00 everyday except Sunday. Karen works here. Come here to talk with some of the men from the village, or just for a refreshing drink after a hard day.
C: This is the Church. The 3 children in the village go to school here during the day Monday-Friday, it is closed on Saturday, and you can go there on Sunday. This is where Maria plays the organ when the library is closed(1-10th of some of the months like summer and winter).
D: This is the Flower Shop. Popuri lives here, and her mother Lillia runs it, and her father the "vagabond" lives here when he is home. You can buy seeds to plant crops, and flower seeds. For every 10 flower seeds you buy, you get a raffle ticket which you can get at the end of the year(in the last week of Winter I believe) and you can win prizes. See "Prizes" to find out what you can win. To find out what seeds she sells, see the "Crops" section.
E: This is Rick's Tool Shop & Craft Store. You can buy things like the brush and shears at the Tool Shop, and an Ocarina at the Craft Shop. Rick is also the cousin to Ann and Gray.
F: The Bakery, this is where Jeff, Elli and Elli's Grandmother live. Buy cakes and other pastrys here, and also tea. For every 10 cakes you buy, you can get a raffle ticket, see the "Prizes" section to see what you can win!
G: This is the Mayor's house. The Mayor, his wife, and Maria live here.
H: This is the library. There's nothing really here, but you can visit Maria here, she works there. She'll like it if you stop buy every once in a while.
I: The Midwife lives here. She will help your wife give birth to your baby when the time comes.
J: This is the Potion Shop. The Potion Shop owner, Stu and Kent live here(Stu and Kent are the two little boys, Stu has black hair, Kent has brown.). Also their dog Taro lives here.

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