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The Game Boy Harvest Moon has many items that are not in the other versions like the butter churn and the cheese maker, learn about those and others here!

  1. Hoe/Super Hoe-Use the hoe to till the soil in your fields. If you are helpful to the harvest sprites in the underground cave(by giving the one in the main cave a mushroom everyday) it will turn it into a super hoe(only if you answer yes to it's question) which tills 6 plots of soil in a row while a normal hoe only tills 1 plot of soil.
  2. Hammer/Super Hammer-Use the hammer to break large boulders and rocks. To get the super hoe upgrade your house.
  3. Axe/Super Axe-Use the axe to cut up tree stumps in your field. Get the super axe by telling the truth to the Harvest Goddess.
  4. Sickle/Super Sickle-Use the sickle to cut grass(for fodder) or cut weeds. To get the super sickle give the harvest sprite in the main cave a mushroom every day and it will ask if you like the sickle or something and say yes and it will upgrade it!
  5. Watering Can-Use the watering can to water your crops, fill it up in the ponds!
  6. Sprinkler-The tool shop owner will come buy near the end of spring and tell you she will make a sprinkler in 7 days. It costs 2,000G so make sure you have that so you can buy it!
  7. Umbrella-Get the umbrella from the Ranch spirit if you are a "true harvest master" by the end of the first year! Open it to make it rain on sunny days!
  8. Brush-Buy the brush from the tool shop for 800G. Use it to brush your cows to make them happy.
  9. Cow Bell-You receive this for free when you buy your first cow. Use it to call your cow.
  10. Milker-Buy this from the tool shop for 1,800G. When your cow is an adult milk it and ship the milk to make money!
  11. Cow Feed-Buy this from the animal shop for 700G. Only buy it when you are low on fodder because it is expensive!
  12. Chicken Feed-Buy this from the animal shop for 500G. Again only buy this if you have no fodder!
  13. Medicine-Buy this at the animal shop for 1,000G. Use it on your cows when they are sick!
  14. First Aid Kit-In the second year the animal shop will get this(it is an improved medicine). It costs 2,000G.
  15. Cow Potion-Buy this at the animal shop for 4,000G. Use it to make your cow pregnant.
  16. Pick Axe-Get this when you are a harvest master from the ranch master at the end of the year.
  17. Saddlebags-Buy these for your adult horse for 2,500G. Buy it from the tool shop in your second year, they work as a portable shipping bin on your horse.
  18. Butter Churn-Buy this from the tool shop in your second year for a whopping 30,000G. Use it to turn milk into butter.
  19. Cheese Maker-Also buy this from the tool shop in the second year for 30,000G! Used to turn milk into cheese.
  20. Fishing Pole-Another item only a harvest master can get. When you get it you can fish inside the cave!
  21. Lumber-Get lumber by chopping tree stumps in your yard. When you run out of tree stumps to cut, by lumber at the carpenter store, 500G for 50 pieces. It is used for fences and home extensions.

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