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The story of Another Wonderful Life is just a variation on that of A Wonderful Life. The following is a transcript of the opening sequence to the game.

Takakura stands on the beach.
Takakura: It all started with a letter...
I hadn't gotten a letter in a long time...
It was in a bright red envelope and it was from the daughter of an old friend.
She wrote about her life in the city and asked all kinds of questions about the farm.
On the last line, she said this...
"I want to try working on the farm."
To a city girl, a place like Forget-Me-Not Valley must be interesting, I guess.
While I was thinking that, I was reminded of my old friend. Of his face....

A girl, you, walks onto the beach and stands next to Takakura.
Takakura: You're your father's daughter, all right.
It's a shame about your father. Fate works in mysterious ways. Anyways, I'm sure he's in a better place.
Come on... The farm's this way.
The two of you walk through the town to the farm.

Takakura: Imagine a young girl wanting to come to Forget-Me-Not Valley...You're a strange one, just like your father.
Anyways...If you try living here, you'll find out if it's for you or not.

The two of you stand at the edge of the Pasture, looking out towards the farm.
Takakura: Here we are...
They're a little old, but the buildings are still usable, and there are fields.
And if you spread a little fertilizer in this pasture, it could be used for grazing animals...
Let me tell you... we don't have any of your city conveniences around here. But, it'll grow on you. There are lots of things here that you'd never see in the city. It's up to you.
Take your time and think about it...
All right, let's look inside.

Takakura gives you a tour of the farm and the buildings on it. You choose your dog, and take your first look at your new home.

Takakura takes you around Forget-Me-Not Valley to meet all of the people there.

...Several Days Later...
Takakura: ...So that's how her life on the farm began.
I figured she would either get tired or like it and stay.
In the end, the choice was hers to make...

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