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There are quite a variety of items in Harvest Moon 64. I'm going to list them and then a description of each!

The Hoe, Hammer, Axe, Sickle and Watering Can get upgraded as you use them more, the upgrades are...normal, then silver, then gold! The gold obviously being the best.

  1. Hoe-You have this when you begin the game. Use it to plow the ground, dig in the mines during winter, and if you want to, get rid of grass seed by using it right after you cut the grass.
  2. Hammer-Use this to clear your field of boulders, and you can either use it on small rocks, or throw the rocks in the water.
  3. Axe-Use this to cut wood to clear your field or in the mountain, then you can use the wood for renovating your house or fences.
  4. Sickle-Use the sickle to cut weeds(but you can pick up weeds and throw them) and to cut grass in your grass field.
  5. Watering Can-Use your watering can to water your crops and flowers if you have them.
  6. Brush-You can use your brush to brush your horse, cows and sheep. Use the brush to make your animals happier, you need it to win horse races and cow festivals.
  7. Milker-The milker is used on adult cows to get milk. The milk sizes are, small(100G),medium(150G),large(300G),special(500G, you get the special if your cow wins the cow festival).The happier your cow, the better quality the milk is.
  8. Shears-You can use the shears to cut the wool from your sheep when they are adult.
  9. Animal Medicine-When your cow or sheep gets sick(from either being left out in bad weather or neglect), use the medicine on them, but try to keep them healthy it cost 1,000G per medicine.
  10. Miracle Potion-Use the miracle potion to make an adult cow pregnant.
  11. Ocarina-Get this from the craft shop, if you get it you could have a chance of playing at the Spirit Festival.
  12. Blue Jug-Get this from the craft shop. To get it, during winter go to the mining cave and try to find a blue rock, then give it to the craft shop owner, and he will make the red mistake jug into a blue one you can buy that decorates your home!
  13. Rug-Get this from Rick's shop, just adds a rug to your home.
  14. Organizer-Also get this from Rick's shop, goes in your house and you can store flowers in it.
  15. Firefly Light-Give Rick a few moonlight stones that you mine in the winter and he will make a Firefly light that you can get before the Firefly Festival.
  16. Blue Feather-After you have a girl at pink heart, and you have a kitchen, you can buy the blue feather at Rick's shop, give this to the girl to propose to her.
  17. Seeds-Buy seeds from the flower shop to plant crops. You can buy turnip, cabbage, potato, tomato, corn, eggplant, strawberry, grass, moondrop flower and pink cat-mint flower seeds there according to the season.
  18. Fishing Pole- Get this from Greg your first day on the mountain. You use it to fish and make money.
  19. Chicken Feed- Buy chicken feed from the Green Ranch. It is used to feed your chickens.
  20. Fodder- Fodder is used to feed sheep/cows. You can make it yourself by growing grass and cutting it with the sickle or by buying it at Green Ranch.
  21. Power Berries- You receive power berries when you hoe the ground, do favors for characters, etc. They raise your stamina so you can work longer and harder!

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