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One unique element of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, and the component that truly drives the story, is that of the musical notes. The Harvest Goddess has been turned to stone due to people's lack of believing, and the only way to save her is to collect at least 50 notes throughout the game! The notes you have or need can be viewed in your menu, and the following is a list of each note and how to receive it.
Note: This list is still in progress. If you see any note that does not have an explanation of how to receive it, please e-mail me!

1) First Step Note - Received when you got your pedometer.
        It's difficult to take the first step no matter what you are doing. The first step of farm life note.
2) First Shipping Note - Received with your first shipping box shipment.
        Lots of deliveries from the first. Happiness of the very first delivery note.
3) 10,000 Steps Note - Received after 10,000 steps with your pedometer.
        You've walked 10,000 steps. You can walk more than you think you can. A note of strong feeling.
4) Cooking Note - Received when you made your first food.
        Cooking for the first time. A note for appreciating the happiness of cooking by yourself.
5) Island Note - Received when you went to the island for the first time.
6) Rock Climber Note - Received the first time you scaled Mt. Moon.
7) Underground Lake Note - Received at the 100th underground level.
8) Night Owl Note - Received for staying up until dawn.
9) Rain Note - Received for working 10 hours non-stop in the rain.
10) Sun Note - Received for working 10 hours non-stop in the sun.
11) Stationary Note - Received for no Controller inputs for a long time.
        Remaining still for some time, wanting a chance to look at the surroundings. A quiet note. If you stand still for a while, you will receive this note.
12) Lone Wolf Note - Received for not talking to anyone all day.
        Not speaking to anyone for some time, wanting to devote yourself to working silently. A note that seems a little sad.
13) Whistle Note - Received for finger whistling 50 times.
14) Limitation Note - Received for a zero strength. (Received when you first pass out and wake up in the Clinic)
        You failed and fell down, but sometimes that's important in life, too. A note for forging ahead though you fall down.
15) Hustle-and-Bustle Note - Received after meeting 35 villagers.
16) Poor Note - Received for having 100G or less in the morning.
17) Lucky Note - Received for finding more than 1000G from coins.
18) High Spirit Note - Received for drinking 10 sodas.
19) Birth of Life Note - Received for your first baby animal birth.
20) Owner of Mother Earth Note - Received for owning 10 or more divisions.
21) Snow Note - Received for working 10 hours straight in the snow.
22) Fodder Note - Received for cutting the grass 20 times.
23) Brushing Note - Received for grooming livestock 20 times.
24) Egg Note - Received for 10 eggs shipped.
        Thank you, chickens. A delivery filled with gratitude. A note for wonderful eggs.
25) Milking Note - Received for 10 milk units shipped.
26) Shearing Note - Received for 10 wool units shipped.
27) Dyeing Note - Received for 1 colored yarn ball shipped.
28) Gem Note - Received for shipping any one gem.
        A note of sublime radiance for sparkling gems dug up from beneath the ground.
29) Calling Animals Note - Received for ringing the cow bell 20 times.
30) Cultivation Note - Received for tilling 100 squares.
31) Big Eater Note - Received for eatin 50 meals.
32) Woodcutter Note - Received for cutting 20 trees or stumps.
        Cutting down trees to collect lumber. A note of gratitude for the years it takes for them to grow.
33) Cloud Note - Received for working 10 hours on a cloudy day.
34) Garbage Can Note - Received for throwing away garbage 20 times.
35) Weed Note - Received for pulling 100 weeds.
36) Gardening Note - Received for five flowers blooming at once.
37) Forest Note - Received for planting one tree.
38) Destruction Note - Received for crushing 20 stones, rocks, stakes, etc.
39) Diary Note - Received for 30 diary saves.
40) Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Note - Received for winning the Chicken Festival.
41) Moo Note - Received for winning the Cow Contest.
42) Baa Note - Received for winning the Sheep Contest.
43) Horse Race Note - Received for winning the Horse Race.
44) Bow-Wow Note - Received for dog friendliness level with three hearts.
45) Oink-Oink Note - Received for your first truffle shipment.
46) Fire Prevention Note - Received for putting out your first bonfire.
47) Lost Child Note - Received for finding a lost child.
48) Mole-Whacking Note - Received for whacking 10 moles.
49) Bluebird Note - Received for getting a Blue Feather.
50) Wedding Day Note - Received for holding a wedding.
51) Stork Note - Received for having a baby.
52) Baby is Born Note - Received for a baby being born.
53) You Can Walk Note - Received for your baby's first steps.
54) Spring Footsteps Note - Received for attending New Year Festival.
55) Egg Dish Note - Received for attending the Egg Festival.
        Lets make delicious food with eggs. A fun note for the wonderful smell.
56) Spring Fragrance Note - Received for attending the Flower Festival.
57) Blue Sea, White Clouds Note - Received for winning at the Beach Festival.
        The Beach Festival to wish for the safety of the sea and good health. A note played by the blue sea.
58) Boat Sailing Note - Received for attending the Star Festival.
        Setting a small bamboo boat afloat on the river to make a wish. A note of a special memory for two.
59) Firefly Flower Note - Received for attending the Firefly Festival.
        The Firefly Festival to honor your ancestors. A solemn note floating on the night sea.
60) Fireworks Note - Received for attending the Fireworks.
61) Moon Viewing Note - Received for attending the Moon Festival.
62) Harvest Note - Received for attending the Harvest Festival.
63) Pumpkin Note - Received for attending the Pumpkin Festival.
64) Flame Note - Received for attending the Fire Festival.
65) Popular Note - Received for receiving 5 cakes at Thanksgiving.
66) Starlight Note - Received for attending the Starry Night Festival.
67) New Year's Sunrise Note - Received for seeing the first sunrise of the year.
68) Fall Bloom Flowers Note - Received for shipping each type of flower and herb.
69) Treasure Hoard Note - Received for shipping each type of ore.
70) Animal Kingdom Note - Received for raising barn animals and a chicken.
71) Book Note - Received for reading all of the books.
72) Super Chef Note - Received for collecting 100 or more recipes.
73) Second House Note - Received for constructing a second home.
74) Expert Angler Note - Received for catching each type of fish.
75) Master Angler Note - Received for catching 100 or more fish.
        You've fished everywhere! You've caught all kinds of fish. A note for catching 100 fish.
76) Rubber boots Note - Received for catching 10 pieces of garbage.
        It's hardest to catch the one you want... Sometimes it's just easy like that. A taking-it-easy note.
77) Wild Note - Received for a wild animal visiting your home.
78) Art Note - Received for getting a picture and an aging pot.
79) Very Rich Note - Received when you have more than 100,000G.
80) Flower Girl Note - Received when Nina gives you a present.
81) Explosive Girl Note - Received when Ann gives you a present.
82) Apron Girl Note - Received when Ellen gives you a present.
83) Talented Girl Note - Received when Maria gives you a present.
84) Night Moon Note - Received when Eve gives you a present.
85) Girl with Glasses Note - Received when Gina gives you a present.
86) Princess Note - Received when Dia gives you a present.
87) Waitress Note - Received when Katie gives you a present.
88) Ponytail Note - Received when Gwen gives you a present.
89) Heartfelt Note - Received when Lyla gives you a present.
90) Cowboy Note - Received when Blue give you a present.
        A hard-working young man. But that smile he makes is priceless. Is his hat a special message?
91) Social Craftsman Note - Received when Joe gives you a present.
92) Cool Craftsman Note - Received when Kurt gives you a present.
93) Doctor Note - Received when Alex gives you a present.
94) Patissier Note - Received when Carl gives you a present.
95) Master Pick-Up Artist Note - Received when Dan gives you a present.
96) Fisherman Note - Received when Ray gives you a present.
        Caught up in a life where fishing is everything. A little bit shy around girls, but if it's about fishing, he's your man.
97) Traveler Note - Received when Basil give syou a present.
98) Male Note - Received when Bob gives you a present.
99) Shy Guy Note - Received when Louis gives you a present.
100) Meek Heart Note - Received when Jamie gives you a present.

Note Prizes

Each time you collect five musical notes, you should pay a visit to the Harvest Goddess Spring. Once there, the Harvest Sprites will combine the notes to become a musical instrument.

5 Notes - Marimba
10 Notes - Timpani
15 Notes - Harp
20 Notes - Piano
25 Notes - Violin
30 Notes - Cello, Power Berry
35 Notes - Flute
40 Notes - Acoustic Guitar
45 Notes - Trumpet
50 Notes - Harvest Goddess awakens
100 Notes - Final Note Collection Event

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