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One lovely feature of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody is the abundance of suitors, 10 to be exact, should you choose to play a female character. Each bachelor has a different personality, so you're free to choose the one you like best. Don't forget that Jamie is also a potential bachelor, more information on Jamie can be found in the Characters section.

General Information

You will see that under each bachelor is listed Present #1 and Present #2. Once you have befriended one of the bachelors to just below 3 hearts, they will arrive at your house in the morning and give you the first jpgt. Information on when you receive the second jpgt to come.

Name: Alex.
Birthday: Spring 30.
Origin: Flower Bud Village.
Family: Related to the Midwife.
Hobbies: Reading and Napping.
Height: 173cm.
First Appearance: When you first visit the Clinic.
Home: The Clinic.
Loves: Turnip (Top Quality), Veggie Juice, Grilled Snapper.
Likes: Herbs, Milk, Pontana Root, Turnip.
Dislikes: Can, Boot.
Present #1: Purple Herb.
Present #2: Potion.
Extra Info: Alex's nickname in the Village is "Doctor", and he fills this role very well. You may recognize him from Harvest Moon: Back to Nature for the Playstation One. If you collapse during the day, you will wake up in the Clinic to Alex telling you not to overwork yourself.

Daily Schedule
Morning: Inside/Outside Clinic, Across the Suspension Bridge.
Afternoon: Inside/Outside Clinic, inside Moonlight Cave, near Blue Sky Ranch.
Evening: Outside Clinic.

Name: Basil.
Birthday: Spring 16.
Origin: Unknown.
Family: None.
Hobbies: Studying plants.
Height: Unknown.
First Appearance: When you ship 10 points worth of flowers, Basil will appear in Flower Bud Village.
Home: None.
Loves: Strawberry (Top Quality), Pumpkin (Top Quality), Herb Tea, Pontata Root.
Likes: Strawberry (Normal/Low Quality), Blueberry, Green Herb, Copper Ore, Limestone, Very Berry Jam.
Dislikes: Mayonnaise, Junk Ore.
Present #1: Limestone.
Present #2: Orange Balm, with formula.
Extra Info: Basil is extremely passionate about nature, and has come to Flower Bud Village in order to study plants. Each year, he will leave for Winter and return in the Spring. Basil does not have a home, but prefers to wander about.

Daily Schedule
Morning: Outside Moonlight Cave, Near Blue Sky Ranch, Sunny Lake, Near Stardrop Pond.
Afternoon: Inside Moonlight Cave, Inside Hearty Lyla
Evening: Outside/Inside Moonlight Cave.

Name: Blue
Birthday: Winter 20.
Origin: Flower Bud Village.
Family: Nephew of Hank, Cousin of Ellen.
Hobbies: Caring for animals.
Height: 174cm.
First Appearance: When you first visit the Blue Sky Ranch.
Home: The Blue Sky Ranch.
Loves: Potato (Top Quality), Special Milk/Butter/Cheese, Yogurt.
Likes: Potato (Normal/Low Quality), Eggplant, Milk, Sunny-Side Up Egg, Popcorn
Dislikes: Honey, Caramelized Amago/Smelt/Crucian Carp/Silver Carp, Cakes
Present #1: Good Milk.
Present #2: Sapphire Brooch.
Extra Info: Blue, recognizable as Gray from Harvest Moon 64, lives and works at the Blue Sky Ranch. He is very quiet and keeps to himself, however he opens up rather quickly as you become friends.

Daily Schedule
Morning: Pasture of Blue Sky Ranch, inside Blue Sky Ranch buildings.
Afternoon: Pasture of Blue Sky Ranch.
Evening: Inside Moonlight Cafe.

Name: Bob
Birthday: Summer 1.
Origin: Flower Bud Village.
Family: Grandson of the Tai, Brother of Tim.
Hobbies: Horseback riding.
Height: 195cm.
First Appearance: He will visit your farm on the 3rd day of Spring to explain the Shipping process.
Home: The Blacksmith's.
Loves: Spinach (Top Quality), Shiny Wool, Silver Ore.
Likes: Cabbage (Normal/Low Quality), Spinach, Gold Ore, Egg.
Dislikes: Eggplant, Stone.
Present #1: Good Egg.
Present #2: Topaz Brooch.
Extra Info: Bob was first seen in Harvest Moon: STH for the Playstation 2, however instead of running a ranch, he has taken place of the shipping guy.

Daily Schedule
Morning: Blue Sky Ranch pasture, inside Perch Inn, inside Blacksmith, inside Blue Sky Ranch buildings.
Afternoon: Inside Moonlight Cave, inside Calloway Cafe, inside Perch Inn.
Evening: Unknown.

Name: Carl
Birthday: Spring 5.
Origin: Village near Flower Bud Village.
Family: Unknown.
Hobbies: Baking.
Height: 168cm.
First Appearance: He will visit you in the morning the day before the Egg Festival in your first Spring.
Home: Calloway Cafe, briefly Moonlight Cafe.
Loves:Yam (Top/Normal Quality), Apple, Special Egg/Milk/Butter.
Likes: Strawberry, Pumpkin, Orange, Herbs, Blueberry.
Dislikes: Can, Boot, Junk Ore.
Present #1: Pudding.
Present #2: Chestnut Pie.
Extra Info: Carl is a new character in the game, however he very much resembles Jeff of Harvest Moon 64, who owned the Bakery and was your potential rival for Elli. Carl loves to bake, and has a dream of opening a cafe someday. He will eventually open the Calloway Cafe. Before he opens his cafe, Carl works for Duke at the Moonlight Cafe to save up money.

Daily Schedule
Morning: Inside Cafe, near Blue Sky Ranch.
Afternoon: Inside Cafe, near Blue Sky Ranch, Flower Bud Square.
Evening: Unknown.

Name: Dan
Birthday: Summer 26.
Origin: Unknown.
Family: Unknown.
Hobbies: Womanizing.
Height: Unknown.
First Appearance: You will first meet him at the Horse Race Festival in the Spring..
Home: Paradise Orchard.
Loves: Strawberry (Top Quality), Clam, Sodas.
Likes: Strawberry (Normal/Low Quality), Orange, Apple.
Dislikes: Mushroom, Toadstool.
Present #1: Apple Soda.
Present #2: Grape Soda.
Extra Info: Dan closely resembles Kai from Harvest Moon 64/Back to Nature, both in appearance and attitude. Ever a ladies man, Dan does not especially like being tied down to one place, but can be a good worker if he puts his mind to it.

Daily Schedule
Morning: Outside/Inside Paradise Orchard, near Blue Sky Ranch, Flower Bud Square.
Afternoon: Outside/Inside Paradise Orchard.
Evening: Outside Paradise Orchard, Moonlight Cafe, Mountain path (near sign).

Name: Joe
Birthday: Summer 10.
Origin: Sugar Village.
Family: Brother of Kurt.
Hobbies: Fishing.
Height: 179cm.
First Appearance: When you first visit the Workshop.
Home: The Workshop.
Loves: Turnip (Top Quality), Tuna Steak, Salted Rainbow Trout.
Likes: Turnip (Normal/Low Quality), Fish, Branch.
Dislikes: Junk Ore, Yogurt.
Present #1: Dace.
Present #2: Coral Brooch.
Extra Info: Joe was first seen in Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland on the Playstation 2. He is very outgoing and energetic, and is friendly to you when you visit the Workshop. He is a carpenter in training, serving an apprenticeship for Woody.

Daily Schedule
Morning: Inside Workshop.
Afternoon: Inside Workshop, inside Calloway Cafe, near Suspension Bridge.
Evening: Unknown.

Name: Kurt
Birthday: Winter 10.
Origin: Sugar Village.
Family: Brother of Joe.
Hobbies: Woodworking.
Height: 178cm.
First Appearance: When you first visit the Workshop.
Home: The Workshop.
Loves: Tomato (Top Quality), Tomato based foods.
Likes: Copper/Silver/Gold Ore, Branch, Tomato (Normal/Low Quality), Squid Sashimi.
Dislikes: Toadstool, Clams, Clam based foods.
Present #1: Red Herb.
Present #2: Aquamarine Brooch.
Extra Info: Kurt was first seen in Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland on the Playstation 2. Kurt is a very short person, meaning he doesn't like to converse with people. He is rather shy, but takes a bit of time to open up. He is a carpenter in training, serving an apprenticeship for Woody.

Daily Schedule
Morning: Inside Workshop, inside Sanatorium, outside Moonlight Cafe.
Afternoon: Inside Workshop, inside Sanatorium, inside/outside Moonlight Cafe.
Evening: Unknown.

Name: Louis
Birthday: Fall 2.
Origin: Sugar Village.
Family: Unknown.
Hobbies: Inventing and working with machines.
Height: 178cm.
First Appearance: During the Fireworks Festival.
Home: Junk Shop (after expansion).
Loves: Bell Pepper (Top Quality), Special Egg, Rare Ore.
Likes: Bell Pepper (Normal/Low Quality), Copper/Silver/Gold Ore.
Dislikes: Carrot.
Present #1: Silver Ore.
Present #2: Caffeine and Recipe.
Extra Info: Louis was first seen in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland, and is very much the same character. He loves inventing things and working with machines, and naturally finds his home in the Junk Shop.

Daily Schedule
Morning: Flower Bud Square, outside Library.
Afternoon: Flower Bud Square.
Evening: Unknown.

Name: Ray
Birthday: Fall 27.
Origin: Flower Bud Village.
Family: Unknown.
Hobbies: Fishing.
Height: Unknown.
First Appearance: When you first visit Sunny Lake.
Home: None. Ray seems to live outside.
Loves: Special Egg/Butter, yellowtail Sashimi/Teriyaki/Stew.
Likes: Corn (Normal/Low Quality), Fish, Copper/Silver/Gold Ore, Fish based foods.
Dislikes: Toadstool, Jam, Junk Ore.
Present #1: Amago.
Present #2: Salmon Meuniere.
Extra Info: Ray is a wandering fisherman who lives in the village. You will always find him outside with a fishing rod in hand. He closely resembles Cliff from Harvest Moon 64/Back to Nature.

Daily Schedule
Morning: Sunny Lake, by the Pier, outside Moonlight Cave, Stardrop Pond.
Afternoon: Sunny Lake, the Island, near Blue Sky Ranch, Callaway Cafe.
Evening: Moonlight Cafe.

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