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Fishing is a vital part of your success in Magical Melody. It is a quick, easy way to make that extra gold you need in order to purchase items, renovations, new buildings, or anything else you can think of. The following is a brief guide to fishing, including associated musical notes and sell prices of all various types of fish.

Starter for Fishing

Fishing is very easy to get a hang of, and the best part start off with an iron fishing rod! In order to fish, equip your fishing rod using the X button and stand next to the water where you are fishing. Push X to cast your line. The important thing to note is that you can actually see where the fish are, as opposed to previous games when you couldn't. The advantage to this is that you can cast your line in front of a fish in order to catch hit in less time. It is also important to remember not to cast your line directly on the fish, as doing so will scare it away and you will have to recast. When a fish bites, a little exclamation point will appear over your head. Watch carefully as your line is slowly pulled below the water by the fish, and when this happens press and hold the X button until you reel it in. You then have the option of releasing or keeping the fish, and then start all over again. For those tougher to reach fish, try holding down the X button as you cast your line. The longer you hold it down before casting, the further out your line will fly.

Fishing Locations

In the large world of Flower Bud Village and its surrounding areas, there are several areas where you can fish, each location having its own unique fish that can only be found there.

The River - The river is one of the easiest locations to fish in Flower Bud Village, as it meanders through the town slowly from the mountain to the beach. Conveniently located, you will find an assortment of fish live in the waters, but you won't find many rare fish here. In addition, many fish are located in only certain areas of the river, those being Upstream, or closer to the Mountains, Midstream, simply inbetween, or Downstream, closer to the Beach.
Sunny Lake - Located west of the Village, Sunny Lake is very large and home to many fish. This location is frozen over during the Winter, so if it is your preferred spot you will need to choose another at this time.
Stardrop Pond - Located in the northwestern area of the Village, you can catch an assortment of fish here. All you need to do is stand on the tiny pier and cast your line. This is one of the easier locations to fish at, though you won't find many different fish here.
The Ocean - Stretching the entire length of the Village, just south of it, the Ocean is not the best place to fish when looking to turn a large profit. The shadows in the water are often difficult to see from the beach, and you need to cast your line just right in order to obtain the fish's attention. The best area of the Ocean to fish in is the western section of Moonlight Beach, west of the large rock formation. The Ocean is available for fishing during any season.
The Island - The Island takes a bit of work to reach, but it is well worth it. In order to reach the Island, you must first befriend the Dolphin to at least one heart. You can do this by visiting the Dolphin each day (stand at the edge of the pier in the Ocean) and wave to it, as well as throw it a fish each day. Once you have befriended it, the Dolphin will take you on its back to the Island in the ocean. The Island is available all year long, and the fish here can be very profitable.

The Underground Lake - Accessable only in the Winter, you must wait for Starry Lake to freeze over before you can reach this fishing spot. Once in the mine, you must reach the 100th level, and there you will find a large cavern with a lake. This spot is the only place you can catch the king fish (Jamasquid), so it is definitely worth a visit.

Types of Fish

Name Location Season Sell Price
Amago River (Upstream) Spring, Summer, Fall
Blowfish Ocean, Island All
Bonito Island Spring, Summer, Fall
Char River (Mountain) Spring, Summer, Fall
Chulowfish Ocean, Island All
Crawfish River (Midstream), Lakes Spring, Summer, Fall
Crucian Carp Lakes All
Cureall River (Downstream) Spring, Summer
Dace River All
Flounder Ocean Spring, Winter
Halfbeak Ocean, Island Spring, Winter
Halibut Ocean Fall, Winter
Huchen Sunny Lake Spring, Summer, Fall
Jamasquid Underground Lake Winter
Lampsquid Island Summer, Fall, Winter
Lobster Ocean Fall, Winter
Mackerel Island Fall, Winter
Maple Flounder Ocean Fall
Opaleye Ocean, Island Summer, Fall, Winter
Rainbow Trout River (Up/Midstream) All
Salmon River (Downstream) Fall
Sardine Island Spring, Summer, Fall
Saury Island Summer, Fall, Winter
Shinapper Ocean, Island Winter
Shrimp Island All
Silver Carp River (Midstream), Lakes All
Smelt Lakes All
Snadore Ocean, Island All
Snapper Ocean, Island Spring, Summer
Squid Ocean, Island All
Squid Prince Island Summer
Tuna Island Summer, Winter
Yamame River (Upstream) Spring, Summer, Fall
Yellowtail Island Fall, Winter

Related Musical Notes

Underground Lake Note - Earned when you reach the 100th level in the Starry Lake Mine. If you are hunting after the elusive king fish, you will inevitably earn this note.
Expert Angler Note - Earned when you have caught one of every type of fish. This is a rather difficult note to earn, but very worth it if you love to fish.
Master Angler Note - Earned when you have caught 100 or more fish. If you fish as a supplement to your income, you will undoubtedly earn this note without realizing how many fish you have caught.
Rubber Boots Note - Earned for catching 10 pieces of garbage. While fishing, you may average about 1 or 2 pieces of trash per day, and these quickly add up.

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