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There is a treasure map in this game! Become friends with Mary, the librarian(just visit and talk to her everyday) and she'll eventually give you a treasure map. Follow these steps after you get it to complete the treasure map event! There is one catch to this, you must have someone else with the game who has the map to complete the event(what a bummer!)

  1. First, you must get the map. Become friends with Mary by visiting and talking to her everyday. She'll eventually give you the treasure map that she found cleaning and ask you to un-scramble it.
  2. Now you have the treasure map, but it's all scrambled! It's a slide puzzle, so you have to un-scramble it before you can continue. Click Here to find out how to un-scramble it, but don't click that link if you want to do it yourself
  3. After you un-scramble it, Mary will give it to you. The clue to what to do next is in the Question section in the start menu, it reads...
    Where is the treasure...?
    And the answer is...
    The treasure is buried under the flower that doesn't wither
    You must look at this question I think. Then go to the Flower shop and check the flower right next to the door. It will say that if you want to find the real treasure check the Q&A book again.
  4. Check the book and it now says...
    What is the real treasure map? Answer...
    Superimpose the two maps and...Here's a hint: the Trade Menu.
  5. Here's the bad part. You need someone who has also gotten the treasure map. Go to the Trade Center and connect. Hit the option "Combine Maps" and you have completed this step.
  6. Go to the Q&A book again and another question reads...
    Where is the real treasure?
    It is buried between the tree and the L3 cliff from the bounty of the mountain
  7. Go to the 3rd level in the mountain and go to the tree closest to the stump on the left. Here you'll find the treasure!

And...the wonderful treasure is...........A MIRACLE GLOVE! yay. This allows you to pick up a crop while holding it, then just throw the crop, and it automatically goes in the shipping bin! VERY helpful!

Thanks to Ushi no Tane for this information!

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