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Owning animals is a very important part of running a successful farm. There are 5 types of animals that you can and will own on your farm. The following is a guide to follow on how to care for your animals.

Dog- Your dog comes with the house in a way, and you get to name it in the beginning when you pick your name. In order to improve your relationship with your dog, feed it each day by putting food in its food bowl, located next to its dog house. If your goal is to compete in the Dog Race in the Winter, you should feed your dog each day, take it inside when it rains, and whistle to it to give it exercise. If you treat your dog nicely, it may even have puppies with another dog in the area.

Horse- Your first visit to Green Ranch will earn you your very own horse. It is free and is still young when you first receive it, but it will grow up within roughly one month. You will need to purchase a brush and use it on your horse daily, especially if you plan on competing in the Horse Races. Once it is an adult, you can ride your horse around the farm, which is excellent practice for the horse race. Your horse will also have a pack on its saddle where you can put crops as you harvest them; these crops are automatically placed in the shipping bin.

Cows-The barn on your farm can hold up to 8 animals, including cows and sheep. A cow is purchased at the Green Ranch and will cost you 6000G, however this is a very wise investment. When you first buy a cow, it will only be a calf and will take a bit of time to grow up. You should brush and talk to your horse each day, and let it outside on nice days to graze in the grass field. Once it is an adult, your cow will produce milk, starting with small milk. The better your relationship with your cow, the better quality of milk it will produce. If your cow is pregnant, you can still milk it, however the milk quality will be down a level from its usual. To impregnate your cow, purchase a miracle potion from the Green Ranch and give it to your cow. A cow will be pregnant for 21 days, but the calf it gives birth to will be more likely win in the cow festival and produce special milk.
Milking a Cow-Milk from cows brings in a good deal of money for the farm. The better care you take of your cows, the better the quality and quantity of milk they'll produce. There are four types of milk, small(100G), medium(worth 150G), large(300G) or special(500G, can only produce after winning the Cow Festival).

Sheep-Sheep can be purchased from the Green Ranch and cost 4000G. When they are adults, they produce several coats of wool per year. Like cows, it is a good idea to brush and talk to your sheep each day, as well as let it into the pasture on sunny days. Regular wool is sold for 900G, and Quality wool is sold for 1,800G.

Chickens- You can own up to 6 chickens. Raising chickens is another great way to make money, because mature hens lay eggs daily. You need only buy one chicken to start, as eggs can be incubated and hatched to get more chickens. Chickens eat chicken feed, which can be purchased from Green Ranch (10g per) instead of grass. Eggs are worth 50G each.

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