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Forget-Me-Not Valley is a large place with many different things to see and explore. The following maps should help you as you try to locate things you may need.

Your Farm

Farm Map

Location A Barn
The barn is where you keep your horse, cows, sheep, and perhaps eventually goats. There is a silo attached to it where fodder from cut grass is kept, and the barn is also attached to the Tool Shed. On the outside of the Barn (Pasture side) there is a bell that will call all of the animals out into the Pasture. On the inside of the Barn, located on the side closest to the Food Storage building, there is another bell that will call all of the animals inside.
Location B Tool Shed
The Tool Shed is attached to the Barn. Inside the Tool Shed you will find places to keep all of your tools that you own, as well as other various things you may use at some point, such as a calf hutch, a fence to isolate a pregnant cow, and a cabinet where you can keep things such as chicken feed and records. When you purchase or receive a Seed Maker, it will also be put in the Shed. Items will be placed here when you order them through Takakura.
Location C Food Storage
The Food Storage building is where you can keep food, as well as ship things through Takakura to the town and order things. Inside there is a dairy shipping bin, a notebook where you can see what you have shipped/ordered as well as how much money you have earned in the past. Eventually there will also be a wicker basket where you can ship third generation crops.
Location D Takakura's House
This is where Takakura lives. It never changes, and there is nothing important inside of it. Inside you'll find a bed, a nightstand with an old picture of Takakura and a girl, a kitchen and a bookshelf.
Location E Chicken Coop
The Chicken Coop is where all hens and roosters that you own live. If you have a pond and have opted to take care of ducks, they too will live here. There is an incubator where you can place fertilized eggs to hatch, a feed box in the middle where you feed all of the chickens at once, and a water trough.
Location F Your House
Your house is originally rather small. In Chapter 2, it will be expanded with a crib, a toy box, a kitchen and bathrooms in order to accomodate your new family. In Chapter 3, it is again expanded in order to create a bedroom for your son. Finally in Chapter 6, your house will be expanded once more to build a room for you and your wife.
Location G Non-Fertile Soil Field
This field is located directly next to your home, and is the least fertile of your three fields. There is no problem with planting first generation crops here, however second and third generation crops have a high chance of dying if you attempt to grow them here.
Location H Semi-Fertile Soil Field
Between your Chicken Coop and the mystery building you will find the Semi-Fertile Field. Feel free to plant any first or second generation crops here, but don't plant your third generation crops in this field.
Location I Fertile Soil Field
The Fertile Soil Field is the largest field on your farm, and is also located the furthest away. You can plant any generation crop here, as well as fruit trees.

Your House (Chapter 1)

House Map

Location A Bedside Table
Your Bedside Table has a notebook on top of it. When you examine it, you can choose one of three options: Sleep, Save Game, or Status. If you sleep you will still be asked if you'd like to save, and selecting status will show you information about your farm, such as your animals, extensions, and money.
Location B Television
The Television can be a very important source of information, as well as entertaining. There are four channels: News, Weather, Hororscope, and Feature. Pushing up on the control stick will show you the weather, right will show you news, down will show you the special feature, and left will show you your hororscope. There are various programs on the special features channel, such as Greg's Fishing Diary and Farming Tips.
Location C Cooking
Your starting kitchen, here you can cook soups and salads.
Location D Calendar
The Calendar will show you the present month, what day it is, and the days when Van is coming to visit.
Location E Bookshelf
The bookshelf has two choices that you can select. You can take a look at Takakura's Notes, which include information on Animals, Crops, and Business, or you can choose Configure, which will allow you to toggle on and off the Button Guide, Rumble, and to choose Stereo of Mono for sound.

Outside the farm places:

If you're standing in front of your house facing the house, then the spring will be to the right of your farm. To get there exit your farm, not by the traditional exit/entrance, but by the other exit that leads you out to a small tree lined trail. Follow the trail left up towards the waterfall and you'll see the spring. The Harvest Sprites live in the large tree to the left, and to get in to see them you need to eat one of the strange mushrooms sitting directly outside the really tiny door. There are only two mushrooms, so I'm assuming you can only get in to see them two times a day max.
Carters Dig:
Directly across the river from the Spring is Carters Dig, which includes the dig site, and the tent Carter and Flora share. You can go digging anytime Carter is there, if Carter is not there, no digging is allowed.
Vestas Farm:
After leaving Carters Dig and heading back down the long downhill slope you'll encounter Vestas Farm, this is where you can buy your crops, fertilizer and trees. Vesta lives here with Marlin and Celia. Keep in mind that all the fruits and veggies you buy from Vesta will be B, you can raise them to A or even S with the fertilizer.
Inner Inn:
Across the bridge and directly in front of your farms main entrance/exit is the Inner Inn Ruby and Tim run the Inn, while Rock their son lives and lounges directly within. They also have a perma-visitor Nami, who comes and goes at will.
Blue Bar:
Next to the Inner Inn, is the Blue Bar, Griffin the owner runs it and keeps it open pretty much everyday for you to get your drink on.The drinking limit is 3 a day so use them sparingly. Muffy works there as well and has a bedroom in the back that you can visit.

Across from the Blue Bar is a row of two houses the first year, and after that there will be three.
The first house, belongs to Galen and Nina (first year only) and Hardy (second year on).
The second house (not there the first year) is home to Grant, Samantha, and Kate, who move to Forget-Me-Not-Valley during your second year.
The third house is the home of Wally, Chris, and Hugh (first year on) these are the exercise monguls of FMNV and are always running around.
Romana's Villa:
Next to, and up a big hill is Romana's Villa, Romana, Sebastian, and Lumina live here with their two cats, Lumina's room is upstairs, Sebastians is to the right, and Romana's is the room right under the stairs entrances to the left and right.
Pyrotchnical Twins:
When you go back down the big hill from Romana's Villa and keep going past the Houses you'll come to an open area where the Pyrotechnical Twins live in a treehouse. Patrick and Kassey make fireworks all year long, and if you catch them at the right time they'll offer to engage you in a game or two.
Cody's Studio:
Cody's Studio is right behind the Twins place, you know, that big metal trailor. Cody makes his creations here, and if you're friendly he'll share some with you.
Turtle Swamp:
This is the group of trees to the right of Cody's Studio, fishing is available as is frequent sitings of the turtle you can view with Z.
The Beach:
The Beach is to the right of the Swamp, theres nothing really do there except watch the waves roll in, or look at the stars at night. No fishing allowed.
Gustafa's Yurt:
After leaving the beach walk like you're going back to your farm and you'll pass right by Gustafas Yurt , it's just a little hut really, that Gustafa lives in with all his wonderful never before seen instruments.
Daryl's Lab:
Is located directly behind the Blue Bar. This is where Daryl lives and conducts his daily experiments whether it be trying to catch the monster that lives near the spring in winter or trying to harnass lighting for a stored power supply. Catch him at the right time and you'll get a show.

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