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Warning: These events can be considered spoilers, so if you don't want to know what will happen, don't read this!

You'll walk into the main house at Vestas and see this event featuring Marlin, Vesta, yourself and Celia.

Vesta: This has nothing to do with you Marlin.
Marlin: I guess nothing is my business, huh? I can't believe you didn't tell me about Celia's arranged marriage!
Vesta: If you were going to be happy about it, then maybe I would've told you.
Marlin: What do you think Celia? Are you going to go out with that guy?
Vesta: Thats enough Marlin, Do you think Celia would tell you the truth when you're acting like this?
Vesta: (everyone turns to look at you) Oh, it's (insert name here) come on over here.

{Uh, I didn't hear a thing.}
{No, I have to be going.}
If you pick {Uh, I didn't hear a thing.}

Marlin: then just get outta here!
Vesta: It's alright (insert name here) we have some good news. An arranged marriage is going to be set up for Celia.
Vesta: Marlins a little upset about it. How embarrassing. We haven't even done anything yet.
Vesta: Celia, what did you think? about...him.
Celia: He was very nice. He was kind and everything...But, Vesta I...
Vesta: What?
Celia: (looks at you) I need to think it over a little more.

You'll walk into the kitchen at the Inner Inn and see Ruby standing near the stove.

Ruby: Oh, (insert name here), How've you been, dear? are you hungry?
Ruby: By the way, I heard that you've been cooking at home is that right?

If you pick {Yes}

Ruby: Well then, I've got something for you, just a minute. (She'll walk off to go find it then comes back to you)
Ruby: This is a very rare spice that I got when my husband and I were traveling in the South Seas.
Ruby: It's a little strong, but with it you can make some great dishes. Why don't you try using it?
Ruby: Oh, (insert name here) you were hungry, weren't you? Well, why don't you go home and eat. Ok?

You'll walk out of your house one afternoon at 3 or so, stretch, then walk towards the river. When you get there you look downriver and see something so you go to investigate. You end up on the bridge with Muffy.

Muffy: Oh, (insert name here)!
Muffy: What a coincidence! I was just coming home from the wedding of a friend I worked with when I was a secretary.
Muffy: But it wasn't much fun.
Muffy: Everybody wanted to know what I was up to these days...
Muffy: They all thought it was funny that I was working in a bar in a town like this.
Muffy: I had lived in there until just recently, but it was like I didn't fit in there at all.
Muffy: I think I'm more cut out for this kind of life, don't you?

{You're better off in the city}
{YOu're better off here}
If you pick {You're better off here}

Muffy: Thats right! this is my home! I want to get married and stay here until I'm an old woman!
Then she struts off.

You'll walk into Daryls house one day around 5pm.

Daryl: Heh, heh, heh. Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Daryl: At last...The time has come at last!
Daryl: Oh, it's you. Did you need something?

{Nothing in Particular}
{Ask what he's doing}
If you pick {Ask what he's doing}

Daryl: I'm currently researching solar batteries.
Daryl: If we could capture energy from the sun, we would have pollution-free power to run this whole village - no - the whole world!
Daryl: In order to do that, I have to perfect a solar battery that can be used to power the town.
Daryl: And this is the heart of my invention!
Daryl: You're quite lucky. Not everyone witnessess a historic moment like this.
Daryl: All right, here we go! switch...ON!
Daryl: All riiiiight! volatage steady...output increasing!

{Run away}
{Stay here}
If you pick {Stay here}

Daryl: Hmm, this isn't good!
Daryl: ....hmmm.....It looks like it still needs work.

You'll walk into Daryls house one day around 5pm. (Note: he actually said some things at the beginning but I couldn't write them down fast enough.)

Daryl: It doesn't make sense. Something is definately wrong. My research should have been secure!
Daryl: How is the information getting out?! hmmmmmmmm...
Daryl: !!
Daryl" I thought you were a spy here to steal my ideas for inventions.
Daryl: Listen! The Seed Maker I invented is for sale in the Town!
Daryl: Someone had to have stolen my idea. This is most unpleasant...
Daryl: I have to think of some way to make the world understan how fantastic my Seed Maker is.
Daryl: I've got it! I'll give you the Seed Maker that I made.
Daryl: If you use it, it'll prove how wonderful my Seed Maker really is!
Daryl: Great! now that thats decided, lets get to work!

You'll end up in your storage shed.

Daryl: All right! it's finished.
Daryl: Well then, I have to return to my lab, I have so many inventions that need to be tended too!
Daryl: Take good care of my invention! I hope it serves you well!

One night when you try to go to sleep instead of asking if you want to save before bed it will go straight to 'Now Loading'

Takakura: (insert name here),- (insert name here)
Takakura: The young lady..
Muffy: (insert name here)
Takakura: Well then, I'll just....
Muffy: A strange man is following me! I'm scared to go home. Let me stay here today.

{I'll walk you home}
If you pick {I'll walk you home}

Muffy: Wha-?! O-oh yes, thats right I did come here to buy something...
Muffy: Um...I broke a glass today. But just one.
Muffy: the reason I only broke one was that Griffin sent me to your house to buy some things.
Muffy: I guess he realized that I can't keep my mind on work these days.
Muffy: If you don't have enough money you can put it on your tab Griffin doesn't mind.
Griffin: No, I'm not the kind of man to allow that.
Muffy: Griffin.
Muffy: I'm sorry, I'm so silly. I lost all track of time.
Griffin: Well, all right.
Muffy: You think I'm strange? thats not true.
Muffy: There are many women who would understand how I feel. Goodnight (insert name here).

You'll walk outside one morning, and Vesta will be there with Takakura.

Vesta:Omigosh! something terrible happened.
Vesta:Oh, (insert name here)
Vesta: Celia's gone. Did she say anything to you?
Vesta: Sigh...what could that girl be thinking?
Marlin joins the group.
Marlin: She wasn't there either...
Vesta: I'll go looking for her, you stay home Marlin.
Marlin: Why?
Vesta: What do you mean why? Celia might come back home, right?
Marlin: Fine...
Vesta: Please look for Celia! She's like a daughter to me!
You run off to look for Celia, heading towards the spring, she's not there, so you head back to the farm, when you get close it cuts to Celia playing with your dog. You approach her.
Celia: I turned down the arranged marriage. I even told Vesta.You see, I....
Celia: I love you (insert name here) is that a problem for you? If not, I..

{I love you too}
{I'm sorry...}
If you pick {I'm sorry...}.

Celia: ......I'm so embarrassed. Please try to forget about this....
Celia: Goodbye.

You'll walk into the Villa one day and see Lumina sitting at the piano with Romana hovering over..

Romana: ....Lumina.
Romana: Well done you can play the music just as it's written on the page. But try to be a little creative, too.
Lumina: I just don't enjoy playing the piano recently, Auntie Romana is so...
Lumina: I just don't know what it means to 'play more freely'

{Just work harder}
{Just have more fun
If you pick {Just have more fun}

Lumina: (insert name here)...
Lumina: Could I talk to you for a minute?
Lumina: I started playing piano when I was three. Auntie Romana taught me.
Lumina: Whenever I played without making any mistakes she would praise me.
Lumina: But it turned into a kind of pressure for me. The more was expected of me...
Lumina: And everytime I was told how good a player my mother was...I felt worse.
Lumina: After a while I got so scared of making mistakes....
Lumina: I was so afraid that I would disappoint Auntie Romana
Lumina: Maybe I was trying to live up to my mothers memory.
Lumina: But Auntie Romana never wanted that to happen.
Lumina: Thats why she tells me that I should play more freely.
Lumina: I feel so much better now, I think I'll be able to enjoy playing the piano now.
Lumina: Thank you (insert name here).

You'll walk into Wally's house one day and when the screen appears, you'll be upstairs with Wally.

Wally: !
Wally: oh, it's you. You came just at the right time.
Wally:Would you like to have these clippers?
Wally: Hugh is more conscious of his appearance and won't let me use them.
Wally: But I thought they might come in handy on your farm.
Wally: Use them well. Bye.

You'll walk out of the main entrance to your farm, and a cutscene will ensue.

Muffy: Oh, it's you (insert name here) would you mind listening to me for a bit?
Muffy: I got dumped.
Muffy: He was from the city, but...He was cheating on me.
Muffy He said that he loved the other girl more than me. He didn't even hesitate.
Muffy: This always happens to me. I can never find someone that wants a serious relationship.
Muffy: Oh where is my Mr. Right?
Muffy: Oh well. there are plenty more fish in the sea I can't give up.
Muffy: Thank you. I feel better now that I've talked about it.
Muffy: There aren't many I can say these kinds of things to here. I hope you'll let me do this again.

You walk into Dr. Hardy's house (first time you ever enter, once he's moved to town.) And you'll collapse on his floor.

Dr. Hardy: Hey?! Are you all right?
Dr. Hardy So, you're awake, are you?
Dr. Hardy: You're exhausted. It's lucky you collapsed by my house.
Dr. Hardy: Don't worry. You're fine now. I'm a doctor. Trust me.
Dr. Hardy: Oh, I almost forgot. You may already know this, but...I just moved here. Nice to meet you.
Dr. Hardy: I've got some business to attend to. So I can't look after you anymore. But be careful on your way home ok?

You'll walk into Sebastians room one day and your attention will be on the photograph on top of his dresser.

Sebastian: O-Oh! W-why t-thats just!
Sebastian: Oh dear, I must have put two pictures in by mistake...
You then have the choices to ask:
Is that a picture of Lumina?
Is that Romana when she was young?
Is that a picture of your mother?
What a pretty photo frame!
If you choose: Is that Romana when she was young?
Sebastian: S-Sir is bery perceptive. That is indeed a picture of Miss Romana.
Sebastian: This was taken when Miss Romana was just Miss Lumina's age, and as sir can see, the resemblence is remarkable.
Sebastion: Photographs were still a rarity at that time, so this is the only picture of Miss Romana as a young girl.
Sebastian: It was taken as a lark, and somehow it wound up with me. If Miss Romana knew I'm sure she would laugh.
Sebastian: P-please. Could sir find it in his heart not to mention this to Miss Romana?
Sorry, buddy
I understand
If you choose: I understand
Sebastian: Thank you sir.

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