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AWL has 35 completely new characters, with distinct personalities, thoughts, and looks. Below is some information about each of them. All of these characters age with your character. (Thank you to Harvest Time for the character images used below.)

Carter (Carter)
Carter is normally digging in the ruins with Flora, and is very serious about his work. He's normally outside in the morning, and occasionally he takes a break from digging and spends the day wandering around the village. When he does this, you can find him on the beach. You can also help Carter with the dig by talking to him when he's inside the ruins. If you do, he will offer to tell you the story about the ancient civilization that once inhabited the village. He is very knowledgable about archaeology, but when it comes to women, he's clueless. He's cautious about hurting Flora's feelings; he doesn't like her cooking, but eats it because he claims she'll "flip out" if she ever learns his secret. He also asks you to bring him food sometimes if you can, so he doesn't starve. It's all very cute, since she already knows he doesn't like her cooking.
Likes: Eggs, cheese, melons, sashimi
Dislikes: Unknown

Celia (Sepiria)
[Bachelorette] Celia is a very warm, sweet girl. She's very caring and giving, and is one of the easiest girls to get along with. Vesta is looking for a man to marry her, and already has one in mind. You only learn of this problem if you want to marry her, since it is in her Heart Scenes. However, if you don't choose to marry her, she will remain unmarried throughout the course of the game. More about Celia in the Bachelorettes section.
Likes: All flowers, eggs, vegetables (quality A and S), crystals, clay artifacts, mushroom curry, strawberry cake, Star Milk S.
Dislikes: Bones, teasing her with blue feather (offering it and saying "no" when she asks if it is for her)

Chris (Chris)
Chris is Wally's wife and Hugh's mother. She loves flowers a lot, and if you set up your own stand, she will oftentimes stop by to purchase a few flowers. Though you may run into her occasionally, she is not around that often; she works in the city. In the late afternoon/evening, she goes to the forest, so you may be able to see her there. If you show your son to her (in chapter 2) she will ask if you want her to tell his fortune. No matter how many times you ask her, the fortune will always be the same (duh, it's a fortune, right?), so you only have to ask once. The fortune is normally your kid's personality, and what he'll probably be when he gets older (what he's inclined to do if you didn't buy toys, or try to influence your child).
Likes: All flowers, apple, juice, milk.
Dislikes: Vegetable cake

Cody (Goudyi)
Cody is an artist (metallurgist) who lives in the strange metal house near Turtle Swamp. He is very antisocial and may appear tough and mean, but if you warm up to him, he will become more friendly. He is almost always talking about nature, and how it relates to his art; he can't draw any inspiration to make something throughout the first three chapters, though. I believe he has a thing for Nami, because if you show him your child in Chapter 2, he says something like, "Nami's child just has to be cute." Then again, Nami is admired by a lot of people.
Likes: Flowers, bones, crystals; almost anything you dig up in the digsite
Dislikes: Curry

Daryl (Dariru)
Daryl is a very eccentric scientist. He's not necessarily "mad," but he does do a few things that one would consider "out-there." For example, you can catch him trying to steal one of your cows, or spying on your child. You also see him trying to catch MukuMuku. He normally wakes up around noon to 2PM, and when he's inside his lab, he always says he's busy, and not to touch anything. In other words, he's very antisocial, even after you befriend him. He is also found lurking around your farm a lot, claiming he's just "taking a walk."
Likes: Fish
Dislikes: Artifacts from digsite, flowers, anything that "doesn't interest him."

Enchanted Bear (Daachan)
You can buy this bear from Van in Chapter 3. If and when you do, he will stay in your child's room near his bed. You share a few cutscenes with him where you witness him move, which are explained in the Events section. Some people say that he has a "goal," while others say he's just an easter egg to keep you playing, and he really has no purpose other than being there.
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A

Flora (Furen)
Flora is a bit ditsy, dim, and indecisive, but she is very polite, nice, and friendly. Every evening at around five, she can be found near the river, though she's at the digsite more often than not.
Likes: Milk, fish, curry, butter, cheese, mushroom curry.
Dislikes: Fruits and Vegetables under S quality.

Galen (Gari)
Galen has been living in the valley for a long time with his wife, Nina, and he tries to help newcomers as much as he can. He becomes very to-himself in Chapter 2 when Nina dies, but goes back to normal in Chapter 3.
Likes: Sashimi, fish stew, fish
Dislikes: Vegetables under S quality

Grant (Gurato)
Grant is very serious and uptight. He goes to the city to work early in the morning (about 5), and comes back in the evening around four. He spoils his daughter Kate, and is a bit afraid of his wife, Samantha. He gives you the Alarm Clock in Chapter 2. More on that in the Tools section.
Likes: All milk, eggs, sashimi
Dislikes: Coins

Griffin (Gafen)
Griffin is a wonderful guitarist, and runs the Blue Bar alongside Muffy, who helps him. You can't give him any gifts while he's behind the counter, so make sure you give them to him while he's outside, or in the back room in the mornings. He loves to talk as well, and is very easy to get along with.
Likes: Sashimi, fish, coins, Mist Moon and Trick Blue flowers, golden eggs, crystals
Dislikes: Butter

Gustafa (Gusutafa)
Gustafa likes to play his lute and is normally found wandering around the village. Occasionally, he'll sit down and play a song. If you talk to him during this time, he will ask you what you think of it. Unfortunately, he always plays the same tune, making it boring after a while, but you are given choices to answer. He likes Nami, but won't hold a grudge against you if you marry her.
Likes: All flowers, curry, mushroom curry, artifacts from digsite
Dislikes: Unknown

Hardy (Baddoku)
Hardy is a doctor, and will move into Galen and Nina's old house in Chapter 2. When he does, you can see him while he's inside, and ask him questions about health and medicine. In chapter 1, he cares for Romana mainly, but in Chapter 2, he watches over Galen as well. Befriend him, and he'll tell you what happened to his left eye.
Likes: Flowers, fish, coins, bones
Dislikes: Gratin

Hero (you choose name)
This is the character you play. Throughout this site, you hear him referred to as "Jack." Since you can't choose whether you want to be a boy or a girl at the beginning of the game, you will always play this character. You can choose any name you want, and make this character's personality however you want.
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A

Hugh (unknown)
Hugh is the son of Wally, and has his heart set on becoming an athlete just like his Father. Oftentimes, you will see them running together (or close to eachother). Their house is full of fitness equipment. He, along with Kate, grows from child to adult throughout the course of the game.
Likes: Coins, crystals, milk (only in Chapter 1)
Dislikes: Unknown; usually he will just comment on whatever you show him

Kassey (Keseran)
Kassey has a twin brother, Patrick. You can tell them apart, however, by looking at their clothes; Kassey will have a smiley face on his overalls, while Patrick has a flower. He calls you "youngin" a lot, and really enjoys playing games. He is a pyrotechnician. In kid-language, he makes fireworks. He's also head over heels for Muffy, poor thing.
Likes: Flowers, crystals, tomacarro salad
Dislikes: Children, pickled turnips

Kate (unknown)
Kate is the daughter of Grant and Samantha. Her mother goes on about how she's tomboyish, while Kate doesn't think she is. This causes her to stay away from home; she claims her mother will nag her if she returns. She teases Hugh, and even your son in Chapter 3, but claims that she's just kidding around, and that Hugh doesn't know the difference. If you speak to her often, she explains that Hugh used to take it when she teased him, but now (Chapter 3), he just argues back. She claims that the country is boring, and is constantly asking questions like, "Isn't there anythingn to do here..?" or saying things like, "I'm SO bored."
Likes: Flowers, curry (Chapters 2 and 3)
Dislikes: Vegetable cake, carrot cake, Manueire Set, Gratin

Lumina (Reona)
Lumina is Romana's granddaughter. She's very kind and easy to please, though Samantha thinks she's a bit selfish. She loves playing the piano, but feels pressure from her grandmother; she claims she became afraid of hitting the wrong keys the better she did, causing tension, and making it less fun to play the piano. However, after a short cutscene with her, you will be able to ease this tension. (Don't worry; the cutscene will explain everything.)
Likes: Flowers, strawberry cake
Dislikes: Unknown; she seems to like most of what you give her

Marlin (Masshu)
He works with his older sister Vesta on Vesta's farm. He's a bit hard to get along with, especially if you want to woo Celia, since he has a crush on her. The better friends you become with her, the more he'll dislike you, and believe me, he's not afraid to show it! At the Harvest Festival (Fall 5) he will tell you to "pay up" after you're done eating, resulting in him being scolded by Vesta.
Likes: S quality fuits and vegetables, strength potions (you can buy from Van), records
Dislikes: Pretty much everything else, including you

Muffy (Muu/Mumu)
[Bachelorette] Muffy is very flirtatious. She used to work in the city, but after coming to the village, took on part-time work at the Blue Bar. We all know she doesn't want to spend her time scrubbing tables and mopping floors. If you don't marry her, she will become less talkative in the following chapters. In general, she's very flirtatious, and she's not afraid to show it. For example, she says things like, "I think a man who works hard is sexy" (or something like that).
Likes: Coins, crystals--anything shiny, butter, ice cream
Dislikes: Bones, colombo fish

MukuMuku (MukuMuku)
MukuMuku is a furry, white, yetti who lives in the forest. He is also referred to as "guardian of the forest" by the Harvest Sprites, so he must be sacred or something. He only comes out in Winter, though.
Likes: Fish, flowers
Dislikes: Unknown

Murrey (Moi)
Moi is a homeless caveman-looking person who wants to go back to where he came from: Popo Valley. This scraggly pint-sized person will occasionally attempt to steal food from your food storage (if you keep any there) and do various other annoying things, but there is a way to get rid of him! If you give him enough money, he will eventually stop by your farm and tell you that he is leaving.
Likes: Fodder
Dislikes: Unknown; most of the time, he will just ask if it is for him, or tell you that he doesn't like whatever you are offering

Nami (Nami)
[Bachelorette] Nami, in my opinion, is the best choice out of all the bachelorettes. She may seem cold and aloof when you first meet her, but will eventually warm up to you if you give her artifacts from the digsite. When you do, you'll find that she's warm and spunky, decisive, and knows what she wants. Before Nami came to Forget Valley, she was a wanderer. She makes several attempts to leave the valley, but they all end up being trashed.
Likes: Artifacts from digsite, Fall flowers, home cooking, records
Dislikes: Other flowers, bad cooking

Nina (Anna)
Nina is Galen's wife. She is very sweet, kind, and warm. Unfortunately, she dies at the end of Chapter 1, upsetting Galen for the next two years in Chapter 2.
Likes: Flowers, milk
Dislikes: Unknown

Patrick (Pasaran)
Patrick is Kassey's younger twin brother. He has greenish overalls with a pink flower on them, which is the only difference between him and his brother in appearance. He's the friendlier of the two, and can oftentimes be found in their treehouse ready and willing to play a game! He makes fireworks with his brother as well, but admits his brother is better, and that he is "the world's 2nd best pyrotechnician."
Likes: Flowers, coins, eggs, cheese, fish, crystals
Dislikes: Watermelons

Rock (Rokku)
The son of Tim and Ruby, Rock is obsessed with partying for some reason. He is constantly speaking about parties and having fun, and says that he is a "free spirit." Occasionally he will ask if you want to spend the night at his house and have a sleepover, which you never really do anyway. You will most likely see him wandering around the village (normally near the forest or by Gustafa's hut), and every once in a while he'll go up to Romana's Villa.
Likes: Gratin, Mist Moon flowers, fodder, clay artifacts (human-shaped), tomemelo salad, cheese, butter, mushrooms, coins
Dislikes: Other flowers

Romana (Panama)
Romana is the kind old lady who owns the Villa. She took Lumina in after her parents died, and as Lumina claims, she dislikes being called "Grammy." She and Sebastian were one of the first few people to come to Forget Valley. She rarely leaves the Villa; if she does, she will be just outside of it, as she is "becoming weaker, but tries to get out on nice days."
Likes: Oranges, flowers, records, crystals, coins, clay artifacts, ramura tarts, milk
Dislikes: Fish, cheese, when you don't let her have something she likes

Ruby (Ru)
Ruby is a very kind young lady, and owns the Inner Inn with her husband Tim. Rock is her son. She is known as the best cook in the valley, and Nami claims that one of the only things keeping her at the valley is that you can't find Ruby's cooking anywhere else! Tim also brags about how wonderfully she cooks. She seems to have a bit of trouble with Murrey, though she's very polite to everyone.
Likes: Flowers (offer twice), curry, gratin, crystals, milk, grapes, tomatoes, Menuiere Set
Dislikes: Dogs

Samantha (San)
Samantha is kind, but can get impatient at times. For example, she doesn't like it if you talk to her too much at her house, and she thinks that Lumina is a bit selfish, but very ladylike, and wishes that her daughter, Kate, would be more ladylike as well. She moves in with her family (Grant and Kate) in Chapter 2, and can be found in Chris' house (after a cutscene with Chris) gossiping. She's very strict with Kate and how she acts, which causes Kate to believe that her mother's sole purpose of living is to nag her.
Likes: Flowers, milk
Dislikes: Unknown

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