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Like in all HM games, you have to have animals! There are a few new animals you can get, such as the duck and the goat. You also have gender-specific animals again, so you don't need to pay for Miracle Potion to get your cows pregnant! To buy animals, place an order in the Ledger inside the Food Storage, and Takakura will get the animal to you within the next few days. Images by: Harvest Time.

Dog: Like in STH, you can choose one of two dogs to keep as your own. They both run up to you while Takakura is showing you around, and you choose and name it there on the spot. There's the traditional floppy-eared dog (shown on the right), as well as STH's husky (picture below), only with a red bandana. The floppy-eared one looks a bit strange in my opinion.. kinda lumpy, but that's just me. There is no difference in personality between these two dogs; this choice is merely for looks.

To take care of your dog, put some food in his dish every day. This is not required, but it makes your dog like you more. You also don't need to bring him inside for two reasons: the first one is that you can't; if you try to take your dog or cat (when you get one) into any building, it will jump out of your hands. An exception is the chickens; you are only allowed to take the chickens outside, or put them in the chicken coop. Unfortunately, in this game, you are not able to teach your dog tricks; the ability was deleted. You can call for your dog by pressing R1 once.

Horse: Most people get their horses at the beginning of Summer, while others get theirs around Fall. The horse will always be a chestnut color with dark brownish-blackish hooves and white fur above them, with a brown mane. You will be able to ride it right away; it doesn't need to grow up or anything. To take care of your horse, brush and talk to it every day, and try not to wake him up when he's sleeping. Also, be sure to wash him occasionally, when his coat dulls out. To wash him, take him over to the watering area and take out your brush. If you look at your options, you will see "Wash." (It will be on the Y button.) Push Y, and you will wash your animal!

Cat: You will get your cat in the Fall of Chapter 2 from Romana if you're good friends with her. It will NOT look like the cat on your right; it will be black with orange eyes. To feed it, put food in the dog bowl and it will eat. You might have to start putting food in the bowl twice so that both your cat and your dog can eat once. Like your dog, you can not take it inside your house; it will jump out of your hands. Also, it does not like being held for long periods of time (neither does your dog). If you do hold it for a long time, it will start squirming to get free.

Ducks: If you built a pond in Chapter 1, you will get ducks in the Summer of Chapter 2! You will get a male and a female and, to my knowledge, they do not lay eggs. They will stay in the chicken coop, and you will have to feed them Bird Feed, but they like being outside on nice days.

Cattle: Like in SNES, you are able to have gender-specific animals! Cattle also have to be washed from time to time; wash them when their coats dull. They also have to have two feeds a day (put food in both feed bins to take care of this). Finally, you can milk it twice a day (it's good to hug, talk to, and brush it twice a day also if you want top-quality (S) milk.)

Bulls: Bulls stay in the barn with the cows, horse, sheep, and goat (if you buy one). They need to be fed twice a day, and come in four breeds: Normal, Brown, Marble, Star. To take care of them, brush, talk to them, and snuggle against their foreheads every day. Also, when they're full-grown, they like it when you "Milk" them. ("Milk" is the option that shows in your menu.) I'm not sure what it does, but I'm pretty sure it makes your bull impregnate other cows more often. That's the only result I've got since I've been doing it.

Cows: Cows should be taken care of the same way as bulls, but they're a bit tricky. In general, they are the best way to earn money, but they only give mik for a year before they need to be impregnated again. After they give birth, they will begin giving milk again. Also, if you buy a cow, you will have to wait for it to grow up before you can impregnate it to start giving milk. If you do not impregnate a cow, you won't get milk until you do; you HAVE to make it give birth. Cows also come in the same breeds as bulls and, depending on the breed your cow is, you can sell the milk for more. (Here is the order from least profit to most: Normal, Brown, Marble, Star.) You can impregnate a cow with a different breed of bull for variety. Your calf will then be a mix.

Calf: When your cow gives birth, you have to take care of its baby very carefully. When you milk the mother, she will give a special kind of milk: Mother's Milk. Feed this to your calf every day, as well as Fodder (whenever it is needed, as your calf takes a while to eat the fodder). It will make your calf grow up stronger and possibly even faster! If the calf gets sick, the mother cow will start getting a lot of the squiggly lines above its head and become very restless until you treat it. Once you do, the mother will settle down. Normally it only takes one day for the calf to become better. Talk and cuddle the calves every day also, since you're not able to brush them.

Goat: Goats only give milk for one year, and you can only get one. After the one year is up, you have to take care of it, even though you won't get anything from it. You can get the goat from Van in Spring for 4000G (if you're his friend, he'll bargain with you), and it will come with a free Goat Milker. Make sure you really want it before you buy it, because you can NOT sell your goat; the only way to get rid of it is to kill it, and we don't want to do that, do we? Take care of your goat the same way you would your horse: by brushing, cuddling, washing, and talking to it. And milking your goat, of course!

Sheep: Sheep aren't as big a profit as cows are, but Golden Wool can sell for a lot! You can also bargain with Van to raise the selling price of the wool, so keep that in mind! Make sure you talk and cuddle your sheep every day, but it's VERY important to brush and wash it to get good wool. Then, when they are nice and fluffy, you can shear their wool. (You can shear the sheep on the first day you recieve yours.)

Poultry: Your roosters and chickens love to stay outside, so keep them out on nice days!

Roosters: Roosters stay in the henhouse, and the main reason they're there is to fertilize eggs. I've heard that they keep the chickens together if they're outside, but I still have to check on this. Feel free to try it if you'd like! Pick them up and cuddle them every day to keep them happy.

Chickens: Chickens aren't as annoying in this game than they are in the others. You only have to feed them once in a while (depending on how many you have), and they stay in the henhouse/chicken coop. They lay eggs daily, and once in a while, a golden egg might pop up. Pick them up and cuddle them every day to gain their affection!

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