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And what would a successful farm be without crops? Planting, watering and harvesting your crops takes up a great deal of time and stamina, but is well worth it. Harvest your crops for gold, use them in cooking or give them as gifts! All of these things will make you more successful. This section includes information on vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and more.

The Basics

Before you can plant crops, you must first clear the land of weeds, stumps, wood, and stones using your tools such as a sickle (although pulling weeds by hand is much more efficient), hammer and axe. Once you have done this, use your sickle to till the soil, then plant your seeds and water them! One of the first tool upgrades you should consider if a new watering can, as you will use this every day and watering your crops takes a large chunk of stamina. You should also carry some herbs and foods to eat while working to prevent yourself from passing out. Before you upgrade your watering can, you should plant your crops to provide for ease of watering and harvesting. The best way to do so is the following...

This layout is also ideal for crops that can be harvested from multiple times, as it is easier to water and harvest. If you have a non-renewable crop and an upgraded water can (above copper), the best layout is to plant a full 3x3 square.

Crop Information

Expanding on the crop system, there are many factors that play into what quality crop you produce and how long it takes to grow. The following growth times are for NORMAL SOIL only, poor/fertile soil growth times soon to come. In addition, three sell prices may be listed for a type of crop. This indicates poor, normal and good crops and what they sell for. Seeds are purchased from Lyla at Spring Farm year round.

Spring Crops

Name Type Seed Cost Growth Time Regrowth Time Sell Price Renew
Breadfruit Normal 60G 7 days 2 days 105G/150G/300G Yes
Cabbage Normal 40G 7 days N/A 119G/170G/340G No
Green Herb Herb 20G 4 days N/A 100G No
Moondrop Flower Flower 20G 5 days N/A 40G No
Potato Normal 30G 6 days N/A 100G No
Spring Seed Pouch Grab-Bag 60G Varies Varies Varies Varies
Strawberry Normal 300G 7 days 2 days 140G/200G/400G Yes
Turnip Normal 20G 4 days N/A 63G/90G/180G No

Summer Crops

Name Type Seed Cost Growth Time Regrowth Time Sell Price Renewable?
Cocoa Normal 50G 9 days 4 days 112G/160G/320G Yes
Corn Normal 40G 9 days 2 days 105G/150G/300G Yes
Onion Normal 20G 4 days N/A 63G/90G/180G No
Pinkcat Flower Flower 20G 6 days N/A 150G No
Summer Seed Pouch Grab-Bag 60G Varies Varies Varies Varies
Tomato Normal 50G 8 days 4 days 150G Yes

Fall Crops

Name Type Seed Cost Growth Time Regrowth Time Sell Price Renewable?
Bell Pepper Normal 40G 5 days 3 days 49G/70G/140G Yes
Carrot Normal 40G 5 days N/A 77G/110G/220G No
Eggplant Normal 40G 6 days 3 days 84G/120G/240G No
Fall Seed Pouch Grab-Bag 60G Varies Varies Varies Varies
Orange Herb Herb 20G 4 days N/A 130G No
Pumpkin Normal 70G 8 days N/A 126G/180G/360G No
Spinach Normal 40G 5 days N/A 91G/130G/260G No
Yam Normal 30G 6 days 3 days 80G Yes

Trees can be a bit tricky, but are not too difficult once you learn the basics. You must leave at least two spaces between trees in order for them to grow. In addition, if you plant a tree too close to a road, stone, or some other object, it will not grow, however if you remove the object (such as a stone), your tree will then mature into an adult tree.

Name Season Seedling Cost Growth Time Sell Price
Apple Fall 380G 7 days 50G
Chestnut Fall 350G 20 days 50G
Evergreen --- 200G 20 days ---
Grape Fall 370G 7 days 220G
Mora --- 300G 20 days ---
Orange Fall 360G 6 days 200G

While not listed, grass is also something that you can grow. Grass costs 50G per bag and is sold Spring-Fall. Unlike other games, your grass WILL die in the Winter, and you must replant it come Spring. There are three stages of growth for grass, and when it is in its final stage (dark green) you can use your sickle to cut it. When you cut your grass, fodder is automatically placed in your silo and can be fed to your cows, sheep and horses.

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